Green Tea

Green Tea by Monotheme
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Green Tea is a perfume by Monotheme for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is green-fresh. It was last marketed by Mavive.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Kater Murr: Views from the Beletage
Oh, it's very pleasant to sit here on the parquet floor in front of the porte du balcon.
In the sun.
Lunchtime ...

Have you also noticed that the quietest time of a Sunday is lunchtime?
The old pendulum clock on the dark antique chest of drawers beats the beat, and above the blue early summer sky hover in a few gossamer white clouds.
A stealthy wind blows a scent towards us, a scent from faraway lands, mysterious and filled with a soft glow.

This silence, this wonderful silence up here, the roaring of the treetops and the distant chirping of the birds ...

Comfortable is that, and that comfort makes me purr.
How the parquet smells in the sun!

My human is sitting in my chair again. Sometimes I allow him that, I am after all a tomcat of great education and goodness of heart.
However, I made it a condition to be able to take a seat on his lap at any time - and then he has to crawl my little fur according to my duty.
Of course also the ears.
What did you think?

Aaaahh ... i knew it!
This aroma ... oh, yeah, I know that one. My human being enjoys once again with a cup of tea.
Of course it's green tea, which we both like ...

So there ... excuse me for a moment, but I have to look at the right one first.
This bouquet is ... unusual.
Yes, tea, green tea, pleasant and tart.
Oho, that's a lot! My man himself smells of green tea!
Oh yes... oh yes, that's wonderful, I have to have my nose again ... and here behind his ear ... and on his neck ...
What a fine flower this fragrance possesses!

Hmmm ... no, this is not only tea alone, completely excluded.
There's a hint of something in there that seems familiar to me. What can that be...?
Quickly taken a nose full again ...
Bergamot, it has to be bergamot!
So gentle, so mild, so pleasant.

So fresh, so summery almost, and yet there's a sound underneath that's warmer and reminiscent of wood on which the spring sun shines.
Now I really have to sniff again ... what reminds me of that?

I got it.
It's a triad, a chord.
From green tea, fine mild and spicy, tart, not sweet and not bitter, sunny wood and fresh spring flowers, just picked.
It is the green tea that creates this mood.
The silently sunny wood is a tribute, discreet, polished, reliable, as it seems to me.
The spring flowers silently frame the fragrance.
Great is that, pleasant, cozy, friendly.
A fragrance so right for spring days, April and May and for early summer.
Now I put the paws on my human breast.
Because I want to sniff! Sniff!
Yeah, yeah, but, oh, yeah, I'll take that.

The midday silence, bird twitter and a scent of green tea.
Sundays are always my favourite days.
And I'll show that to my human being by purring loudly ...
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