Éclats d'Amandes 2019

Éclats d'Amandes by Comptoir Sud Pacifique
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7.5 / 10 65 Ratings
Éclats d'Amandes is a perfume by Comptoir Sud Pacifique for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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AlmondAlmond CinnamonCinnamon
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Tonka beanTonka bean CedarCedar
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Tonka beanTonka bean SandalwoodSandalwood MuskMusk


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Dazzle of cinnamon
Like most CSP fragrances, this is simple and sweet and doesn't change much from start to finish. It's a grainy, doughy almond scent that reminds me of marzipan or cookie dough. There is a big load of cinnamon in this, too, which gives the scent a hot and spicy character. Tonka binds the almond and cinnamon together, so everything is smoothly blended.

I actually think this should rather be called Éclats de Cannelle. Not only is the cinnamon even stronger than the almond, it's also the more sparkling and lively note here.

This is a very warm, intense fragrance. In my opinion it would work best for autumn and winter, especially Christmas time. Cinnamon, cookies and marzipan just scream Christmas to me.

A nice scent, but I usually prefer my gourmands to be a little more complex, so it doesn't blow me away.

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The sheen of almonds
... ...that's probably what it's supposed to be called? The glow of tonsils? Or more like slivered almonds? I am by no means an expert on French - after all, the Italian is the basis of my bread and perfume business, and isn't it true that people love EITHER French OR Italian? Well - one thing I am in any case: a great almond lover and a bit of a connoisseur of almond perfumes. Now it is time to judge this almond perfume.
Basically, you can't be angry with CPS: they can't help it. Have they ever released a fragrance that would have affected the olfactory nerves differently from an éclat d'obus, a shell splinter?
I love coconut more than anything. But do I really like Coco Extrême? I don't see how. This bomb of sweetness is not a real coconut perfume. It's just the arousal of a coconut association, by the name, the Caribbean-like bottle, the desire for coconut. Does anyone else feel like Vanilla Abricot? Vanilla Pineapple? Vanilla Pitahaya? The hated Matin Câlin? The harrowing aloe tiaré? Everything at CPS is always extreme, not just the extras. Personally, I honestly like vanilla extrême, but it's the only scent of CPS that I can stand on bitterly cold winter days.
Éclat d'Amandes, considerably more expensive than its extreme relatives, I wanted to get to know after all. Because almond perfumes are, as I said, a little hobby of mine, and I can inhale an authentic marzipan note for hours, especially when I'm on a diet again.
But what unfolds when I use the really high-quality spray head makes me recoil in horror: This is cinnamon. This is almonds. This is tonka bean. And here is more tonka bean. The whole thing is unbelievably, unbelievably sweet, it's bitter almond, but without any depth, it remains on the surface, a brutal sugar brew that can't be compared to anything in the kitchen, to any baking ingredients or gourmet pleasure: it's pure artificiality. Just as the fruit yoghurt remains identifiable by the ever-identical taste of the artificial strawberry, although it has nothing to do with strawberry, so this sweet, overwhelming scent is marzipan-amondly, without the slightest thing to do with real almond paste-dominated marzipan, and cinnamony- rather cinnamon-prone, since nothing, absolutely nothing, reminds one of the already artificially inflated roasted almonds.
In this respect, Éclat d'Amandes is a strong, unmistakable glow of almond artifice, a warning neon blue sign with the signal: "I have been invented! I do not exist! If you stuff a lot of fast food and artificial stuff into you, I might remind you of something! Be careful only if you still bake your own food or have smelled real almonds: Run as fast as you can Otherwise I'll kill you with an éclat de bombe d'amandes, a real almond bomb splinter! Don't do this to yourself unless you have to Because... ...I'll last And I have a real éclat de bombe-Sillage! I'm afraid there's really nothing more to add.


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