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Sth for everyday use, with good longetivity and projection.

Sth for everyday use, with good longetivity and projection. 9 months ago

I am a 15 year old and I am currently looking for a fragrance to wear when at school that has a pleasant not agressive smell and is noticable but not pushy. Right now my favorite fragrance is Acqua di Gio Profondo, but it is not too good for fall/ winter. Can someone reccomend something that doesn't cost much more than $100 but isn't too cheap either?

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Sauvage ElixirSauvage Elixir would be a great fall/winter mass-pleasing pick. It's a bit strong, so if it is a bit too pushy for you, I'd suggest Brioni (Eau de Parfum) (2021)Brioni (2021) Eau de Parfum. Woody/freshie with violet to tone down the ambrox/ozonic notes. Also has a bit of sweet apple so makes it work well for the colder months. You can find Brioni for like $50 online which is an absolute steal for such a high quality frag.

9 months ago

A popular fragrance with good performance at the moment is Hawas for HimHawas for Him

It will work in cold weather no problem with its strength and great longevity.

Eros FlameEros Flame is a nice fragrance popular with your age group and above. There are the regular Eros (Eau de Toilette)Eros Eau de Toilette that also come in EDP & Parfum

A very popular one also from Versace is Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue (Eau de Toilette)Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue Eau de Toilette

You could try something from The Most Wanted line by Azzaro like The Most Wanted ParfumThe Most Wanted Parfum or Wanted by NightWanted by Night

You could also look in to the Spicebomb fragrances from Viktor & Rolf who just brought out a new version of Infrared Spicebomb Infrared (Eau de Parfum)Spicebomb Infrared Eau de Parfum or there is the very popular Spicebomb ExtremeSpicebomb Extreme

You could look in to Y (Eau de Parfum)Y Eau de Parfum i got a bad batch but most people get good performance from it and would be good for your age group.
All of those are within your price range and would be good for school.

7 months ago

"Emporio Armani - Stronger With You Intensely | Giorgio Armani" definitly for the winter and fall and your "Acqua di Giò Profondo | Giorgio Armani" for spring and summer.

7 months ago

Here is a niche option that you can pick up for around that price range on occasion.

Intense Cedrat BoiseIntense Cedrat Boise. I feel this works great year round but shines the best in fall or spring. This projects nicely without feeling super invasive as long as you keep it to no more than a couple sprays. It has a nice fruity, vaguely incensey/smokey scent profile with some darker nuances that will stand out as unique while still being very wearable. I suggest you sample this before you buy but it's a great entry to niche and in my opinion, a very easy to love scent.

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