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Miss Dior (Eau de Toilette Originale) by Dior
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Top 60 in Women's Perfume
8.7 / 10 119 Ratings
Miss Dior (Eau de Toilette Originale) is a popular perfume by Dior for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is chypreartig-floral. It is being marketed by LVMH.
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Submitted by Profuma, last update on 20.03.2023.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Miss Dior (Extrait de Parfum Original) by Dior, which differs in concentration.
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9 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 47  
CoViD comments, thirteenth piece: We are Miss!
It does not require any visionary skills, but only a glance at the score awarded to realize that I am enthusiastic about this fragrance and an enthusiastic comment awaits the inclined reader. Two limitations (or rather requirements) should be added for the sake of good order: Before a laudation like the one I now intend to give, I would normally test for a number of days; in this case, I left it at two days (under slightly modified conditions) on the skin and a separate test on a cotton handkerchief (my old grey Bundeswehr times, still top of the line). In times of epidemics, abbreviated procedures apply. And the scent to be celebrated here was bought by me here in the souk, where it was offered as "Miss Dior Originale EdT", but the specimen was labeled "Miss Dior EdT Vintage", which leaves the remote possibility that I had the original 1947 original in front of my nose. But I don't really believe that, and the difference in the formula should be small anyway.

This is sent ahead: ...Miss Dior is going to be one of my very, very big old Dior's Diorella is undoubtedly already very beautiful, Diorissimo is a wonderful, beautiful lily-of-the-valley fragrance (which, however, suits Spee's wife better than me), with Dioressence it's something like this: the original perfume, which is no longer produced today, is the most beautiful, most accomplished, most perfect perfume I've ever been able to smell (thanks to a dear co-parfuma); today's is still excellent, but every time the gap to the original version hurts a little. Miss Dior, probably the first fragrance in the series, although perhaps not as perfect as Dioressence, is the one I fell in love with immediately and absolutely.

Descriptively, there is not much to add to the previous reviews, especially the very excellent one by SchatzSucher: Miss Dior opens with a wonderful, beautifully tangy, almost bitter green, which is only slightly citrusy and into which at best very delicate floral clouds of heart note rise. As already noted elsewhere, the fragrance in the overture thus resembles "Vol de Nuit", but is (although hardly less powerful) somewhat more relaxed and brighter. The heart note, which fully develops after thirty to fifty minutes, has little to do with this opening, and is anything but the rich, heavy floral bouquet that one might expect from the pyramid. We find here a really enchanting, subtle and yet unique pearly, noble shimmering, actually only slightly floral fragrance; light, cheerful, mostly champagne-silvery, sometimes colourful, here almost sparkling, there almost powdery, always fine and delicate, but only sometimes seemingly fragile (then also of elastic strength). The third phase, which is again quite clearly separated, already very close now, perhaps from the fourth to the seventh hour, is like light spicy, beige-brown, and more than just a little bit reminiscent of the archetypal masculine barber freshness.

What holds these three seemingly completely disparate phases together for me (apart from the beauty of each of the paths) is the moderate coolness of the entire fragrance's course, its anything but glaring, but nevertheless quite bright luminosity and two "leg notes" that run through the entire course; firstly, a very slight mentholy freshness and then the ultra-classical, striking, austere and yet beautiful chypre bass. Yes, I really only perceive it (on the skin) as an overtone: on fabric it dominates everything.

Above all, however, there is a soul that holds "Miss Dior" together from within despite all the dynamics of development. Miss Dior is a young fragrance in the very best sense (I almost have to think of Nietzsche or Bergson, although that is not my philosophical direction): fresh, clear, full of élan vital: tense, cheerful power. It's one of the most unsnarled and, despite its complexity, unfuzzy scents I know. Certainly Miss Dior is also a feminine fragrance (far from all the relevant clichés, it is not in the least sweet and only very moderately flowery), but in this beautiful young lady lives not only an experienced soul (so that her games do not lack seriousness and intelligence), she also has, like Niebelschützen's princess Danae, all (supposedly) masculine qualities: she knows the affairs of state and war, knows how to hold the reins and hit equally sensitively with tongue and epee.

