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Mint, in all her glory

Mint, in all her glory 1 year ago

I am a mint fan, I smelled a lot of minty fragrances and I want one.
I am trying to figure out which one, so, hit me with all you minty suggestions!

I don't discriminate between designers/niche/artisanal and the like, but ideally I'd like something where mint is the main star (and bonus points if there is no citrus).
That's it! Thanks for your suggestions and ideas!

1 year ago 1

I enjoy mint too. Series 5: Sherbet - PeppermintSeries 5: Sherbet - Peppermint and Menthe FraîcheMenthe Fraîche are mint bombs and don't have much citrus IIRC. For a sweeter mint you can try Saint JulepSaint Julep.

1 year ago 1

Here are a few ideas from my side:

Menthe FraîcheMenthe Fraîche is a must-try for mint lovers. Too hardcore mint or me personally

Roadster (Eau de Toilette)Roadster Eau de Toilette and Roadster Sport (Eau de Toilette)Roadster Sport Eau de Toilette have a sharp mint note in a generally fresh setting

"Tindrer | Baruti" is something different. peppermint and violet - an odd combination, but it works for me

Guerlain Homme (Eau de Parfum)Guerlain Homme Eau de Parfum combines mint with florals and patchouli - some people claim it smells like mojito drinks

Geranium pour MonsieurGeranium pour Monsieur for a classical geranium with magnified minty tones

1 year ago

Thank you both for the suggestions, I am already a Menthe Fraiche fan, now I will definetely check the rest out!

1 year ago 1


FlorabotanicaFlorabotanica- it's very wearable!

if you don't mind the high price tag: "Les Heures Voyageuses - Oud & Menthe | Cartier" Spearmint+oud. Period.

12 months ago 1

My personal favorite is Mentha Religiosa by Roos & Roos. A masterpiece !

11 months ago

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain is lovely and smooth. Tender and yet refreshing 🙂

11 months ago
11 months ago 1

2# Nota di Viaggio (Shukran…)2# Nota di Viaggio (Shukran…) - breathtaking mint there!

Force / EquilibriumForce - quite heavy, but fresh at the same time, very interesting pick imo

11 months ago

I tried the Meo Fusciuni one and was quite taken with it!  Since it's not super super cheap I was wondering if it lasted at least a little bit but I have to say it did impress me! I will take a look at all the other suggestions, thanks!!

10 months ago

You Or Someone Like You - Etat Libre d'Orange

It's one of the most realistic mint notes in the market.

7 months ago

You could try some obvious mint hughlights such as

"Join The Club - Torino21 | XerJoff"

"XJ 1861 Renaissance | XerJoff"

Acqua DecimaAcqua Decima

but there are some non-obvious ones for picking up your bonus points


Beach Hut ManBeach Hut Man

I-III Russian TeaI-III Russian Tea

7 months ago


One of the most intense mint scents I've ever tried.

7 months ago

SedleySedley from PDM has a very prominent spearmint to it. I love it.

Another with a nice sweet peppermint with some other amazing notes along side it is Slut ÉlixirSlut Élixir which is one of my scents of the year. It’s gorgeous from the house of Aaron Terence Hughes.

You said you like designer also so it would be a shame to miss out the Eros (Eau de Toilette)Eros Eau de Toilette line including the flame flanker.

7 months ago
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