Haiku by Mirko Buffini
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Haiku is a popular perfume by Mirko Buffini for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Flax blossomFlax blossom White blossomsWhite blossoms Damask roseDamask rose
Heart Notes Heart Notes
CedarwoodCedarwood OrchidOrchid VanillaVanilla BerriesBerries
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White muskWhite musk AmberAmber
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The scent is part of the "Black Collection".


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A fragrance that makes you swarm again... and sigh... :D
Hello and welcome to my commentary on Mirko Buffini's "Haiku", my dear snoopers!
Mirko Buffini probably belongs to one of those brands, which seem to have some hidden treasures, but which hardly anyone knows. Even here on Parfumo, I encounter the brand less often than I would have expected.

I, too, have only been able to test one fragrance of this brand so far, and this only because there was tea in it and I wanted to get to know all kinds of tea fragrances like crazy. Well, I'm still crazy about tea scents, of course, even though I can imagine what you thought of them as usual... I know you think I'm a little crazy, don't you? But I'm NOT crazy!!! Or am I?? ... No... I'm not, quite sure, shhhhhhht, everything guuuut.... :DD

Anyway, so it's haiku today. As you have already guessed, the name comes from Japan and is the name for a short poem form of Japan. It's also the name of an operating system, but I'm sure that the name of the fragrance was inspired more by the artistic poetry than by a probably unknown operating system, whose existence only nerds like me can know (... pah, but I've only known that since today, thanks to Wikipedia. So I'm a nerd? Huh? HUH??? I'm not crazy!!!!).

So let's get to the scent.

The fragrance:
Well, the scent starts off lovely. An absolutely beautiful women's fragrance that starts with roses, vanilla, some cedar and beautiful resins (which are not listed, but I smell it like benzoin). The sweet smell also smells of amber, which I also find beautiful.
Flowery notes are one of the main scents here. Of course flax is now the flower note here, how am I supposed to know that again? :D
But I'm sure that it smells like flax, and that's very nice, because I can exclude the other floral scents, even if the sweetish one in the scent should appear to me like jasmine from time to time (which also seems to be absent, according to the scent pyramid).
After a while the impression of jasmine fades away, sweet notes come mainly from a mix of musk and amber, whereby the musk becomes stronger and stronger and the amber is pushed into the background at some point. Vanilla is also a strong-sweet note and is therefore always present and becomes even stronger over the course of the fragrance, making the fragrance appear more powdery. Sweet and powdery, the fragrance also ends for the most part.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage has turned out well, so that he should be able to smell one well for a while, because the fragrance bearer will radiate a nice scent cloud. I also liked the shelf life, as the scent was good to smell for about eight to ten hours.

The bottle:
The bottle itself is quite simple. It is rectangular, slightly tinted and has no label, the name of the fragrance was printed directly on the front of the bottle. The lid is cylindrical and gold-plated. As I said, everything is quite simple, but still nice.

Guys. Haiku is a really nice women's scent. Yes, I'm writing extra women's fragrance again, because the fragrance is very feminine and I can't imagine such a fragrance for men so well, even if the fragrance should be indicated as unisex.

I think that most of you will like this fragrance here, unless you dislike more sweet smelling perfumes or powdery notes. It is very pleasant, smells for me both sexy (a scent to cuddle, drool and bite :D) and tender and somehow cute. Which would make it both a scent for leisure time and for going out, and this also as an all-rounder, because despite its sweetness it is not very overwhelming, well, it is senn, it is hot summer. Well, we say that the fragrance is best in spring, autumn and winter :)

This makes it definitely recommendable.
So if you want to look cute, you can use this fragrance.
If you want to look sexy, use this fragrance.
Anyone who wants to get a kiss from DonJuanDeCat can use this fragrance. ... Great, now nobody reaches for this scent anymore... *sigh* How mean!!!!

Well, like I said, the scent is beautiful and worth a test. So I'm done for today again and wish everyone a nice evening :)
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