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If you had to get rid of a fragrance which would it be?

If you had to get rid of a fragrance which would it be? 26 days ago 2

I see a lot of people discuss if they could only have one fragrance for the rest of their life which would it be. Please read until the end because there is more to this decision than the topic title suggests *Mitcraft laughs wickedly “Waha ha ha ha!”

Ok, now the theatrics are over with 😆 let’s get down to it.

I am interested in looking at it from another perspective. What if, for you to be able to keep the rest of your fragrances, you had to get rid of one forever. So once it’s gone you will never be able to smell it on anyone else, or own it again and has to be one from your current collection. Keep reading..

I thought this would be an easy Club de Nuit Intense Man (Eau de Toilette)Club de Nuit Intense Man Eau de Toilette

because there are so many clones of it I could just get another.

So, with that thought I am going to add another rule to this game. If you pick a fragrance that has clones of it then you can’t have any of the clones to replace it either. This means that the choice is more important because you can’t simply replace it with a clone and you can’t smell it ever again. Whatever you pick you will never smell anything like it again. This makes things a little more interesting right? So take your time and think carefully about which you decide to remove for your life for good. With this thought I decided to add flankers that smell almost identical such as the YSL Y EDT and the EDP because they are so similar it’s pretty much the same smell at a different strength. Flankers that smell nothing alike are fine such as if you were to remove 1 million Lucky because it smells nothing like the other 1 million fragrances. I know I am making this difficult and that is the point to make your decision a thoughtful one.

It also should be a full bottle, I don’t mean the bottle has to be full of fragrance but rather a bottle you purchased or at least a decent sized decant rather than a free sample that you have received so that it is something you have spent some decent money on rather than a freebie so that the choice has some value tied to it. This removes what would have been my next choice being Vicious CacaoVicious Cacao

After some thought I sprayed something that i indeed paid money for but have rarely ever worn and there is a bit of a hard choice here because it really is unique and stands out from my collection and smelling it every now and again just for the opening is nice. I just don’t want to wear it fully. It’s not something I would spray on myself and go out with it on with confidence of smelling like an orange sherbet. If I were younger I may make a different decision but I think I am going to have to go with Boss Man / Boss Orange Man (Eau de Toilette)Boss Man Eau de Toilette and this is really hard to decide with the set of rules I have imposed on not only others, but myself also.

I look at my collection and thought of saying Versace Man Eau Fraîche (Eau de Toilette)Versace Man Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette

Because I own Light Blue pour Homme Eau IntenseLight Blue pour Homme Eau Intense

But I see that as cheating, and I want to take away the ability of making it something easy to replace as that is the point of this topic , to really challenge ourselves in to deciding on a smell we will never experience again.

As I take one last smell of Boss Man / Boss Orange Man (Eau de Toilette)Boss Man Eau de Toilette

That is my answer.

I actually think this was harder than answering what would be my fragrance for life because in those posts you know your favourite and don’t really think about the ones you would never smell again, you just know instantly, this is my favourite and I would keep it. Here I am making you think about those that you would lose to be allowed to keep you favourites. So i hope my intentions from this topic translate well and people feel the difficulty in the choice they have to make like I did.

24 days ago 2
MFK Baccarat Rouge 540
24 days ago 1

The fun choice is to get rid of whatever my boss at my old job wore that we had to petition to get him to stop wearing since he was an oversprayer. But for something I own and enjoy maybe Replica - On A DateReplica - On A Date. I considered buying a full size, love the scent, but i find that i keep reaching for other scents over this.

24 days ago 1

Easy choice for me; I wouldn't miss The Scent by Hugo Boss at all. I dig the bottle but never see a situation where I'd reach for it over another fragrance.

23 days ago 2

Amarige (Eau de Toilette)Amarige Eau de Toilette This is something I've tried to love, many times spraying it, thinking: I bought it, so now I must love it for heaven's sake! And then I feel awful wearing the scent. Don't know about clones, but whatever comes even close to this scent, I detest!

Sorry to those who love's just me...🙃...

18 days ago 1

Dior Sauvage. I just grew tired of that scent. It is incredibly annoying to smell it on nearly every second teenage boy and young adult man. Yes the scent is crowd pleasing and has a good longevity but it’s just so annoying. It’s bland, it’s boring and it’s bloody everywhere. It’s the white air force shoe of the fragrances. No personality behind it at all.

15 days ago

Un Paseo por Madrid - MayritUn Paseo por Madrid - Mayrit - I saw a review, let myself be influenced and I regret buying it ever since.

Shalimar Millésime TonkaShalimar Millésime Tonka - I can't stand almond notes.

14 days ago


13 days ago

Would hate to get rid of anything at this point, but Brioni EDP would go. It's nice.

6 days ago

There is one fragrance I have and I never wear but can't manage to get rid of, so I guess it would be this one...

Al OudhAl Oudh

A beautiful creation, nonetheless! 😉

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