La Collection 777

Qom Chilom 2014

Qom Chilom by Stéphane Humbert Lucas
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7.4 / 10 112 Ratings
Qom Chilom is a perfume by Stéphane Humbert Lucas for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is fruity-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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CherryCherry Sour cherrySour cherry RaspberryRaspberry
Heart Notes Heart Notes
AlmondAlmond HeliotropeHeliotrope Blue atlas cedarBlue atlas cedar IrisIris
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LatexLatex MuskMusk OudOud PatchouliPatchouli Vanilla absoluteVanilla absolute TeakTeak Tree barkTree bark


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The fragrance was part of the collection "La Collection 777".


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Dark cherry leather
Qom Chilom starts out quite leathery and woodsy. You can smell the oud right from the start, but the raspberry and cherry are also very noticeable. For the first minutes the oud tiptoes on the line between clean and animalic, but then it quickly blends in with the latex note, which really smells more like leather to me in this blend. So, this turns into a fruity leather scent. I also get a lot of patchouli and musk in the base, which make the fragrance warm and sensual. Vanilla and the powdery floral notes of iris and heliotrope are very subtle in this, but I think they make the scent smoother and keep it from turning harsh.
Overall I find this very fitting for the red bottle!
It kind of reminds me of Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss, not as in "these smell the same", more as in "Qom Chilom could be the older sister to MMLRG", if that makes sense to you.
I like it a lot!

The inspiration for this was the scent of hookah pipes, but I don't get that at all. I've been an avid hookah smoker when I was younger and I live in an area with lots of hookah cafés, and the smoke never smells as leathery and sophisticated as this perfume.

88 Reviews
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Am I Leather Am I Slut
She didn't know what to expect within the walls of the old castle.
Barely noticing the smell of the old wooden furniture.
She stood there...
in this latex overall in RED,
with leather zipper,
and the red high heels.
He had laid out these garments for her,
and told her to please wear them.
HE - Vlad was his name...
the castle in Romania,
the name...
it was a bit creepy.
She got a slight chill.
Every contour of her body stood out
underneath the tight-fitting garment Underneath, she wore - NOTHING.
On the table was a bowl of cherries,
soaked in almond liqueur.
Carefully she took one and put it between her teeth.
So she stood for the time being,
the sinful cherry between her teeth,
like her blood-red lips.

Then suddenly he stood before her
Vlad - handsome, mysterious, attractive,
smelling softly of mint.
He eyed her appearance...
The red hair,
the red latex jumpsuit with zipper,
which seemed to burst under his gaze,
down to her red high heels,
and slowly back again.
His gaze lingered on her eyes,
which had long been dark with desire,
the lids half closed.
As if hypnotized, she stood there.
With his teeth he took the cherry
from her mouth,
and BITE down...

Her juice dripped onto her blood-red lips.
She licked, but he beat her to it,
and kissed the juice from her lips.
A trickle ran down her neck,
along her artery.
Lasciviously, she tilted her head to the side.
His lips followed the trickle...
rested on her carotid artery...
then he BITE to....

Her senses faded,
the scent of cherry shisha tobacco hung in the air.
He sucked of her blood.
Everything spins

In her mind she sees the images,
what he would do to her...
would be...
Everything is spinning,

This fragrance that can't make up its mind,
i am LEATHER...
is RED,
as he cannot be REDER.
He is NEED that gets into trouble.
He is just


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When the days took on colour
In the past, when there were only three television stations, they were accompanied by a clear number of programme guides. My weekdays, by the way, have practically the same colours as the "Hörzu" to this day: Monday is yellow, Tuesday green, Wednesday blue etc
In the Hörzu, the actual entry was always written in smaller letters under the actual entry when a feature film had already been broadcast. With older or reliably popular films like "Pillow Talk" this could be a quite impressive series of dates. Maybe the increasing space requirement in the annual cycle had forced the end of this strange custom sometime.

If there were a list of other scents of the Em-eukal candies of the wild cherry variety, I would spontaneously include two names: the Lucas plant 'Black Gemstone' and 'Une Nuit à Bali - Suma Oriental', although I can no longer check either, because the corresponding specimens have long since been distorted. And also in this case a single test has to be sufficient, the sample tube (many thanks to Ergoproxy!) only gave out a tiny droplet.

These sweets are underlaid with cowhide leather oud after about half an hour. Aha - a quite extravagant composition. Soon the oud note comes across so rough and leathery (it even says hello to 'Epic Man') that one might think of a somewhat over-exaggerated, yet not un-original variation of the raspberry-leather-idea.

A hint of heliotropic bitter-mandy-like sweetness gradually dissolves the sweetness before our em-eukal receives reinforcement within two hours: of morello cherries from the glass - sour is that. In the further course of the morning the... "fruit" takes over a more reserved, simpler sweetness (vanilla above all, almond if you like). The calming effect is good. The development is supported by a certain reduction in content to a sweet leathery texture with a hint of candy, with patchouli cocoa. This doesn't seem as contrived as before, the abundance of information is fortunately misleading in this respect.

As I progress, I get a little carried away. A distant memory of the older fruit from 'Red Hoba' by XerJoff comes to mind and the cherry theme remains present. From the afternoon on, a softly oiled sweetness is whispering silently, maybe a somewhat lame "Finishing Part 1", which is essentially over after eight hours. After all, there is - unfortunately, apparently only as a bouncer - a carpet of dark musk, softly fructified sweet and sweet like candy, as a conclusion of part 2 until the evening. Nice! The rearmost end or part 3 is musk on a rest of vanilla.

Conclusion: On balance appealing, but not completely my construction site.

11 Reviews
Different tastes
That one caught my interest with the red bottle and because it sounded like a grown up LPRN - any version....
So I bought it spontaneously on a stroll through Zurich and never regretted. The feedback is promising: Citrus and woods, lovely fruity, nice vanilla. The longevity is really good.
A lot of people around me like that smell. If not overdone. That can get pretty unpleasant, especially in the beginning, smelling like red fruit jelly ("Rote Grütze" in German) - a bit to sweet.
The beginning, like in "all" the crazy packaged Lucas perfumes is way more complex and interesting than most of the heart and the longlasting base. Obviously he likes to start with a blast but not confuse the wearer and his surrounding with ongoing change.

The different reviews on and surprised me. The reviews on Parfumo were mostly positive, not necessarily enthusiastic (erotic, mysterious, interesting), but few opinions went lower than "okay, nice" while the Fragrantica-crowd seemed to be either puzzled (rotten fruits) or disgusted, one review stating that Qom Chilom reeks like a wino.
In fact, it's supposed to invision a waterpipe. Not a brothel, not an old Persian city, not a rotten fruit. And maybe, just maybe, waterpipes are more appealing to European noses, since they are geographically and culture wise a little bit closer to this tradition then someone from the other side of the Atlantic?

Anyway, it's one of my favourites. Not to pleasant and not to experimental. Definitely worth a try!


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HermeshHermesh 9 years ago
Sour cherry, which becomes soon bitter and woody. Somewhat reminiscent of cherry tobacco, packed in plastic, with more fruit than tobacco.


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