Place Vendôme 2013 Eau de Toilette

Place Vendôme (Eau de Toilette) by Boucheron
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7.8 / 10 113 Ratings
Place Vendôme (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Boucheron for women and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes YuzuYuzu OsmanthusOsmanthus PeonyPeony
Heart Notes Heart Notes RoseRose IrisIris JasmineJasmine
Base Notes Base Notes White muskWhite musk CedarCedar


7.8113 Ratings
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Placea Vendomica D12


With whom?
The remedy is used in cases of acute depression, spring tiredness, weariness with highly fragrant addictive substances, early phases of depression, unsatisfied romance, midlife crisis, negative attitude towards one's own sexuality or that of one's partner, and an urgent need for olfactory invisibility
Where it works:
The main point of attack of Placea Vendomica is generally the olfactory centre, i.e. the areas in the brain that are related to the sense of smell. Primary olfactory centers are the endpoints of the 1st neuron of the olfactory tract, secondary olfactory centers are the Substantia perforata, the mammillary bodies as well as the Trigonum olfactorium and the Gyrus subcallosus. Tertiary olfactory centre (and olfactory centre i.e.S.) are the centres of the secondary olfactory bark at the end of the olfactory tract in the hippocampal area.

At what age?
The perfume can be used in case of complaints and is not tied to a specific age group. However, the relevant conditions tend to occur from middle age onwards.


Placea Vendomica are delicately stringed women or strong such who need a break from the hustle and bustle. There is an urgent desire for olfactory innocence up to abstinence. Placea Vendomica finds it difficult to cope with strong and expressive fragrances and longs for odour neutrality. Placea Vendomica is defined by delicate pastel and rosé tones, floral patterns, dots and, in rare cases, bohemian style. The appearance of the Placea Vendomica is neat to playful, never provocative or aggressive. In old age, Placea Vendomica remains girlish, playful and romantic, sometimes just missing the absurdity.


In order to perceive Placea vendomica in the olfactory center, a strong imagination is necessary. And this is exactly where this remedy comes in - before it can be recognized as a fragrance and unfold its effect, it promotes the flexibility of the arms and neck, deep, slow breathing and the entire imagination. In this way it causes the permanent saturation of the brain with oxygen and promotes imaginative, creative thinking in all its phases - incubation, illumination and verification.

+ Improvement: encouragement, soft eroticism, natural yogurt, warmth, tart, wildflower bouquet, rosé wine, light food, purring cat, debussy, fruit cake, hay baths, salad, ASMR, ballet

- Deterioration: cold, heat, garlic, coitus, meat, metallica, chocolate, lacquer and leather, plain text, fire, thunderstorm, adrenaline, street dance

Dosage: In acute cases 3 sprays per hour. In the further course morning, midday and evening each 6 sprays
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Falling in love and out again...
Yuzu always makes me fall in love at first sniff with a perfume. Osmanthus, on the other hand, as much as I appreciate the natural smell, is a tricky note in perfumes for me, like freesia. So, it wasn't perhaps really surprising that my affair with Boucheron Place Vendome EDT remained a short one: Fell in love with the slightly sugar-coated yuzu opening, the floral bouquet très chic and very French, so dreamily romantic and delicate--not only peony and rose, but jasmine and osmanthus altogether seem to have been gently dusted with a rose-coloured powder. A more eloquent person would paint the imagery this perfume evokes in richer words than myself, so I will not attempt further.
For a while, I was floating on the luminous, rosy cloud of sweet powder--and fell down when the musk began to grow larger and larger, covering the light and taking out the air, heavily laden with the powdery sweetness now threatening to cause headaches. And of course, osmanthus had emerged, adding a high-pitched tone to the overall fizziness in the base which I suspect to be Iso E Super, judging from its nose-tickling quality. It is categorised as "a woody citrus floral" on the Boucheron website, and I seem not to be the only one being reminded of Light Blue, also because of the basenote.

It remains a very chic and feminine fragrance, like a pair of intricate silver studs with rose quartz, requiring a certain fashion and occasion to be worn with; whatever the base components are, they lend this perfume a very bright 'fizz' and effervescence despite its warm and earthy powderiness, making this an adequate choice for young ladies who wish to smell mature and elegant and yet, retain a certain youthfulness*.
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