Idylle Eau Sublime 2011

Idylle Eau Sublime by Guerlain
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Idylle Eau Sublime is a perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2011. The scent is floral-fruity. It was last marketed by LVMH.
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LycheeLychee RoseRose
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RoseRose JasmineJasmine PeachPeach
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Peach and rose
This Idylle flanker is much fruitier than previous versions. I would describe Idylle Eau Sublime as a peachy floral, somewhat bold and juicy in nature.

The original Idylle was bland on my skin, however the EDT was just perfect for me; light and honeyed. This fragrance sits somewhere in between the two aforementioned perfumes.

Idylle Eau Sublime opens with fresh and full-bodied rose and juicy, tropical litchi with peach. Usually when peach is blended with rose, I find that it often confuses me into thinking that I smell strong peony. Peony and I do not always get along, so there are times when Idylle Eau Sublime causes me to crinkle up my nose.

I can't say that I detected the jasmine in this composition, which was so dominant in the original Idylle. It's almost non-existant to my nose in this flanker. Perhaps this is a good thing. Rose is the Queen that wears the crown in Idylle Eau Sublime, being somewhat oily and concentrated at times.

The overall blend is sharp yet elegant. The peach also brings a subtle fizzyness to the composition which is both interesting and unique. While Idylle Eau Sublime is not for me personally, I do enjoy it far more than I did the original.

The rose accord stays strong right through to the end, where Idylle Eau Sublime concludes with an earthy and musty patchouli blend. I must also comment on the longevity which held on far longer than I thought it would, clinging even longer on fabric. I recommend Idylle Eau Sublime to lovers of peach and rose blends without hesitation. Snap this fragrance up as soon as you can, because I believe this is a limited edition.
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Fruity Musky Floral
This is the frutiest version of Idylle...
The fruits(peach&litchi) are wonderful blended with the florals (rose &jasmine)!
The perfume is sweet but not a gourmandy scent.
It lasts for eight hours plus and the dry down is very musky.
There is a resemblance to it and Narciso Rodriguez For Her because of the rose and musk but the fuity accords of peach (mostly) , make it feels more like my favorite Tresor By Lancome.
It is for romantic wear ,elegant and classy scent suitable for spring and autumn.
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