Eaglewood by House of Matriarch
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8.6 / 10 52 Ratings
Eaglewood is a popular limited perfume by House of Matriarch for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase. Limited Edition
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by ExUser, last update on 18.05.2023.
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The eagle won't land!
As a child I liked to visit my father in the office. I was allowed to take my grandfather's room so that I didn't get on his staff's nerves too much.

He wasn't alive anymore and yet everything was as untidy as if he had just left. I carry that gene inside me, too. 3 things in this room will always remain in my memory:

A bottle of alcohol with an apple on it that was unopened before I discovered it. At that time I didn't know what Calvados was, but I knew why the fill level decreased with each visit. A case of spontaneous evaporation. In the desk shop (in my eyes he had probably forfeited the protection of his personal rights) a rusty drum revolver from excavation work, probably from one of the world wars.

And a black leather-covered box that housed a used electric razor. When the box was opened, the scent was not easy to describe and found its maximum in the area of the protective grid of the rotating blades.

How do you describe a fragrance at all, for which a note should be responsible, of which only a few have a concrete idea? I don't think so. But it's worth a try.

When I received the bottling, I only smelled at the nozzle. And I repeated this process again and again at intervals of a few days. I knew from the beginning, I have smelled this fragrance impression before, only did not know where and when.

In this case, I had to go very far back. There I was at my grandfather's desk. The box with the electric razor, from which I removed the metal blade protection foil again and again and found out that the razor probably did not clean itself. And my grandfather was probably also too busy to pursue this activity during his lifetime.

What I had in my nose at the time, as well as when testing this fragrance, was a chord of sewing machine oil that develops a characteristic fragrance when heated by friction, rounded off with a hint of a stern musk shaving water, with a subtle swinging sweetness. On the skin also highly linear.

Those who test "Eaglewood" "blindly" will never get the idea to speak of woody notes, so the impression of wood is rather difficult to communicate. Had Christ Meshell created this fragrance from a particular oud distillate, she would have been degraded to a bottler as a perfumer. So it should come as no surprise that, according to Parfumeurin, this is a composition of several oud distillates, but without a pyramid.

Real oud is here, once again, an interesting experience, but for me this remains a problematic substance in perfumery. Burning Oud Chips is an exciting ritual with a long tradition, in perfumery for me rather a hype to justify higher prices and almost exclusively with substitutes, for in reality small money from the lab.

The durability is about 8 hours, I leave out the projection test this time. Woman here refused to make herself available here for the fragrance science. Pantys it doesn't rain, but possibly angular ashtrays and mother-in-law vases.

Animal notes sometimes have something attractive in addition to their repulsive properties. I see that fulfilled here. But it's not enough to want to wear this scent yourself. In any case, a social environment is recommended for this, which also sees this with its attractive characteristics. And there are worlds between having a fragrance under your nose and wanting to wear it regularly. The price is $660/50ml, by the way.

I am thankful to the perfumer for the ride into the past and the awareness that I had never asked my father why he left grandfather's office unchanged after his death.
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DarkWinterCSDarkWinterCS 3 months ago
Facets of dark wood
Spiced by woods
Ethereal Turmeric
Creamy resins run
Leather belt smells
Warm and sultry
Fine sweetness
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