For me, this is no contradiction: One time: This Miss Dior is a beautiful young woman, to whom I lay my heart at her feet. And yet also: We are (if not more Pope...) Miss! Miss Dior is young and feminine in a way that we all can be: A person who is not mentally aged and who does not wall himself up in a self-made image of masculinity can wear this fragrance, for whose name I naturally draw the smooth ten, regardless of sex and age; it will stand him a second skin.

Why not the ten? I am a little irritated by the sudden collapse of projection; after the very expansive Galbian opening, the second and third acts are characterized by almost erotic intimacy. And by the way, it's hard to love the absolute perfection. It is the small flaws that bring about the real perfection: when the Zen garden is perfectly clean and orderly, one lets dry old leaves blow in.
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Top Review 43  
The Little Miss Miracle
A term that has long since disappeared from the German language. Especially since nowadays nobody calls unmarried women Fräulein. In the 70's this was already smiled at and felt as antiquated.

The term "Frauleinwunder" developed in the early 50s in the USA and stood for desirable, young, modern, attractive and self-confident young women who liked to be called "Fraulein". The trigger was probably the first German Miss Germany of 1950, Susanne Erichsen, who made a big impression in the USA as a German "Fraulein" when she represented German fashion in the USA. At that time, models were still called pretty mannequins, a much nicer expression, if I may take the liberty of saying so.
And it was during this period that the original version of Miss Dior (1947) was created. This version was revised and adapted in the course of time until the current version was created, which replaced the 1947 version around 1992.
And I can confirm that this fragrance radiates a large portion of self-confidence and attractiveness and can certainly hold a candle to the "old" Miss Dior.

What a remarkable development, as if layer after layer is being removed, and in the end a radiant beauty emerges, which has literally moulted and freed itself from its various skins.
If you experience this crunchy, tart note of galbanum, which was used extensively by Miss Dior, the first time you spray it, you actually think you have sprayed a denser and potentised Vol de Nuit. It is also very green, sage also contributes to the rather tart appearance.
But this striking resemblance to Vol de Nuit only shows at the beginning, Miss Dior goes her own way quite fast.

The cool brittleness gives way quite fast and the stern and self-confident Miss Dior shows her flowery soft interior and her true sparkling splendor. Cool, sparkling, elegant and soft. Nothing is more creaky than at the beginning. The green undertone is still there, but here a cornucopia of flowers is poured out. Individual flowers are difficult to identify, I can only perceive the whole, the flowers are so densely interwoven. I mean carnation to smell out a little more.
The rough shell has been shed and a proud swan emerges and unfolds its wings.
Here Miss Dior becomes really incredibly beautiful and I have to sniff my wrist again and again to be able to follow the impressive development.
By the way, Miss is not sweet at all, but she radiates a beguiling sweetness in the heart note. And one would like to say "Kiss the hand, Miss!" And the young lady extends her hand in flattery and graciousness...
As it progresses, when it goes to the base, it gets harsher again. Eichenmoos steps onto the scene with his companions. And the glittering and radiant Miss, who has smiled so meaningful, shows herself buttoned up again, as if she was almost scared to show her true inner self. In this phase Miss seems a little more aloof again.

What would a true chypre fragrance be without this beautiful oakmoss base, which gives a fragrance of this type its character? Whether with a lot of accessories or a little more reduced. In this case, an animal companion such as ambergris has been omitted, which I think has done the fragrance a lot of good. The Dioressence, which is much more opulent, would be missing something again. Here it would be too much.
In the Miss Dior, besides oak moss, we have limited ourselves to a little labdanum and sandalwood, patchouli has been used very sparingly, you can't smell it clearly.

Yeah, what can I say? Another classic chypre fragrance that I have (re-)discovered for myself and which is again different from its competitors due to its reservedness.
To me, that fragrance is the real Miss Dior. The fragrances released under this name in the 2000s and 2010s have nothing in common with this cool elegance from another time, even if they have their followers.
Miss Dior Originale is a timeless fragrance that you should get to know, as it stands out beautifully from the mass market standard with its diversity, its unobtrusiveness and its pleasant presence.
It is very good as a daytime scent in the office, it is a nice leisure companion and in the evening for nice occasions one is also very well advised with Miss Dior.
The shelf life is very good at around 8 hours, the fragrance does not draw a huge veil of scent.
For the flacon, the design with the dog-tooth check has been retained, and it has not been given a band, but the pattern has been embossed into the glass, which I think is very successful. Simple and elegant.
And Miss can also function on confident gentlemen.

