2022 Generation Woman 2013

2022 Generation Woman by Stéphane Humbert Lucas
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2022 Generation Woman is a popular perfume by Stéphane Humbert Lucas for women and was released in 2013. The scent is powdery-oriental. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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GalbanumGalbanum HeliotropeHeliotrope White teaWhite tea
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The 2022 generation can no longer even open a door!
Hello dear ones and welcome to another fragrance commentary from me! Today I describe the fragrance "2022 Generation Woman" from the great brand Stéphane Humbert Lucas, which unfortunately belongs to the more expensive fragrance houses, but at least not only some, but rather many very good fragrances has to offer.

2022 Generation Woman (sometimes also called "Generation Femme for Woman") is one of those very fragrant fragrances, even though I think the name is totally stupid. I don't know why the fragrance was necessarily dated 2022 (there is also the men's fragrance), but maybe it's just the perfumer's imagination and imagination of how women might smell in 10 years (starting from the date of this fragrance's release, 2013). Or what they would do...

Well, we won't be far till 2022. We will see what the (young) generation will be like then. One thing you can believe me: The next generation will know a lot more about technology, but probably won't be able to use simple analog or mechanical things like door handles anymore :D
But perhaps more about that later, now comes the fragrance, which is really wonderful!

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts fresh with green notes and becomes a little sweeter shortly afterwards. The green notes should come from the galbanum. Then I first smell the heliotrope with its almondy-floral scent, whereby the almondy-note is even additionally strengthened by the almonds and now and then also appears like bitter almonds, whereby everything smells of course very great.
I can't smell the indicated white tea, unfortunately... but I smell more of a rice pudding note... well, temporarily anyway, this is at least quite nice and even goes well with the almonds, but without making the fragrance even heavier.
A little later one still smells best the almonds and heliotrope, and also still a little galbanum, whereby this moves now further and further into the background. In the end, the tonka bean appears more and more, which makes the scent even sweeter, even if the tonka bean as a whole remains rather weak. All in all a beautiful, sweet-smooth fragrance, which doesn't necessarily offer much variety, but smells very nice throughout.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite good. One is indeed wrapped in a larger scent cloud, which one can perceive very well, but the scent never appears obtrusive due to its gentleness. The shelf life is also quite good with over ten or twelve hours. It may even be that the scent can be smelled (weakly) on the skin the next morning.

The bottle:
The flacon is rectangular and for a change from the golden flacons here it is kept in white, which is nevertheless of the usual high quality. Because apart from the golden inscription and the elaborate logo, the massive and quite heavy lid is also used here, which was also gold-plated and has a beautiful honeycomb pattern. All in all, a bottle that is very beautiful, even if I personally like the other golden bottles a bit better.

Soo,... that was 2022 Generation Woman now, and I'm sure you've already noticed that I thought the fragrance was pretty great. The bottom line is that it is not unusually different now and does not offer much variety. However, nowadays it is difficult to discover extraordinary new fragrances that smell good anyway. This one smells of great almonds, sweetish notes and is an all-rounder in itself, but tends a bit more towards autumn, winter, but also spring. Well, all seasons except summer, then. It could be used in small doses during the day, but in my opinion it is much better for going out. I would highly recommend to try the fragrance!

Well... what about the 2022 generation? Well, even today you have a rather bad opinion of the new, young generation. It is said that, as described in the introduction, they are hardly able to accomplish certain simple things (not all of them, of course, but maybe most... I really can't remember teenagers being so extremely brain-brained :D Or even young adults!) :DD). It won't be long before the new generation will watch many more YouTube videos than today. After all, they have to search for many Youtube tutorials, for example with titles like "How do I open a classic door without apps?" or "How do I buy again in a supermarket and pay with paper money? Tss, sad sad sad :D

I like technique, very much. I like everything that's new and I also like it when I can control many devices with my PC or mobile phone, but all this is not the whole world. The whole technology is a great tool, but I don't depend on it, especially when it comes to "basic knowledge in all areas of life", instead of getting more and more lazy and programming my fridge to automatically reorder milk so I don't have to lift my ass to go to the supermarket or something :D

Well, let's see what 2022 will look like. The young generation may be stupid, but still we have survived many of mankind's catastrophic stupidities such as the global fear of the Year 2000 problem or the end of the world, once again, back then on December 21, 2012 (oh man, the Mayas would have laughed their heads off if they still existed! :DD) and I think that we will survive some more stupid events! Well, we'll see about that, won't we?
Well, I wish you all a great evening, then until next time, bye! :)
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HermeshHermesh 8 years ago
After tart start evolves powdery, vanilly & fruity. The delicate herbal tartness restrains the sweetness well.
Self-confident and mature.
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