Fuoco Infernale 2010

Fuoco Infernale by Linari
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Fuoco Infernale is a perfume by Linari for men and was released in 2010. The scent is woody-smoky. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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BirchBirch WoodsWoods LabdanumLabdanum CarnationCarnation MarjoramMarjoram CinnamonCinnamon MyrtleMyrtle
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FrankincenseFrankincense IrisIris Tonka beanTonka bean
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AmbergrisAmbergris MuskMusk Gurjum balsamGurjum balsam LeatherLeather Atlas cedarAtlas cedar


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this devil is blonde
Almost a year ago, Meggi put together for me a very extensive incense fragrance collection.
Through this assortment, I not only got to know many interesting incense fragrances, but also discovered my love for amber!

"Fuoco Infernale" is even still in a pocket atomizer; Meggi said at the time, a refill is no longer worth it.
Thus, of course, this fragrance comes more often in my fingers, than all the small atomizers.

In "Fuoco Infernale" I got to know a surprisingly bright incense fragrance.
Here the devil is blond and the road to hell is paved not only with good intentions, but apparently with many light birch trees.
The other woody notes are also bright (I think I also perceive beech) and well-seasoned to my sensation; a DIY wood character with synthetic tones I can not perceive.

With the birch trees, of course, I immediately think of the Berlin painter Max Liebermann.
He had planned and planted at that time, together with Alfred Lichtwark, a beautiful avenue of birches on his property, which led directly to the Wannsee.
Visitors to the Hamburg Kunsthalle will now pay attention: Alfred Lichtwark was full-time director of this institution and so quite incidentally also founder of the eponymous school.
On Helmut Schmidt, our former Federal Chancellor, I must refer in this connection surely not.
These birch trees can be found on many impressionist paintings of Max Liebermann; the play of light and shadow of the foliage he captures inimitable. And usually the water of the Wannsee shimmers in the background of the picture.
The foundation, which took care of the so-called "Villa Liebermann", ensured that this birch avenue was restored after the acquisition of the completely run-down water property.
In the meantime, these birches have their youthful years behind them and give an approximate impression of the former property character.
On the lawn in their shade is wonderful to relax: with a mug of coffee and a book - and always the busy lake in front of your eyes.

So these light woods open "Fuoco Infernale", before the well-known spicy scent of the "common" garden carnation announces itself.
The bouquets of carnations, which were brought to coffee invitations in the sixties, were certainly the godfather here!
Clove and light wood - already a beautiful combination of scents! In addition, the dose of cinnamon fits quite excellently.
A little appears delicious Christmas baking on the fragrance horizon! (But that's just by the way!)
The smoothness of this composition is made stricter by the resin of cistus, labdanum, and also a little more biting.
I like this aroma very much; even the lozenges with it are welcome to me and my respiratory tract in winter.
Marjoram and myrtle, both also very spicy, complete an overture that is already quite fascinating.
Iris and tonka bean - both not necessarily "my favorite things" - now roll out the "red carpet" for a bright, but not about shallow incense!
This fire ignited by him does not smoke and smokes. It burns brightly, balanced and actually quite friendly! A scent accent, which at first slightly irritates.
Because the devil, blond and light-footed than perhaps expected, also lives here in the detail: he stokes his hellish fire now!
A handful of resinous-spicy Gurjunbalsam lands first in the flames: holla - that's a joy!
The devil grins!
Atlas cedar wood, particularly spicy and also bright again, flies right behind; oh, how that crackles!
A good portion of leather and musk each let the flames flare up - the hellish fragrance is infused with erotic tension!
Aromatic smoke develops; it already slightly befuddles the senses - lets float.
Our devil dances in the meantime with enthusiasm around the fire created by him!
He has namely still saved a very special candy for the end - ambergris!!
"Fuoco Infernale" now vibrates with sensuality and lust!
This fire devil does not scream about loud: it is quiet, but just thereby very intense!

The durability of this Linari fragrance is average; but it is a lot of fun to re-spray again and again and bring the perky little devil to life.
For me, "Fuoco Infernale" is not a purely male fragrance; it also invites women to step through a veil of smoke and simply reinvent themselves once!
And which woman would not like to enjoy the game with fire from time to time; possibly even open it?

Almost I would have forgotten but on "Fuoco Infernale" - that would have been very sad!
But by the fact that Can777 compiles me many nice fragrance surprises, I had to make a little order in my elegant "Sisley box", in which the bottlings and samples live.
And met this congenial journeyman fortunately again!

Tonight "Fuoco Infernale" will now not exactly drive me astray.
Despite the "Long Night of Museums" taking place, I think this fire should rather smolder a little before I will ignite it!
"Fuoco Infernale" will accompany me for sure, if it is then "Fait Votre Jeux!" or "The Game is on again!"
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Fuoco Infernale
This fragrance opens with a green, herbaceous accord dominated by the myrtle note. If I press my nose close against my skin I detect the Mediterranean aroma of marjoram. This kitchen herb is present throughout the whole fragrance. The clove and cinnamon bark complete the composition of the head accord and keep it from being too green or sap-like. I associate the fragrance with the smell of Mediterranean Macchia. After two hours the fragrance is warmed and sweetened by the incense and Tonka bean notes; they are a welcome change after the completely different head accord. This fragrance, however, is never truly sweet, but maintains its characteristic herbaceous undertone throughout. The last stage of the fragrance is woody, dominated by cedar with a dash of leather. Although interesting and well-done, I would not add this fragrance to my wardrobe.
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Sand Shimmering in a Quiescent Desert at Midday
Linari FUOCO INFERNALE seems entirely unisex to me. True, there are no detectable flowers, and the composition is not at all sweet. It is also as arrid as a desert at high noon. Nonetheless, I find it eminently wearable and even strangely appealing. The various woody and oriental notes combined with incense (also woody and oriental!) and the myrtle conspire to create a mirage of sand. I would even go so far as to say hot sand.

The name FUOCO INFERNALE therefore fits this fragrance quite well. It is staid; it is stern. But it exerts something of a hypnotic effect upon me, like the afterimages created when one accidentally glances at the sun. Being impossible to purge from the mind, the images impose themselves upon it, forcing all attention to turn toward them. Perception appears to be taking place inside as the mind has suddenly acquired sight in the form of those inwardly reflected bright spots which will not leave by any act of will and only slowly fade away.

I can understand where some might find this perfume too barren, like sawdust, but because of the balsam and ambergris, which impart a metallic mesh texture, FUOCO INFERNALE seems to me more like sand shimmering in a quiescent desert at midday.
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