Extrait d'Iris 2011

Extrait d'Iris by Monotheme
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7.6 / 10 47 Ratings
Extrait d'Iris is a popular perfume by Monotheme for women and was released in 2011. The scent is powdery-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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IrisIris VioletViolet JasmineJasmine
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Submitted by Ironheart, last update on 15.10.2022.
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Belly cramps without end for velvet paws! And Catwoman would be thrilled!
Hello and have a nice evening, you perfumers! Today I am reporting about a fragrance that smells mainly of iris and is therefore very soft. With such soft smelling scents I always have to think of one of two things:

Either to the soft and tender skin of you ladies... that was clear... :D
Or: to the soft and soft fur of cats...

Well, and since I don't have a girlfriend, the thought of the gentle "stroking over the belly" of cats first comes to me as the thought of touching the skin of a woman... *sigh* :DD I'm just wondering what is actually softer?! :D If one considers how hard a woman can strike, then the answer should be clear...! :DD

But: After all cats are great animals, you know that as well. Even now, when I'm typing this, I keep looking behind me, because my bed is behind me and my big and admittedly quite fat cat has made himself comfortable. And since he is sleeping and his belly is ascending and descending due to his breathing, he looks especially peaceful and cute, so that I have to pull myself together to not get up again and again to stroke him... after all, first of all, the animal must have its rest before us humans and secondly, this text here must also be finished sometime.

Well, then, I come to the scent.

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a sweet, powdery and, of course, slightly floral iris with light, citric scents in the background. The sweetness should come mainly from jasmine, but the violets and the iris can hardly be distinguished from each other in the beginning...
Only a short time later the citric notes mentioned above diminish, otherwise the fragrance remains as described, where one can best smell out the iris from the scents listed later. The fragrance is generally very gentle and soft and is therefore very pleasant to the touch and stays as described most of the time and does not change much. All I could say is that it still smells a little creamy at the beginning, but becomes more powdery at the end.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is rather unobtrusive and will therefore only be reasonably smellable from close up.
The shelf life is also not particularly long, because the fragrance slowly disappears after four to five hours.

The bottle:
The frosted glass bottle is cylindrical with a slightly thicker base on which the brand name has been incorporated into the glass. The name of the fragrance is printed directly on the front. The lid is cylindrical in the lower part and has a vertical standing disc in the upper part. All in all, a beautiful, clean-looking bottle.

Hmm.... so as already written in the introduction, when I think of such fragrances I not only have to think of the skin of women... but also of the soft fur of cats!
Uuuhh... Catwoman must be the ultimate... uh... "petting thing"... uh he he he :DD

Because the fragrance is so soft and soft that it simply comes across as very pleasant, and with a great deal of cleanliness, as they almost always bring with iris fragrances.

You could use this fragrance either during the day as a discreet leisure or work fragrance, or in the evening to relax or even sleep, if you want to have an unobtrusive, gentle note in your nose for a while. But too sensitive noses should perhaps watch out with the dosage! The scent is not strong at all, but I've read here from time to time that such powdery scents would give them a little headache in the long run... so you just have to see how it works with you, but a test is still worth it because it smells nice!

Hm... what kind of scent would Catwoman wear? Maybe Pierre Guillaume's Felanilla? Or a fragrance called Bastet (the cat goddess of the Egyptians)? Well, maybe a scent of Catwoman even appeared in the comics... if I could find it now... hmmm :DD

Well, I'm finished for the time being and wish you a nice evening. And stroke your little animals, if you have any, even if it might prove a bit difficult with fish and so possibly :D
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