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Shiseido began as a small Western-style pharmacy opened by former military doctor Arinobu Fukuhara in Japan's fashion hub Ginza in 1872. When industrialization began to emerge, Fukuhara oriented himself in terms of equipment and range of products to the European pharmacies but integrated traditional recipes and centuries-old traditions of his country with everything. Innovations in the early years included, for example, the first Japanese toothpaste (1888), various vitamin preparations (1893), and special skincare products (1897).

Shiseido launched its first line of cosmetics at the beginning of the 20th century; this was influenced by a change in Japanese culture at the time. Shiseido, therefore, began opening several retail stores in 1923 and distributed its fashion magazine from 1924. When the label passed from father to son Shinzo in 1927, the latter integrated his education and expertise into the business. Further expansion of the label then included an exclusive club for loyal customers (1937) and the IPO in Tokyo (1949). Shiseido has been present in Germany since 1980.

To appeal to all target customers, the company sells its cosmetics and skincare products in various price categories. Therefore, pharmaceutical products (med. skincare, anti-aging, etc.) and food products (collagen drinks, weight reduction, etc.) can complement both beauty and well-being programs.

The products of Shiseido are available in more than 70 countries with their stores and beauty salons. They can also be found in upscale cosmetic studios and perfumeries, in-house beauty lounges in select shopping centers, as well as wellness areas of some luxury hotels.
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