Un Cœur en Mai 2009

Un Cœur en Mai by Parfums MDCI
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7.7 / 10 102 Ratings
Un Cœur en Mai is a popular perfume by Parfums MDCI for women and was released in 2009. The scent is floral-green. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes GalbanumGalbanum BlackcurrantBlackcurrant MelonMelon PetitgrainPetitgrain Sicilian bergamotSicilian bergamot
Heart Notes Heart Notes Moroccan mimosaMoroccan mimosa Bulgarian roseBulgarian rose Black pepperBlack pepper Bourbon geraniumBourbon geranium CorianderCoriander
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Submitted by Andi136, last update on 02.11.2022.
Interesting Facts
The scent was reformulated in 2012.
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in search of the other half
"A heart in May" - how sad does that sound?
What was MDCI thinking when they gave this friendly and portable fragrance its name?
Especially in May we are expecting couples in love and overflowing lightness.
That makes "Un Coeur en Mai" feel terribly abandoned for now.

Everything is blooming, the colourful attempts of the early bloomers have already disappeared and nature is preparing for summer. The first samples of its expected flowering splendour show themselves in full beauty; they want to be admired by us.
And in May they also get the attention that is so good for them.
Who is not pleased by the flowers and their scents, which May spreads so lavishly in nature?

Contrary to the typical "May fragrances" like lilacs, lily of the valley and violets, which all radiate a certain innocence, Patricia de Nicolai goes a completely different way for MDCI The flowers from the "second row" are combined with summery fruits and common kitchen spices to form an unusual, if interesting, melange
So the always a little musty bergamot, from where it also may come, is first of all a disappointment for me, if it appears here as the first.
I am always amazed when I read that bergamot "gives energy and lightness, even when all expectations threaten to fade under the weight of monotony. Enlightens the way and helps to recognize alternatives."
Well, yeah! Maybe it works for me completely from the depths of my senses - who knows!
Petitgrain also does not exactly raise the mood. Very peculiar.
But that may be my fault; as you know, I always swim a little against the current.
But then this fragrance really gets going: the juicy melon with its freshness and the black currant, which I love very much not only in a fragrance composition, finally bring summery momentum.
Galbanum, in a skillful dosage, fits perfectly - I am already reconciled!
The Bourbon rose geranium, interesting and not sparingly seasoned with coriander and black pepper, gives the lonely heart a proper boost of light and liveliness.
It is astonishing how well the always somewhat stuck-up rose and the sensitive, but very stubborn mimosa get along.
They give the heart something very special, the certain kick.
This fragrance fabric begins to enchant; it becomes light and floating; it even tempts a bit of carelessness!
Why a proper dose of musk delivers that certain something, skillfully rounds off this scent mixture.
Now the creation captured here in one of MDCI's interesting and well-known flacons is complete and faithfully accompanied over several hours of the day.
Nothing withers here, nothing gets stale here - this elegant fragrance becomes more volatile and quieter.
This relatively long shelf life is probably based on the unusual mixture of fragrances.

Here I meet a scent that makes me think a little: it is cheerful and lively, but also brings a certain depth with it.
Erich Kästner writes: "Melancholy and joy are probably sisters."
MDCI has succeeded in giving these two sisters a profile; they face each other on an equal footing.

"Un Coeur en Mai" is therefore not one of the usual early summer fragrances to be expected.
Here, longings are awakened: longings to experience one's own summer love; perhaps even to write a love story that is unparalleled!

This "one heart in May" clearly shows that we humans have to hug each other to be able to fly.
But it also shows, to come back again to Erich Kästner:
"Even luck can hurt. May also hurts!"
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A bit of thing healer world....
. . . . say a friend, when I the scent with a few words briefly described.
But the words are very true.

Un Coeur en Mai is completely calm, quiet.

A bleeding green meadow, equipped with sections lush, different flower fields that all at the same time give a lovely touch of their souls.

Here I am completely eternity; individual fragrance modules are not make for me.
A quite complex fragrance captured my heart.
Rose, Iris (?), Mimosa - like a colourful spring bouquet with easy pleasant sweetness, fine spicy, passed me.

I feel elated; in certain moments of wearing even romantic, playful. Many hours the scent with me remains.
Here I feel differently as eternity.
My feelings are affected.
I find the scent irresistible.

Yes, Un Coeur en Mai has taken my heart.
And I need the healer world feeling not only in May.
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