Lalique White in Black 2021

Lalique White in Black by Lalique
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8.1 / 10 57 Ratings
Lalique White in Black is a popular perfume by Lalique for men and was released in 2021. The scent is sweet-spicy. It is being marketed by Lalique Group / Art & Fragrance. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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FrankincenseFrankincense GrapefruitGrapefruit Italian bergamotItalian bergamot
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CardamomCardamom Elemi resinElemi resin Pink pepperPink pepper Provençal lavenderProvençal lavender
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AmbroxanAmbroxan PatchouliPatchouli Tolu balmTolu balm VanillaVanilla White cedarwoodWhite cedarwood


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Very helpful Review 8  
From underdog to superstar!
I appreciate Lalique very much for the creative and extraordinary fragrance ways the French luxury company goes.
So you can actually always find fragrances that are different and yet radiate full of elegance and glamour.

So now White in Black.
The Flacontyp simple and familiar as you already know it from the Lalique White, here only in black with a chalkboard coating.
The deeper meaning behind it remains hidden to me, but the feel is grippy by the slightly rough surface.

After two sprays on the wrist I was blown away!
Definitely the best and most pleasing Lalique! The underdog has finally mutated into a superstar.

White in Black smells clean, elegant, masculine, sexy and luxurious!
Memories of Layton are awakened, yet I like Lalique better.
Here is the best of Profumo, Code, Sauvage and Layton!
A perfect mix of all the scents:
Bright, clean woods with a hint of smoke wrapped in a sweet, vanilla cardamom coat and decorated with fresh citrus.
Something floral resonates through lavender, giving White in Black a hint of baby powder.
All this never seems overloaded or too intrusive.
The ingredients are a Winner team and radiate masculine elegance and luxury!
The scent progression is mostly linear, but becomes in the drydown still a little sweeter and smoother.

A small hook has unfortunately the durability.
From an Eau de Parfum I am in any case accustomed to other.
Nevertheless, I come to moderate 7-8h, with the projection already after about 2h noticeably decreases.
For this I had to deduct a point, otherwise White in Black would have gotten a smooth 10.

The fragrance is versatile.
I see White in Black but most likely for special occasions.
Dating, business dinners, or at the club.
However, I would take in the club then but still additionally a pocket atomizer, because of the unfortunately moderate performance.

I am very sure that the fragrance will still experience a hype, with the potential to become the better Layton.
However, since White in Black is pretty much not represented in any pedestrian perfumeries, let's hope that word doesn't get out too quickly.
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My grandma used to have..
(Resolution comes later)

A nouveau riche 16-year-old gets into the limo in front of the suburban mansion and so does not know what his family has actually done to deserve this house. In any case, he hasn't accomplished anything yet.
This evening, however, he has arranged to go with his school friends - also would-be upper class - 'pick up women', as the dufte clique likes to say. To get the haircut right, he has put on a lot of hairspray. Backcombed, strict and yet somehow modern it should look. Philipp is enthusiastic. However, he reached for his mother's perfume and when the pink soup was already shining very imposingly from him, it was too late. So trying to tame the sticky cloud, he sprayed after it everything he thought belonged to his father.
The driver wrinkled his nose and shook his head unnoticed, ever so slightly and tentatively, so as not to give any appearance of disgust.
Philip's friends are delighted.
Still, they only collect baskets. I wonder if it could be the way they title or treat people, or perhaps it could be the annoyingly sticky cloud that hovers around them all...

My grandma used to have a can of room spray and in the 90's people tried to cover up their fecal odors with it. That is me to this day Suspekt but this top note comes damn close to the scent of my memories.

But I would also like to talk about the composition.
In the top note should find there citrus and incense. Joa. So strongly candied, that cotton candy came out with and incense... I don't know. I mean, my two euro hand soap apparently got more bergamot than this perfume. There's at most a hint of spice from elemi, pepper and cardamom in there too. The jar of elemi resin next to me is laughing itself silly. Lavender is there. Dominant. But I always smell even the tiniest shreds of lavender out as very annoying.
In the base, clearly vanilla and ambroxan. The rest is not relevant.
But: definitely rather unisex, even if I those who like this, actually do not like to know...

No, we're not going to be friends. I'm going to go wash up.
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