Un Paseo por Madrid - El cielo sobre la Plaza de Oriente 2012

Un Paseo por Madrid - El cielo sobre la Plaza de Oriente by Loewe
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7.9 / 10 95 Ratings
Un Paseo por Madrid - El cielo sobre la Plaza de Oriente is a popular perfume by Loewe for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 03.02.2023.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 12  
The Madrileneans know their weather, they take care and that's exactly what we are doing now.
For our walk under bright blue spring sky and bright sun, our bag is packed: sunglasses and sunscreen (it's too beautiful and yet still too cool to stay in the shade), the open air Styroporsitzkissen: the rotten back of the "Princess on the pea" reacts sourly to hard park benches - so prevent; this "Pressfladen" from the Gendarmenmarkt is also not heavy, does not take up much space.
And a warmer jacket: on the plateau can the wind but quite cool through and it is only spring!
Let's go!

How has the picture changed on the roads: People are out and about!
There is a smell of life, of something "to go" and everything sounds like joy.
People suddenly have faces again: noses and even mouths, with which they can smile and possibly even greet!
This is what freedom smells and sounds like: the feeling of being out and about again without a muzzle or leash, and just being able to enjoy the moment!
The chairs in the street cafés are occupied; dishes and glasses clink, conversations and laughter rise: towards the wide sky and the sun.

We have decided to visit the Plaza de Oriente; with our first ice cream cone in one hand, a mug of hot chocolate in the other.
Like many other people, we want to spend the warm rays of the sun on a bench in this spacious green area in a royal setting; knowing that after the demolition of the houses, the square is so spacious that, even with the sun still a little low, shade is not expected too soon.
A bench, just as desired, is soon found and the change of the two hands between ice cream and hot chocolate works in the meantime also without leaving too many stains!
Oh, that's nice and warm and generally ...!
And look: also here are people on the road, chatting and smiling!
From this so-called "Royal Gardens" is on one side the Palacio Real, on the other the Teatro Real to see.
Only the third in the "real" bunch, the home of the "royal" or also "white ballet" is missing here:
the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - short: "Bernabéu" called - where Real Madrid wins or loses, we are looking here (fortunately) in vain.

Finally we have had our fill and leisure to devote ourselves to the wonderful scents that have been caressing us for some time: the spring with all its blooms and fragrance splendor has also arrived here.

The potted plants, which are now no longer threatened by frost damage, are in bloom and some are already bearing their first fruits.
Thus a pleasantly fresh breath of tangerine and noble Neroli floats in the air; it is lightly peppered by spicy, warming ginger: it bizzles lightly in the nose!
Jasmine and orange trees grown or cut into ornamental shapes are also already bearing blossoms.
For a long time they waited in greenhouses and orangeries under glass for their grand appearance.
Out onto the Royal Square, enjoying the sun and life and enthusiastically spraying the fragrant aromas into the warm air - how good that feels!
Ylang-ylang was also allowed to join them: a fresh and flowery spice caresses us with every breeze, no matter how gentle: hugging is allowed here.
The hot chocolate in the cup contains a high cocoa content and thus this fine sweetness plays around us in addition.
(Oh yes: The Spaniards brought the cocoa beans from South America to Europe!)
Amber and incense pull in smoky swathes again and again over the place: from where probably?
The sunny weather apparently tempted the doors of nearby churches to be opened wide, luring the sun's rays into the holy darkness.
The hopeful spring in the plaza thus takes on a sacred touch!
The Plaza de Oriente breathe life, warmth and fragrance - how beautiful!

My ever-so-vivid imagination and my waiting for sun and warmth (not just for a few hours) draw this fragrant painting of a longing, while "Un Paseo por Madrid - El cielo sobre la Plaza de Oriente" (phew,what a name: now I have to catch my breath!) settles in comfortably on my skin to stay for a few hours, to accompany me.
Hours of comfort, spent chatting, laughing and purely enjoying life.

The house of Loewe from Madrid succeeds in encouraging me to take a walk through this pleasantly cultivated fragrance being, painting vivid pictures, flattering all the senses.
Fragrances that tell beautiful stories in their pretty flacons, I like as you know very much!
Over the years, I learned to listen to them more closely; to fill them with colors and tones, with life.

I enjoyed this sojourn under the Madrid sky in the Plaza de Oriente very much:
The sun, the warmth, the fragrance, the different birdsong playing hide and seek in all the greenery and rejoicing when they found each other.
Perhaps the next walk will end on a different bench, in a different green space, the ice cream cone will be filled with different flavours and the cocoa will be enhanced with a splash of "warmth from within" - I look forward to it!
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Helpful Review 6  
K.O. in the first round
Disclaimer: The title of this comment should not be misunderstood!

When I was at the beginning of my love for fragrances, I was often allowed to sniff through the first-class assortment of Vollmar in Bonn, which was of course of great help to get away from the boring designer fragrances. There is a wonderful saleswoman whose name I unfortunately do not know.
She first carefully marked out the terrain of my taste with a few suggestions and then precisely responded to my preferences.

On that day I tested about 40 scents before my nose was completely saturated.
But I had no desire to geh´n and it was clear that I would stay still...

Yeah, a nice song that pretty well describes my attitude that day.
I made a last swerve through the showrooms and, oh, what's that? Lion? No, Loewe after friendly correction of my German pronunciation, not knowing that it is a Spanish product. I no longer remember why my choice fell on El cielo of all places but it was definitely the right one.
The top note really blew my socks off! Thereupon I sprayed my T-shirt well in order to be able to profit from this wonderful creation also still at home.
And indeed, the fragrance is perfect for me! So far I've only had this experience with three other scents: Oud save the King by Atkinsons was the very first time, then Black II by Widian and finally Star Musk by Xerjoff (who plays in a different league olfactorily and priced).

I then tested him twice again and he convinced me every time. The week after, this red sign with "-20% on everything" hung on the outside wall of the store and I couldn't resist, especially since I actually had enough money (which is rarely the case as a student). Stop K.O. in the first lap.
The fragrance is nowhere to buy for less than 200€, so it was already a word to get it really 40€ cheaper and not as often happens with the fake percentages on the Internet or with the turquoises ...

Long story, short sense: A real snapper that I really like to wear!
The top note is simply phenomenal, Ingerwer, Neroli and Tangerine make a threesome.
And what I find really great about this fragrance is that it has a real course.
The top note lasts 10 to 15 minutes, then the heart comes through.
I didn't notice the strong jasmine in my heart at the beginning, it's the only thing that disturbs me a little bit, but it flies away an hour after spraying at the latest Then comes the wonderful base of amber, cocoa and frankincense which keeps on my skin for a long time. Unfortunately, my nose quickly gets used to smells and after two to three hours I hardly notice it anymore, but I have had it confirmed several times that it is still quite well perceived even after 5h+.
My solution: spray the back of my upper part at auf´s, then you get nice scent waves to your nose from time to time but you don't get used to it and can still smell it after several hours.

Conclusion: All those who like citrus fruits, cocoa and incense should definitely try it!
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