Al Haramain / الحرمين

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates since 1970 Pronunciation

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The fragrance label "Al Haramain" is fully committed to Oriental essences and flavors. With typical ingredients from the Middle East, the brand is a niche company that caters to an international clientele.

Al Haramain was founded in 1970 by world-renowned perfumers Francisco and Christian Carbonnel. It initially featured a range of individual fragrances. With time, the range expanded to include room fragrances, care oils, body lotions, and deodorants. In the decades of its existence, "Al Haramain" has created more than 250 different fragrances.

In the palette of fragrances, the selection ranges from a strong, distinctive woody scent to Arabian-sweet aromas. In particular, the rare and valuable eaglewood is highly prioritized in the women's, men's, and unisex fragrance collection of "Al Haramain". For the label's perfumes, eaglewood (also known as paradise wood, rosewood, or aloe wood) represents the soul of the Orient and the Arabian essence.

However, the success of "Al Haramain" is also based on the constant development of research and manufacturing processes and a truly distinguished team. This guarantees optimal customer satisfaction from the very beginning of the buying process.
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