True Lust - Rayon Violet de ses Yeux 2015

True Lust - Rayon Violet de ses Yeux by Etat Libre d'Orange
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True Lust - Rayon Violet de ses Yeux is a perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange for women and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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RumRum CoconutCoconut JasmineJasmine Rice powderRice powder SandalwoodSandalwood VioletViolet AmberAmber Animalic notesAnimalic notes LeatherLeather Lily of the valleyLily of the valley Osmanthus absoluteOsmanthus absolute Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang GingerGinger Rose absoluteRose absolute TangerineTangerine
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Am I a lecher??? Say it!!! Or wait... don't say it!
Hey guys, welcome to a new comment from me! Yeah... the title says it all, doesn't it? I bet that's what you always think of me when I call perfumes or women generally biteable; I write things like that I like to see beautiful legs in short skirts or complain about bikini tops slipping in the sea at the exact moment when I lose my glasses in the water (or have no contact lenses) and miss the surely great sight,... *sigh*

And my justifications that I'm still single (and I've been single for over 800 years! I'm as old as Yoda!!!) and that's why I'm allowed to look behind one more times only make you crazy women angry more... *again sigh* And yes, I look short from time to time, but I don't stare, there's a difference! D

And then... yes... and then I'm here to comment on a scent... which is called TRUE JOY?"? Are you kidding me??? Do you know what kind of pictures might appear in my head if I think about them for a while? Do you know how much I have to hold myself back in order not to freak out on the name that translates as True Lust or Desire? Do you know how mean you're all being? :D

Tsss,... I suffer here, in which I must describe such smells, and you laugh at one another and call me a newt (and that, where you are all anyway possibly even more dirty than I will ever be!!)... if that is not mean...! All right, before I get all excited, I'd better get to the sensual commentary... uh... yes...

The fragrance:
In the beginning, the fragrance smells sweetly powdery, reminiscent of fragrances such as Dior Homme and lipstick or make-up. So it's so obvious that I'm now thinking of red painted female lips that leave these kiss marks everywhere (except on me of course), arrggh!
This powdery sweetness are the violets that just smell very nice, but there are many more floral scents. The sweeter ones should come from the lily of the valley, as well as some jasmine. In the background, the fragrance smells slightly herbaceous-tart, but only if you sniff at the sprayed spot.
I also notice roses, but they are really weak. The rum is already stronger there, but doesn't seem to last too long, which is a pity, as it came across very nice in combination with the sweet and powdery floral notes.
A little later, leather notes come into play. Of course, one would like to allow oneself some variety and roams with it to the lacquer and leather over, .... argh.... you see, why I constantly get indecent thoughts? No wonder, with such scents!! :D
And on top of that, there are also animal notes, of course... tsss,... But you only smell them a little, and if they weren't in the fragrance pyramid, I wouldn't have thought of them at all.
Anyway, the fragrance later continues to smell of sweetish powdery scents with slightly bitter notes (which now radiate a little stronger) and indeterminable flowers, and now also of this rice powder, which radiates a slightly dry fragrance. A little later I suddenly smell citric and beautiful orange notes, weak but still smelly, which I think are great, but which I would have expected much sooner in the top note.
Very much later the fragrance continues to smell as described, only that it comes across a little bit softer as the herbaceous notes lose some of their strength and the oranges fade away again. Most of the sweet notes then seem to come from the amber. At the very end, by the way, as usual, one almost only smells the vanilla. All in all, a beautiful, powdery floral scent.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is still quite good at the beginning, but I had the feeling that the scent loses a lot of its power quite fast, so that it radiates most of the time rather mediocre, which can only be perceived better from close up. The shelf life is extremely long, because you can smell the fragrance on the sprayed area for a while the next morning, even if it is only vanilla.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, but somehow it looks as if it is triangular, since the label was applied across two sides and the bottle can always be seen with the edge of the front on pictures. The bottle is red with a purple and round label. The lid is gold plated and cylindrical. An interesting bottle that is actually simpler than it looks at second glance. Still a nice bottle.

...meanness without end *motz* *motz*
How can you say that I... oh,... ups, I'm still complaining here, but the description of the scent and the introduction are long over... he he :D

Well, the scent is quite nice, but somehow also a bit "more harmless" than you might be used to from Etat Libre. Yes, it smells thematically right, namely after makeup with a sexy charisma and after women in general, but you can only smell a handful of the many scents mentioned. But that doesn't matter, because the scent is nice anyway.

I think it's good that it not only smells sweet and powdery, because in the background it also has this bitter, almost herbaceous scent, with which it stands out a little from many other of these sugary sweet powder scents. Yes, very you, that's what you get from it when I have to comment on a fragrance called True Lust! *sigh*).

I don't think I should go into more details, because you think I'm a newt anyway and would like to keep you away from me, no!!! :(((((( Boah, now I'm sad, so a new comment will only appear after another 800 years, HA!

…. Tsss... despite what you really think about me, I still wish you heartbreakers a nice evening, until the next time then,... at some point, mu ha ha ha!
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Guccy2021Guccy2021 2 years ago
Sweet rum floral opening, after 10 minutes, faint woods + vague smoky floral on nothing. Definitely need to get close to detect.
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