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Interesting Facts
In the world of fragrances, cosmetics, and care products, "AXE" stands out. Although "AXE" is also considered a brand, it is a line of the British corporation "Unilever". Therefore, "AXE" does not have a single managing director or a founding date.

"AXE" first appeared in 1983, and the name is only valid in the US, Europe, and South Asia. In New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and the UK, the same products of "AXE" were sold under the name "LYNX". In total, the brand is available in over 100 countries worldwide.

For many years, the portfolio and marketing approach of "AXE" also differed from those of its competitors. "AXE" has a fixed range of skincare and styling products. The label offers deodorants, aftershave, shower gels, eau de toilette, body sprays, and roll-on deodorants. While these product groups haven't changed much in years, new and unusual flavors and fragrances are added regularly like chocolate, coffee, or leather.

Another long-term characteristic of "AXE" was to offer cosmetics and care products exclusively for men. The products should underline the good looks and ultimate confidence of every man. The first advertising slogan was "AXE is and makes sexy" also known as the "Axe effect". This only changed in 2012, when "AXE" introduced products for ladies to enjoy.

"AXE" causes a stir now and then with their advertising campaigns. They are occasionally seen as misogynistic, but they have also set new trends.
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