La Belle Hélène 2011

La Belle Hélène by Parfums MDCI
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7.8 / 10 139 Ratings
La Belle Hélène is a popular perfume by Parfums MDCI for women and was released in 2011. The scent is fruity-floral. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes PearPear Lemon blossomLemon blossom Mandarin orangeMandarin orange AldehydesAldehydes
Heart Notes Heart Notes Bulgarian roseBulgarian rose HawthornHawthorn IrisIris MimosaMimosa Mirabelle plumMirabelle plum OsmanthusOsmanthus Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base Notes CedarCedar PatchouliPatchouli SandalwoodSandalwood White muskWhite musk AmberAmber Glycyrrhiza glabraGlycyrrhiza glabra MyrrhMyrrh OakmossOakmoss VetiverVetiver


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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 14  
my "inner pear purist" takes the floor
Questioning everything is typical of me. That's probably why I've been wearing a small golden question mark on my "everyday" chain for years.
So I ask myself with this Helena of course: which one is probably meant?
The beauty from the Greek legend, whose kidnapping triggered the Trojan War?
This Helena, who as the mother of Emperor Constantine indirectly determined the fate of the Catholic Church?
"The beautiful Helena" in Jacques Offenbach's operetta?
Or simply the dessert, to find as "Coup Helene" on the international maps?

Right at the beginning: I love pears!
The original small green "Gute Luise" - often in baskets; but especially the tender yellow dessert pear - usually called "Anjou".
But I prefer it as "solitaire": a ripe, aromatic pear after the meal or as a snack - wonderful! (Sometimes also with a drop of "Aceto Balsamico" and some freshly grated nutmeg.)
This preference is also reflected in Jo Malone's "English Pear & Freesia".
The clarity of this fragrance enchants me again and again. That was a "love at first sniff"!

I was all the more disappointed when I ordered a special filling of Annick Goutal from ALzD, with the focus on the pear. Unfortunately I forgot the name in the meantime.
There I met an overripe, top-fermented pear that dominated everything; she was also allowed to travel on quite quickly.

I like the MDCI scents very much; often especially, because they represent something very special out of many scents.
This is also true of "La Belle Hélène": this fragrance is unusual and therefore does not fall outside the scope of what this brand stands for.
It was among these first impressions that I wrote my statement.
After a closer acquaintance with Helena, I will have to relativize that a little here. After we "got warm" with each other; namely during a long and steam-intensive "ironing battle".

As a prelude I meet a fruit cocktail here: generously garnished with white flowers!
Pear, tangerine and mirabelle plum are just visible to me before the white-flowering plants - and here for me especially the hawthorn - enter the fragrance stage!
Everything is tastefully arranged, even the rose looks out from time to time.
Ylang-Ylang pulls its usual radiant scent paths, crowns this melange together with the aldehydes, which appear here rather medium-term.
For my taste, there has already been a little too much stirring, too little shaking.
Nevertheless, this fragrance is quite entertaining; even if it makes me a little restless: I'm probably still looking for the pear as it is stuck in my head.
"("Stubbornness of Age" you may call that.)
The base note is almost overflowing with great scents; it almost rolls over me!
Three, four - yes, even five of them, how nice that would be!
But nine at once - in the long run this is so enormous for me.
"La Belle Hélène" is harmonious and round, but for me there is a little too much of everything.

MDCI fragrances often "paddle" instead of "spilling"; that's what makes them so special, and that's something I always fall for too.
But here, at "La Belle Hélène", my inner purist takes the floor.
I don't really like the fruit blossom wood resin mixture.
Now not everything that is lovingly created and beautiful must be compatible for everyone.
It is therefore particularly pleasant that the shelf life does not exceed the average This bulb with its diverse entourage slowly loses itself; the loud voices that chatted unmoved become quieter and "La Belle Hélène" disappears.
Of course I would like to include one of these wonderful flacons in my collection; it should also be empty!

For me, the following applies here: no, to this "Coup Helene" - yes, to a ripe, golden pear for dessert!
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Helpful Review 5  
Am I too cold?
It has occurred to me that perhaps I have too little inherent body heat for this scent (and perhaps others). I noticed that LBH - as well as others - show themselves only properly after I have moved for a while, for example after a dog walk come home and me, when I take off the jacket, "suddenly" a surge of the scent sprayed on in the morning, which had supposedly already evaporated.

However: the prelude is always there. And with LBH I must say unfortunately: Because that consists of fruit gum, and indeed old, dried up, musty fruit gum. This lasts - getting weaker - up to an hour and then LBH is gone. Until those moments described above, where either beautiful light floral notes with a hint of powder waft towards me, or, when the base notes are reached, gentle spicy warmth.

Conclusion: if LBH were more perceptible to me, I would very much regret the horrible opening for me, as it spoils the following beautiful heart and base notes. Now, I move on - with a perhaps new knowledge regarding the body heat - shrugging to the next fragrance.

I thank Serenissima for the test opportunity.

Addendum 1: It just occurred to me that I usually only know this phenomenon of not noticing a scent from scents I've worn too often or for too long because I've gone "nose blind". My beloved Chanel No 5, for example, I wear only rarely and only ever for a maximum of two days in a row, because then I can't smell it anymore. But what about me completely new fragrances...?

Addendum 2: My assessment of the durability is based on the fact that I always perceive the heart or base notes only a few hours after spraying.
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1 short view on the fragrance
FreshKatsuFreshKatsu 11 hours ago
A strange bubblegum & medicinal opening that almost gives me a headache. Improves somewhat once it settles down to a fruity, powdery floral
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