Parfum de Peau
1986 Eau de Toilette

Version from 1986
Parfum de Peau / Montana (1986) (Eau de Toilette) by Montana
Bottle Design Serge Mansau
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7.5 / 10 137 Ratings
Parfum de Peau is a popular perfume by Montana for women and was released in 1986. The scent is spicy-floral. Projection and longevity are above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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GingerGinger PepperPepper TagetesTagetes Orange blossomOrange blossom BlackberryBlackberry BlackcurrantBlackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart Notes
NarcissusNarcissus JasmineJasmine PatchouliPatchouli RoseRose
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FrankincenseFrankincense MuskMusk AmberAmber LeatherLeather


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7.314 Ratings
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6 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 22  
A womans body in motion
I bought Parfum de Peau from Montana about 6 years ago.
I was lucky enough to find a pretty old vintage bottle. It's a 50 ml splash/bottle and might be from the nineties or late eighties. Batchode I couldn't find one.
The box is also still tadeless and a leaflet is in the box, as it used to be. On the leaflet you will find the corresponding care products such as a body foam, moisturising emulsion, body cream, shower gel, soap etc. there was also an extra of it and an EdT light.
Parfum de Peau is referred to therein as a spicy aromatic chypre.

Who is behind the names Claude Montana?
Claude Montana, born in 1949, is a French fashion designer, whose trademarks in the eighties were large shoulder pads, narrow waists and leather pants. A self-confessed homosexual, he married his muse, the model of the same age, Wallis Franken, in 1993. They had known each other since 1977 and she was already running for his shows. Wallis played in Madonna's erotic video clip "Justify my love" in 1990. She is the lady resembling Jamie lee Curtis with suspenders and a peaked cap, who approaches Madonna's toyboy Tony Ward at about minute 3.10. Wallis had a penchant for self-destructive relationships and was obsessed with her hopeless, rather one-sided love for Claude Montana and so this marriage also ended tragically. She threw herself out of the window of her hotel room in Paris in 1996
Back to the fragrance Parfum de Peau. The fragrance came out in 1986 in the middle of the eighties. The fragrance is correspondingly undecendant.
Right at the beginning the Tagetes assert themselves, followed by orange blossoms, black currants and leather.
The leather described in the base notes asserts itself with me right at the beginning. Tagetes are also called Stinkerchen and have a slightly civet-like, slightly urine-like note. This makes the scent appear animalistic and naughty. The leather does the rest.
It takes a while for the fragrance to calm down a bit, then it becomes a little tame and shows its flowery heart.
It is difficult for me to smell the individual components of the flowers, I can identify Narcisse the best. Jasmine and rose should also be underneath The base notes are dreamlike already. I hear warm soft amber and a fruity blend. Some oakmoss should also be part of it.
I can still smell the base note on my skin after 20 hours.
Well, in the eighties you still got a lot of durability for your money.
The dosage should be handled rather carefully.
With measure and goal applied an absolutely dreamlike fragrance, which I like to wear again and again.
According to the cardboard, the spirally twisted bottle is supposed to represent a woman in motion.
I will guard my bottle like a treasure
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Top Review 21  
Scented Paradise
In the office, the phone was ringing off the hook every minute, and within seconds I was answering customer questions, forwarding calls or opening dossiers. Somehow the superiors managed to squeeze in with their requests and make the mountain of work grow even more.
The work colleague at the neighboring table was once again the PC out and judging by her big, pleading eyes, I should throw there also briefly an eye on it, because's with the ticket for the service in this giant company experience simply takes too long.
Oh yes and as if all this were not enough, came still the message to the minutes at today's board meeting, because the colleague is sick and that 1 hour before closing time!
Where is a cloning machine when you need one or the thing to stand in before asking for "Scotty, beam,"?
I know there are two hearts beating in my chest, but that doesn't make me work for two either!

So after a long day I go to sleep completely flattened.
At some point, I wake up. I hear birds chirping. Everything is still dark around me, but I get up anyway and want to get to the bottom of the bird calls.
"Tomorrow it can't be yet," I think, have finally just laid down. But in the early morning hours there is a lively confusion of chattering voices of various bird species in our neighborhood, through which forest and a stream runs. A dense and sometimes loud carpet of sound, which gradually becomes quieter with the full awakening of the day and, except for individual sounds, finally slowly fades away.
I take a few steps and it gets brighter. Then white mist. Am I awake or dreaming?

