Antihéros by Etat Libre d'Orange
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Antihéros is a perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange for women and men and was released in 2006. The scent is woody-fresh. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Clean and light. Soaring in fact.
This is like a photorealist painting of lavender in a modern art gallery. Like a simile of it without being it. There is a clean minty camphorous note with a sweeter undertone of an almost caramellic nature. A massive dose of a soaring aldehyde, warm woods. None of the mud of real lavender. There is a really clean and cold draft going on. Like a huge empty space. Definitely minty. Something softer and mossier, greenish leafy sharp. Maybe galbanum but a mere jot. Then there is a musky softness like clean laundry, almost citrus in it's nature. Softening from lemon to bitter oranges. A creaminess about the underneath like clean freshly laundered soft sheets that have been sprayed with lavender and then ironed over with the edge of the metal iron crisping it to sharp. Yet the cotton is the best and softest Egyptian cotton.

Really very nice and bright. Quite unexpectedly so. Crispy, clean and office suitable. Not my normal like but I love it.
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Mr Neat
Antihéros really is a great lavender. It starts with a pungent grassy lavender, very invigorating, like the essential oil with the addition of green woods (if there is something like that) and maybe fresh cut hay. I feel this lavender instead of being the relaxing type, clears the mind and wakes the senses.

The raw lavender note morphs into something wonderful. Antihéros becomes a linear fragance then that is frankly a pleasure to wear. It is a softer lavender, keeping its aromatic, balsamic aspects, but doesnt feel as piercing as others i have smelled. Like a superfine soap. It reminds me to the opening in Dior Homme. There, the lavender overlaying the iris is very ephemeral, but in Antihéros the effect of a powdery lavender lasts all the time. I am not sure if it contains any orris, but there is a familiar polished butteriness. As for the woods, this are dusty and soft (no "radiant" aromachemicals) The key, i think, is the type of musk used for the base: clean, bordering to the laundry softener, that, believe me, is genius in here. Its neutrality is deliberate.

The sillage is moderate, but the scent is light, unintrusive and classy. I see it as a great day perfume.

Antihéros is a refined and solicitous fragance, unapologetic about its functional spirit (clean, fresh) and assertive elegance. This house surprise me with the outstanding quality of the fragances i have tried so far, and in this case proves they can make an interesting, different version of an overlooked, underestimated genre.
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BielwenassBielwenass 3 years ago
Clean pure lavender with poor longevity.
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