Vêpres Siciliennes 2009

Vêpres Siciliennes by Parfums MDCI
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7.9 / 10 151 Ratings
Vêpres Siciliennes is a popular perfume by Parfums MDCI for women and was released in 2009. The scent is floral-fruity. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Lily of the valleyLily of the valley MagnoliaMagnolia Mandarin orangeMandarin orange CardamomCardamom GrapefruitGrapefruit Leaf greenLeaf green OrangeOrange PepperPepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Orange blossomOrange blossom AmbergrisAmbergris CedarwoodCedarwood HeliotropeHeliotrope JasmineJasmine TuberoseTuberose OakmossOakmoss RoseRose Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base Notes
VanillaVanilla PeachPeach OsmanthusOsmanthus ToffeeToffee CloveClove MuskMusk PlumPlum RaspberryRaspberry CoconutCoconut


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Submitted by Andi136, last update on 11.05.2022.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Very helpful Review 13  
pastoral pastoral
In younger years, I imagined something cheerful and upbeat under the title "Sicilian Vespers": like, for example, a picnic outdoors!
Now the passages from Guiseppe Verdi's opera of the same name that I was familiar with at the time also had pastoral overtones to my then untrained ears; something Verdi is very good at: putting the horrible into tones that almost make you forget the horror!
How unpleasantly touched I was, therefore, when I learned what slaughter took place under this term in Palermo on Easter Monday, March 30, 1282.
Murder and manslaughter in connection with a church service, an Easter devotion?
I knew such a thing only from Florence in Medici times.

But when I was introduced to "Vêpres Siciliennes" by MDCI a few years ago through one of my first fragrance samples, the already forgotten little pastoral scene of a carefree breakfast in the open air came alive again.
Because this fragrance gives the feeling of enjoying a summer snack outdoors under shady tree canopies or fruit-bearing pergolas: light and fragrant, fresh and also elegant, chatting with familiar friends!

The supporting element of "Vêpres Siciliennes" is vanilla: warm, velvety and creamy, it flows along, picking up all the delicious scents it encounters.
Especially she harmonizes, the always so sensual fragrance goddess, with the delicacy and apparent virginity of orange blossom.
But also the fruity softness of the peach (here reminiscent of a fragrance-soaked cotton ball) fits wonderfully into the fragrance picture.
They accompany the vanilla light-footed and yet expressive through the further composition.
At the shade of fruit-ripe citrus plantations reminds the fragrance prelude; here once on the so many times already ausgeknautscht seeming bergamot renouncing.
It also goes so, because even in this freshness, the spring bloomers feel at home: the porcelain blossoms of magnolias and the always somewhat saucy lily of the valley are happy to accompany them.
What a combination! This earthy little white fragrance sling and the skyward beauty of the magnolia.
Here skilfully heaven and earth meet; a true gift to creation in the sign of resurrection: spring is here, the young summer is already peeking slightly around the corner!
In the already very rich fragrance painting may not be missing the well-known flower beauties of summer: of course, the golden-faced white-flowered jasmine and the noble rose find themselves, also tuberose shows up and welcomes radiantly and their typical fragrance spraying the presence of ylang-ylang.
This shows itself again cheerful and exuberant: "Be embraced, millions!" and so his aromatic flower tendrils warmly embrace the so far present.
The deep purple blooming vanilla flower / heliotrope may not be missing: only the divine vanilla seems here really almost a bit too little to accommodate this summery gathering of fragrances.
Woody and spicy "Vêpres Siciliannes" then develops further: what fragrance abundance still finds itself.
It would be idle and also boring to go here on all; should also one or the other of them therefore sulk with me. Where should I begin, where end, in this mustered multitude?
I must mention, however, finally, the golden radiance of amber!
Rich, generous Ambraleuchten outshines this entire summer fragrance scene, flashes vividly and very noble between the shade-giving foliage through:
A truly regal conclusion to this numerous and intense gathering of "friends in fragrance" to celebrate and welcome the bright and sunny, carefree and hopefully very joyous time of year!
Hope is found everywhere and as we all know, dies last!
Let's believe in it!

MDCI has succeeded with "Vêpres Sicilienne" a vivid fragrance image of a southern island and the attitude to life that belongs to it.
Here quite different from "tangy-fruity-refreshing cool"; but warm and infused with delightful scent swathes.
The perfumer has here made many an impressionist artist competition.
"Vêpres Sicilienne" is a successful fragrant day trip; for more it is not enough.
For this, this fragrance beauty, despite the rich fragrance notes, simply lacks the endurance.
But is then a short time out of the sometimes so dreary everyday life not also something beautiful?
"Vêpres Siciliennes" offers the opportunity to leave all that behind and travel to the "land where the lemons bloom" and still other fragrance beauties can be found.

And, before I forget: Good morning and a blessed Easter!
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Helpful Review 1  
Italian Summer
After I have worn this fragrance numerous times, I finally have to write a review about it. It is just that this scent is difficult to describe. So many notes mingle in an exquisite way. What is the attraction? First of all, a clear and crisp feeling that turns into a flower field. Full and well crafted, no single note stands out.

The presentation with the busts looks expensive, the price is high, but this scent really smells expensive. Rare.

I can see myself going out with it in full gala to a festive event, or use it at home and it will be uplifting, with its beautiful and unexpected notes. So, I was waiting for the bus, and the gentle breeze of it wafted to other people in the queue, and heads turned in wonderment. Nice to have something so classy.

Thanks, dear member Zora, for the generous decant.

The sillage is present but not disturbing. Longevity is good. The scent mellows and becomes more subtle, no drastic undertones in the basenotes.

Voila. That's it. One of my favorites, reached for again and again.
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