Red Square

Red Square by Mad et Len
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Red Square is a popular perfume by Mad et Len for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-smoky. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Padouk wood
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Omani red frankincenseOmani red frankincense
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Buried treasure in the pink mist
Unfortunately, this perfume seems to have fallen under the radar, otherwise I can not explain the few reviews here. Since it is also difficult to get (unless you want to buy it in foreign online shops for at least 150 euros), its popularity should unfortunately not change much more. I will probably have to continue to hold on to my two sample bottlings and report now from a lost treasure.

RED SQUARE is, as is not unusual for Mad et Len, a very natural fragrance. Pink smoke rises, peppery in the most delicate way, sensual, beguiling, invigorating. Inhaling the comforting warmth, I feel at times as if I were floating in a large wooden barrel of rosé wine.
At the same time, the fragrance offers me ambivalence without contradiction or disharmony: I perceive it as deep and yet airy, as sacred and yet erotic, as sweet without direct sweetness and slightly fruity, although there is nothing gourmand in and about it. This fruity effect and association is very passive, I think of tiny pink berries. It smells to me what pink pepper looks like.
The invigorating effect mentioned above comes from a metallic cool undercurrent in the overall warm effect, but it doesn't come across as fresh and garish, but gently slumbering like the dusted sparkle of tarnished silver.

RED SQUARE is an intimate fragrance that does not lavishly exude its red incense, but concentrates on its wearer, from the sillage you should not expect too much.
In take no development of the included notes perceive, in principle, he smells even after hours as at the prelude.

The name of this perfume is puzzling to me. Not the first part of the name, that explains itself when you smell it. But the square...
I see a red square of scarlet powder strewn like a magic mark on the floor of a sunken temple, its rock walls caressed by the rosy glow of an invisible spring. There, ignited by who knows who, the red square exudes its sweetly ethereal incense, gently smoldering as its soul floats away into space.... What a magical mixture that lies dormant in obscurity.
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3 Reviews
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Good price mistah
Childhood memories of evening markets in Spain when my father played and bought djembes (African hand drum) :-)
Rather special and not every woman/man's thing, but a nice scent that takes me to another place!
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