Nilang 2011 Eau de Parfum

Version from 2011
Nilang (2011) (Eau de Parfum) by Lalique
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Nilang (2011) (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Lalique for women and was released in 2011. The scent is floral-fruity. It is being marketed by Lalique Group / Art & Fragrance. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Top Notes Top Notes
Mandarin orangeMandarin orange MelonMelon PeachPeach LotusLotus
Heart Notes Heart Notes
BlueberryBlueberry FreesiaFreesia NarcissusNarcissus CloveClove Water jasmineWater jasmine
Base Notes Base Notes
PatchouliPatchouli PralinéPraliné AmberAmber MuskMusk SandalwoodSandalwood VanillaVanilla


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a water nixie gets dressed up!
"Nilang" was the first fragrance from Lalique I was allowed to test and it has nothing to say that he had to let others take precedence over the comments: this is not a value judgement!

Like all the others, this fragrance also lives up to the name Lalique: it is clear like glass, very lively, cool and pure like spring water!
Apart from the men's fragrance "Encre Noire" (whose comment was surprisingly well received by me here - thank you very much!), which plays in its own league, all the "normal" Lalique women's fragrances inspire me again and again - except for the extremely luxurious "Noir Premier" collection, which plays in a completely different league.
They are straightforward and composed without any frills, neither creamy nor powdery - just elegant and ladylike, quiet and very present!

Also "Nilang" is no exception.
The mini vaporizer is a bit leaking, so the fully developed fragrance already received me when I opened the envelope with the samples.
Enthusiastic I went to search for causes and found "Nilang".
Fresh summer fruits, with the exception of the mandarin, which should always be viewed a little critically, are welcomed here immediately friendly.
Melon and peach meet for a refreshing sorbet; the mandarin doesn't bother much here.
The still somewhat exotic lotus, whose leaves and flowers floating on the water are so well known from Egyptian art, is a perfect match for this fragrance opening.
Freesias, like the daffodils in white or very light yellow, enrich the already slightly fruit-drenched creation with their delicate and yet so intense scent.
Water jasmine, for me always a synonym for a young beautiful mermaid, lines up fragrantly before the somewhat strong blueberry with its dark fruit nuance enters the fragrance stage.
The clove, which always appears a little prickly, once again provides a surprise: the delicate, airy fragrance gains more physicality!
The water nixie named "Nilang" was allowed to become a woman here!
To a fragile woman, richly decorated with flowers and fruits, whose smile is so enchanting that you simply have to turn around to her!
Will she meet her prince, who will redeem her and finally make her happy? Happy ever after?
Who knows?

The praline announced in the fragrance pyramid does not take place even after frequent testing - I do not miss it.
But all the delicacies of the erotic, sensual category unfold, which the first clarity of this fragrance, which at times appears almost virginal, does not let expect at all.
Sandalwood - as always a little on the edge of unpleasantness, appears with patchouli and amber as an enticing trio. For a moment the impression arises: everything is right here, nothing is missing! Perfect!
But after musk and the creamy-warm, the senses strongly appealing vanilla are added, it is clear: the previous impression was simply wrong!
It gets even better, even fuller, even richer: "Nilang" has lost its innocence; it now caresses the soul! And just makes you happy!

Summery light and yet expressive, "Nilang" suits almost all situations of daily life.
Only in the gym and during the sportive run (even if it is not the marathon), it feels a little out of place!
The woman who gets involved with "Nilang" and surrounds herself with it will certainly not be disappointed.
A few hours of this clear but mysterious freshness are granted to her before she has to spray again. In areas where it is better not to attract attention, "Nilang", like the other Lalique scents I mentioned, plays an important role.
The feeling of fragrant cleanliness, like a light protective cape, is a faithful companion.
Even this light, unobtrusive breeze reminds of its wearer; long after she has left a room, she is still present through "Nilang"!
What do you want more?

Now that I've gotten to know these crystal-clear scented works of art better, I like them all!
It's hard for me to decide which one is my favorite!
Fortunately I have well stocked bottlings from all of them - thanks for that! So I can think for a while about which of the fine scent journeymen may move in with me.
Unfortunately it is not possible to accommodate everyone here: but for a while we will have a good time together!
On some days this harmony is exactly what is needed: a little protection, a little warmth - the name Lalique stands for it for me.
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Fur on toothpick
Oh, those miracles, that the human bravery and intuition creates! Sometimes they are wonderful and can save your day, sometimes they are anough interesting to keep you sniffing your wrist while wondering, what on earth is going on down there, in the deepest bundles of your body chemistry.

First breath is definitely fruity, melon contaminated with a foot odor. The melon hides a bomb of powder, and I like it. Together with food odor. At times I am so unprotected against surprising fragrances... I can accept almost everything, if it is enough astounding.


Second stage: Odor of toothpick after long usage. With a certain dose of kindliness I could call that „woody note”, but I definitely miss the necessary level of tact.

Afterwards the fruits come back, a fresh blueberry is my tip from the list, but the end altogether is so animalic, that I would not wonder, if the perfume grew fur. Of course, if hair could break through the present heavy wax/resins.

NILANG is one of the most interesting frangraces that I had the pleasure to meet. I wish it smelled better at the base, and I would gladly wear it, but the resinous end keeps me away. I usually prefer leaner scents. So sad, that I can not feel Coco Mademoiselle here, as mentioned by Coutureguru, Gold and Sherapop.
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A dupe of ... ?
It seems more and more common of late that newly released fragrances smell 'just the same as' something that was released only a few years ago.
I would've thought that a house as revered as Lalique would not stoop to these levels but I have just been proved wrong. It may be that my schnozz is malfunctioning or that I have become anosmic from the testfest I have been on since yesterday (doubt it tho'... the old honker is quite robust!!) but I swear that Nilang is almost an exact copy of Coco Mademoiselle. For the first 10 minutes at least and then it drifts in an 'Angel-esque' direction and even reminds me somewhat of Hilfiger's True Star ( did I ever think that was good??? ... can't remember!). I think the thing to do when I have some free skin space is to wear all three side by side and then make an informed decision ... in all fairness.
It's really not a bad fragrance ... very sparkly and champagne like. It just gnaws at me that it's so much 'the same as' ... HATE THAT!! Where is the creativity? Expended on the (imho) lovely bottle spoiled by the floral arrangement stopper? More than likely. I'll investigate and then update :).
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