Due to the versatile development Miss Dior Originale is a real Miss Miracle for me and has been standing unjustly in the shadows for years.
The chypride journey will continue....
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Top Review 29  
Strandhafer (an idyll in 4 acts)
1. Part (Part 2 under the EdP)
On her fortune cookie, which she had received after eating at the
only Asian on the island, it said one day:
"You can be only one person to the world, but to one
Person mean the whole world".
The note ended up in the wastebasket outside Hansen's Bakery.

She was, after all, a pragmatic person. Since her
Divorce a few years ago, she had not once
once about a new relationship. She had on this island in the North Sea was glad that she had inherited the small house with the blue wood
balcony had inherited. It was quite enough for her and her
Son Jan, who went to the fourth grade of the only school
on the island. Besides, it was steadily going up in value,
for it was not far from the beach in a quiet,
little lane. Things were not going well with Jan at school,
every few weeks she had to have a talk with the
Class teacher because he was supposedly neither fitting into the community
community nor showed any serious interest in
Class. She tried - often successfully - to alleviate the
Worries she had about him. For
for her work she needed a clear head.
Well, that was at least half true. She was a freelance journalist freelance journalist for various women's magazines and
got by quite well. Even though the job.. more and more like routine. She knew exactly what what the editors wanted and delivered it. If her
everything seemed too much like a pattern, she consoled
she consoled herself with the thought of her first novel which she had recently begun And above all - she just went for an hour or two
walk on the beach.
So she did today, on this slightly overcast but
dry day.

The wind blew out into the sea from the land.
She walked barefoot right on the edge where the waves
after breaking in the sand, arched into smooth,
light brown shining, very ephemeral lakes
transformed, at their end leaving even more ephemeral foam
leaving behind. Gull cries filled the air,
the crashing of the waves sounded like an endless melody.. that was soft and rough at the same time. The cold North Sea water
played with her feet, the fine brown sand seemed to hold her
as the waves receded, as if
as if to give her more traction.
She had often toyed with the idea of
selling the house at the moment she could get a good price for it.
And if they moved to Hamburg, everything would be
easier, faster, more direct. And certainly better for
Jan, because in the city there were other standards for a boy in his situation for a boy in his situation. She wouldn't need a real estate agent she would not need, just a sign in the garden -
that had also been enough at Buettner's a few houses
up the marsh walk up, after not even 2 weeks was a buyer
Suddenly she felt something hard and smooth on her foot.
She lowered her gaze from the horizon down into the sand
and saw a green glass bottle, clean and without a label.
She picked it up, something rattling inside. It was
a small glass tube that looked most like a perfume
sample. She decided to take the bottle with her.. and examine it more closely at home.

