Very Valentino 1998 Eau de Toilette

Very Valentino (Eau de Toilette) by Valentino
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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8.9 / 10 9 Ratings
Very Valentino (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Valentino for women and was released in 1998. The scent is floral-powdery. The longevity is above-average. It was last marketed by Unilever.
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Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Very Valentino (Eau de Parfum) by Valentino, which differs in concentration.
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Something mainstream to bite into!
Hello hello! once again I am here, sit down at the computer and finger the keyboard (okay... I should rather express it differently... :D) and write down a scent impression of me. Today it's about the EDT version of Very Valentino, which was already described in his EDP version a few days ago.

As already written at the EDP, I got the sample of the fragrance from a perfuma, which seems to love this fragrance more than anything else and therefore forced it on me, with the threat that I should love the fragrance more than anything else too, tssss... :DD

Since I already described the EDP, I can already say that Very Valentino turned out very nice in general. With EDPs and EDTs you might expect rather few differences, but sometimes such differences can be more obvious than you might expect. So it makes sense that I describe practically the same scent here, so I hope you're not too bored and read this commi :)
And in case you don't read it after all, then it's definitely due to the new heat wave after the short-term cooling! D

And here we go!

The smell:
The scent starts almost exactly like the EDP, so at the beginning you can smell fresh scents like lemon and tangerine, plus green and tart scents, which probably come from tarragon, and a light peppery spice. In addition there are floral-sweetish scents, which mainly come from the powdery and soft violets. Probably you can still smell lily of the valley, but I really suck when it comes to flowers :D
In any event, I would still say that the EDT's impact is generally much higher here than with the EDP.
As already written in the EDP, the peppery notes mentioned here turn out to be woody notes, which are a bit "spicy", but also work very well with the sweet floral scents. This fragrance also has a very nice amber-musk combination, where the amber is better smelling than the musk. You can smell this combination from the beginning, but it seems to really turn up from the heart note on. I also like the rosemary, which is not very strong, but you can smell it when you smell it closely and it fits the fragrance very well. In contrast to EDP, this is also a clear difference, as I couldn't really sniff the rosemary at all with EDP.
In the base it stays basically the same and the scent doesn't really change much anymore. You can still smell a nice mix of amber and musk, maybe with a little bit of vanilla at the end. All in all a very nice scent and because of the better sillage and durability I think it is also the much better scent compared to EDP.

The Sillage and the durability:
The Sillage is quite ok, so you are definitely wrapped in a nice scent cloud that can be smelled for a while. By the way, the sillage of the EDT is much stronger here than the EDP. It has a shelf life of a little more than eight hours, and most of the time it has a fairly constant, intense scent and does not weaken as fast as the EDP does.

The bottle! The bottle is rectangular and has a slightly curved base. The EDT bottle's label is grey and filled, while the trapezoidal cap is milky as usual. All in all, a beautiful flacon.

Soo guys, that was the EDT version of Very Valentino. As already written in the EDP, the differences may not be soo big olfactorically, but there are still some, and I'm not just talking about the much stronger sillage, which is the most noticeable between the two fragrances.

No, I even find this fragrance slightly more complex and full-bodied, because you can smell a few more scents than with EDP. Rosemary is a good example of this, as I didn't notice this herbaceous scent at all with EDP. Apart from that, some scents are more intense here, especially the amber and musk mix. The fragrance also seemed a little spicier to me.

What is nice is that the fragrance is an all-rounder, so you can use it on both hot and cold days. Also as "intended use" it is versatile, from daily use to biting... uh... I meant for going out of course :D

So, if I had the choice, I would always go for the EDT, because I simply find it better and more beautiful than the EDP. Another good reason is of course the sillage and durability, which has been greatly improved with the EDT. Otherwise I recommend to test it with beautiful scents as always. The question is, if you can still find this scent somewhere...

Anyway, that's it. Have a good evening to you all, and see you next time :)
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