Black Uddù

Black Uddù by Mad et Len
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Black Uddù is a popular perfume by Mad et Len for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-sweet. It is still in production.
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The black Udo and the long night
It's dark and cold outside. Very cold, but actually not very dark. From the window you can see the snow under the stars. Lights lurch across the sky in the most incredible colours, pulsating dark purple, dancing on the horizon. Aurora borealis. Udo gets up and closes the curtains.

It is the day before the big reindeer feast. Or is it the night before that? It's hard to tell this time of year. And Udo certainly not at all; he sometimes has problems with his memory lately. Could be because of his age, or the alcohol, or the long night, which is not as dark as one always thinks.

In any case, all the inhabitants of the area have been looking forward to it ever since the sun said goodbye for the long polar night. So here's to the reindeer festival, not the confusion of age, liquor or season. It's about rounding up reindeer with dog sleds and bringing them to the winter stables. At least that's what it used to be about. Today they use snowmobiles and the reindeer have been in the stable for a long time and are chased out again for the occasion. So much for tradition. But the consumption of a lot of self-burning has remained and Udo is there of course, like every year
Where he is not called Udo, but Uddu. He can no longer remember exactly how it came about. The language still unknown to him at that time and the ubiquitous liquor could have played a role. When he thinks about it like that, he no longer knows exactly why he came here at all. Excessive consumption of alcohol may have played a role here as well, that is not impossible. If one knows Udo even quite probably.

Anyway, here he is just the Uddu, Black Uddu. And at least it is clear where the black comes from, because it is his colour. His hair and beard used to be pitch black and his leather clothes are still black, even if a bit worn out. They creak with the old armchair he sits in and his bones. It is unclear who will win.

He looks into the flames of the fireplace and drinks mead with them. Home-made, of course, like most of this. No one else could afford it either.
The flames crackle happily and nibble at all kinds of wood. At some point he must have burned parts of his furniture. The table is missing at least one leg and the chest of drawers is suspiciously crooked. That seemed like a good idea to him, but it's dawning on him that he might see things differently tomorrow, after he's slept off his intoxication. But at least it smells good.

The air is filled with the smell of fine resins anyway. Uddu has just put the old potpourri into the fire and is very happy with the result. Just stood around anyway. Vanilla beans are probably true too. Very pleasant and goes very well with mead. Slowly his eyes close and he already knows that today he will dream of green meadows again. It will take a few more months until the green will be here again, but that doesn't matter, he has his dreams until then. And now he is resting for the big day tomorrow...


To say one thing in advance, there is nothing smoky about Black Uddu, the fireplace of the wooden hut works perfectly and only releases the smell of the burnt material. And first of all there are soft, balsamic resins, also soft, indefinable wood and lots of leather. Not old and worn, but rather new suede, light brown. A little bit of creamy musk is added and very briefly a little flower flashes up, maybe a violet. A little later amber and vanilla, the latter fortunately not too dominant. This is sweet, but still bearable.

Everything so far is quite nice, but nothing I would have liked very much. After two and a half hours, however, a little vetiver emerges and gives the fragrance a slightly herbaceous freshness that does it a lot of good. As it goes on, not much changes, the resins and leather recede; woods, amber and vanilla come forward and vetiver remains as a fresh element.

The shelf life is quite good, but I find silage problematic, although I don't like room-filling scents. Black Uddu becomes quite body-hugging after just one hour, which is, as Meggi already wrote, really very quiet. This raises the question of usability for me: on a cold autumn or winter day on the sofa just for himself, he is well suited. If you then have a fireplace, it's perfect...
With dark coloured thanks to Floyd and Gschpusi!
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