It was indeed a small perfume sample, crystal clear and
completely unlabelled.
She was not a particular perfume lover,
but every now and then she would treat herself to a spray of one
of the perfumes that had been given to her by various
people From various people - three or four flacons
were there, which looked quite good
on the shelf in front of the mirror in the bathroom did quite well.
She would give this found fragrance a try, why not?
What was going to happen?
She carefully put two sprays on her wrist.
The first thing she perceived was a friendly, serious,
light green note that seemed freshened
by a little lemon seemed. Immediately, the green became richer, deeper and denser,
and got supplemented by a slightly spicy touch
an even more tart, almost weather-beaten character.
It reminded her of someone whom one finds sympathetic,
but whom one would not, after all, approach without further ado.
Friendly, but firm, almost unwavering. Yes, this
Friendliness was now more evident, warm-soft, somewhat
powdery, perhaps slightly floral smelled now.
Like a discreet piece of jewelry, classy but not loud.
How beautiful such a perfume can be, she thought.
The next day, she repeated her test. And was
directly thrilled, the opening came to her now already like
a good old acquaintance. That tart, naturally-green
Self-confidence... The scent reminded her of someone,
but she could not grasp it, it was neither her mother
nor a friend. A teacher? No, they had never
smelled of anything, at most of sweat and
Austerity. That was here also to a certain Quentchen -
but it was a wonderful, helpful.. that you could confide in, if you felt like it if you felt like it.
She made a note of these fanciful flowers which the fragrance in her
as she usually did with associations.. and phrases that came to her. Who knows? maybe that would be sometime usable for a
Article. Or your novel.
On the third day, she enjoyed the scent even more.
Can you fall in love with a perfume, she noted to herself.
What struck her even more now was the soft-powdery,
even something noble-woody, which radiated so much warmth,
still there appeared green-herb shimmering little clouds
with that certain seriousness, but she sensed behind them
a benevolent force that knew what it wanted.
Conveying a sense of feasibility, she noted,
of the practicability of even more unusual paths.
Sure, it smelled like flowers, too, but they weren't,
that a man gave you. They were the kind you gave maybe to a man, maybe to a woman.. a woman, to wrap her around your finger.
More and more came to her mind about this fragrance.
Still, not everything could be put into exact words.
This bewildering basket of flowers and herbs, which reminded her
reminded her of a weekly market, but at the same time
a certain bitterness, which yet had nothing of bitterness
had, because it was embedded in more comforting aspects.
A certain unpredictability, even renitence was there,
that particularly fascinated her.
And then she realized how little there was left
in the little tube.
A hot horror came over her.
She didn't know the name of the perfume or anything else anything.
What to do?
By all means, pick up the rest. And maybe ask someone
Mrs. Scherringer's little shop came to mind, just a
a few streets away. There was almost everything, not only food
but also some drugstore products like shaving cream and
even a few fragrances.
Not twenty minutes later, she was already standing in the store
and held out her arm for Mrs. Scherringer to sniff.
"So 100% I can't say..." began Ms.
Scherringer, "but one thing I think is very likely..."
She made a mysterious face.
"That the scent is from Paris. As distinguished as it smells,
it can only be from there..."
"Well, thank you, that helps me a bit..."

(the second part you can find under Miss Dior ESPRIT de Parfum,
the fragrances seem very similar to me)
Sorry for the length!
17 Replies
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Top Review 26  
reminded of a television show
"...a man who has tried to create an exuberant, flowery world."
These are the words that end the documentary "Die Zeichnungen von Christian Dior", which ARTE broadcast yesterday evening.
Actually for my habits a bit too late, but the appeal that these traditional fashion houses and their stories still exert on me outweighed: I was not disappointed!

Christian Dior's drawings, which had been locked in a secret archive for decades, were presented to former employees and fashion historians, among others, who commented on them after the first amazement had settled over this unknown treasure.
And they told of their time at the fashion house Christian Dior; a 93-year-old, very elegant and still very chic lady had even worked with the great master from 1951 until his death in October 1957. What could she report!
I was particularly interested in this look behind the scenes, because a few years ago I had seen the cinema documentary "Dior and I".
She, too, led the inner life of the company after Belgian industrial and fashion designer Raf Simons succeeded John Galliano as artistic director in 2012.
Not a very happy relationship: when the designer changes from "Prês-à-Porter" to Haute Couture and is unaware that the wishes of a customer who buys two collections every year for more than 500,000 euros each are in front of her.
The chief directrice has to fly to New York to change the wardrobe.
Even if M. Simons has his first cuts transferred to fabric and tried out.
Raf Simons then moved to Calvin Klein in New York in 2015. There he probably has a lucky hand, as in this, basically still according to the ideas of Christian Dior managed traditional company.

As early as February 1947, Christian Dior presented his first own fashion collection, which Harper's Bazaar (already an institution at that time) called "New Look" for the first time in an article Both the drawings and the models shown in the film still have their own charm today.
The "A", "H" and/or "Y" line adapts to every figure: here the woman is still quite a woman!
Christian Dior, "the tender man with great business sense", presented with it, as a kind of "counterrevolution" against the fashion of Mademoiselle Chanel, a theatrical and also provocative fashion, mostly still made of dyed parachute silk.
"Europe has had enough of bombs; it wanted fireworks" were his words.

