Corps & Ames 2006 Eau de Parfum

Corps & Ames (Eau de Parfum) by Pierre Guillaume
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Corps & Ames (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Pierre Guillaume for women and men and was released in 2006. The scent is floral-leathery. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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ImmortelleImmortelle Jasmine sambacJasmine sambac LeatherLeather Lily of the valleyLily of the valley SandalwoodSandalwood PatchouliPatchouli


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Since my sample of "Corps & Ames" is at least in the top note slightly cracked/tipped, my Kommi here is to be enjoyed with caution or indulgence. Who knows where the test, which I would loosely trust to last 10 years, was already everywhere, from warm baths to sunny balconies? Nevertheless, the fragrance still unfolds enough to be judged and assembled in the head. He is also simply too pretty to leave him uncommented, even if the dear Apicius has already described him (as always) mercilessly well... You can't actually buy it or catch it fresh anymore. Unfortunately.

"Corps & Ames is a she. And what a one. A dark rose queen with uncomfortable, bitchy gothic flights and yet bright geranium accents. A frivolous, fine mixture. The leather finish adds the finishing touch to the ninth letter of the alphabet. It's classic, beastly and certainly not everyone's cup of tea. I can smell it well, it is also made to a high standard and you don't sniff such a shady-sandy rose every day. Whether it is more suitable for men or women can hardly be decided. Actually, for both of them, if you like him. And black roses usually go down really well with gentlemen too. Not just cemeteries and funerals. I see him clearly as an old-school suit scent. Fits like a glove. Rich in texture, tactile, undercooled and yet highly emotional. Flaming ashes, oudiges tar. What a pity he was hired...

Flacon: the good Pierre is interested in the content
Sillage: Stand down. A queen doesn't have to say too much or even jump around.
Shelf life: long-lasting voluminous - 8 hours min.

Conclusion: the revenge of the Thorn Birds - bitter, rosy, dark and very chic, in a classic, almost imperious way!
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