Without thinking about what might be lurking in the fog, I step through it and into bright light. Not glaring, but bright enough that I can't make out anything else yet. Almost simultaneously, a fragrant haze of fruity notes reaches me. I think I sniff something slightly citrusy, but also a darker accord as a counterpoint to the first bright impression, perhaps blackberry?
Then, with the next step, the next note blows me away. Floral. An unmistakable tagetes, which mingles with the first fragrance impressions and that absolutely harmoniously. I walk on, the bird calls becoming increasingly louder and room-filling. The light is now becoming more pleasant and softer on the eyes.
Where am I?
I look around me and spot jasmine bushes with white flowers lining my path, all cut into balls. They almost look like large snow globes. Between each of them is a bunch of daffodils. The scent they both give off is very thick and absolutely overpowering, almost narcotic. Still the first scents are also in the air and everything blends into a single flowing veil that seems to cloud my senses, because what I now get to see, I can hardly believe.
In the now wholly flattering and warm light I recognize some formations. Velvet seeming, soft and alluring. I head towards them, drunk on the wafts of fragrance. They are rose bushes, but with blossoms of the finest pale suede! They are absolutely masterfully crafted, as if they were the delicate petals one would usually expect. And just look at the scent!
I just have to touch them and bring them to my nose.
With each discovery I make, they all seem to reunite and grow, taking scent perception to new levels. Just when I think the highest impression has been reached, the next one comes along. For example, a kind of cotton wool on a tree waits up, which smells like musk and as the next increase oversized incense sticks, which exude incense.

My senses now take their leave entirely and I have to lie down. I sink blissfully into the soft ground, deeper and deeper, until I literally sink into it.
It all feels so "right", so boundlessly peaceful, comfortable, cozy and warm.
The warmth literally vibrates.
If I were a kitten, I'd be purring right now.
Warm? Vibrate? Purr?

I cautiously open my eyes.
I'm lying on my back, my cat on my chest. She purrs contentedly, her fur vibrating slightly away as she looks into my puzzled eyes with a cuddly look.
Was that just a dream earlier?
Where did that incredible scentland go?
I haven't even finished exploring yet and I want to go back right now!

Later in the bathroom and to crown the daily care and as the icing on the cake of my outfit, I reach for the perfume, which formally pushes itself into my hand.
I slowly press the spray head!


First everything is dark, then I see fog and then bright light.
Where am I?
I open my eyes.
I'm in the here and now, but my senses back in scentland from my dream.

Almost floating, I walk out of the house and to the bus.
When everyday life grabs me all too greedily again today, I simply disengage and disappear briefly into fragrance paradise.

Note: Parfum de Peau by Montana is for my nose like a shape-shifter for past and present. It has style and class, elegance and sensuality that can appeal to many ages and certainly smells enticingly good on certain gentlemen as well.
PdP carries a touch of classicism in itself, which comes with a certain attitude and (life) experience even better to the fore.
If you dose it sparingly, the individual notes come through better instead of smothering each other. He is also quietly still a very dense fragrance fabric, which indeed radiates warmth and security.
All seasons/temperatures should probably like it, if it doesn't impose itself on the warmer among them.

I find that he is one of the few fragrances that at all times skillfully manages the balancing act between retro and modern.

Parfum de Peau by Montana - my fragrance paradise...!
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Helpful Review 15  
It will stay in your memory
I first tested the perfume many years ago when I bought a perfume collector's magazine in my youth. I can still remember very well which perfume was included in the issues at that time. In one issue was Iceberg, in the second was Jesus del Pozo Halloween, and in one issue was parfum de peau by Claude Montana. At the age of 15, I found the fragrance too strong, of course, but somehow interesting. And the other day (I'm almost 38 years old now) it came back to my mind and I was curious if it was still available. I ordered this piece of jewellery at a reasonable price and was happy to smell it. Wow said my nose about the fireworks of aromas which hit me. With this my definitely will not be overrun! First I perceive fruity notes, possibly of blackcurrant, blackberry and marigold. The fragrance continues to develop pleasantly, adding woody, leathery and animal notes to the fruity note. This makes the fragrance very sexy and has a high recognition value without being too intrusive. The fragrance has a great silage and durability. In my opinion it is an underrated masterpiece.
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Helpful Review 4  
sweaty rose chypre
Parfum de Peau is an animalic rose chypre that wears its animal differently than other growly rose chypres. It's not so much a leather scent as a live skin scent. The scent of sweaty skin gives PdP a tannic quality. If you focus on just the rose, PdP is very similar to other big 80s monster roses and rose chypres. But the stinging slap of ripe skin is bolstered by the tart green feel of unripened fruit and together they create a deliberate imbalance. The acrid skin and the young fruit highlight the electric feel of the rose and PdP charges at you like it wants to eat you.
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18 Reviews
Helpful Review 3  
Just amazing this is me thinks
Hello Dears,
In my skin this scent is more like chypre floral or floral aldehyde. Not at all like Leather kinda scent. Soapy and quite white floral on me. Cabochard is true leather, this is something else. But definitely I love this . Parfum de Peau is very much special, with own beautifull nature, can not compair to any other scent I think. Because.. I have not sniffed anything like this before, very unique. I hope You people will enjoy from this Gem. *Hugs*
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