In the same year Christian Dior presented his perfume "Miss Dior" as the last proof of the return of opulence.
He wanted to seduce his customers with this fragrance, because he considered it to be an indispensable complement to the female personality, the "final touch of a dress".
"Miss Dior" was intended to evoke "the scents of evenings in Provence", "where fireflies buzz and the green jasmine forms the counterpoint to the melody of the night and the earth". (OT: Christian Dior)
Paul Vacher thus created for him a fragrance full of contrasts: fresh notes with a warm heart.
At that time it was called "a green chypre scent with an animal echo".
(All these historical statements can be found in various publications about M. Dior.)

If you still own one of the original flacons today, you will truly own a treasure.
Who knows, perhaps a forgotten specimen is still slumbering in an attic or cellar.
I "only" have the eau de toilette (original) of "Miss Dior", which I had really forgotten until last night I thought about the TV documentary I saw.

And already this is a treasure that does not deny its opulence, but presents it full and sensual on the skin with amazing fullness and durability.
Right in advance: all "opponents" of Eichemoos should avoid this "Miss Dior"!
For its earthy heaviness is the basis of this work of art, which permeates the entire course of fragrance.
This is probably the reason why I don't find gardenia as disturbing as it might otherwise be.
Because of course it is also generously available, but has to deal with bergamot and - very amazing! - herby-spicy sage the first appearance.
Thus, the wort already occurs before Galbanum's resin note is added.
Even with the Eau de Toilette this is already a huge scent explosion!
At home, the now almost wasteful flowering dream remains: there are no exotic plants, but garden plants such as narcissus and the "ordinary" spicy carnation, the heavily scented large-flowered jasmine and, of course, the noble rose.
The only exception here is Neroli, the oil that makes the soul smile. - And the soul really smiles here!
All this beauty is stored unmistakably on spicy oakmoss.
Generously golden-glowing patchouli and sensual sandalwood are added and this fragrance composition is crowned by the resin of the cistus rose, the smoky Labdanum!

The result is a scented painting that is almost devotional: a little old-fashioned perhaps in its opulence, but still spectacular in effect and radiance!
With this almost original "Miss Dior" the house Christian Dior appreciates the femininity full of devotion and felt almost awesome!
Here is nothing with "unisex"; feminine sensuality rules the world of fragrance!

Since yesterday evening I have been wondering how I overlooked the little grey-white box with the square bottle for so long; it is in the middle of my fragrance collection!
I'm a little ashamed of it, but I'm doubly glad that I saw this TV documentary and was reminded of a dream scent, which for so long led a kind of "Cinderella" existence with me.
Fortunately, it is not too late to enjoy a good portion of fragrance today
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Top Review 30  
Aunt Rita
Aunt Rita was my favorite aunt. Actually, she wasn't even my aunt, she was my mother's aunt. But I also said aunt to her, it was easier. She was the youngest of 6 sisters in total.

Aunt Rita loved me and I loved her. She was always open-minded and occupied with me. We played, she taught me songs and funny sayings and ran around the apartment with me. From the age of about 3 or 4 years I also stayed overnight with her from time to time. I was never homesick, but a downer was a large crucifix above her bed, from which my "dear Lord Jesus" suffered too realistically for my childish taste. I couldn't take it at the time. Aunt Rita didn't torch long, hung the cross and hid it under the bed for the time of my visit - problem solved. In the dark I would not have been able to see it anyway, but she took my feelings seriously and wanted me to feel comfortable with her.

Yeah, and Aunt Rita's perfume was Miss Dior. Of course, I didn't know that at the time, I only perceived the scent. For me, Miss Dior is a predominantly green perfume with a great radiance and a slight chypre touch. I say easily because this one is soft and warm for me and in no way strict. Patchouli, for example, I hardly notice. But I think I smell a little musk, which the pyramid doesn't give off. The fragrance is unmistakable, in retrospect I think I once saw a vintage bottle with a black and white dog-tooth pattern on her.

So for me there is no doubt - Aunt Rita wore Miss Dior and it fitted her personality wonderfully.
Today I wear it and think of them and times long past.
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2 short views on the fragrance
KuraiKurai 2 years ago
Opens a bit dusty, dull. Once it warms up, it turns into a beautiful moss-patch-labdanum based scent. Subtle development, gentle projection
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Jazzy76Jazzy76 4 years ago
The New look in a fragrance: chypre, sophisticated, almost androginous. A milestone of perfumery for a very classy woman.Wonderful sillage
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