Ambra Nera 2011 Eau de Parfum

Ambra Nera (Eau de Parfum) by Ortigia
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7.4 / 10 65 Ratings
Ambra Nera (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Ortigia for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is spicy-resinous. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Submitted by Ergoproxy, last update on 22.02.2023.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 17  
problem-free and absolutely adorable
Black amber and incense: how old did I have to get to enjoy the beauty of these fragrances in all their facets!
Longtime acquaintances are still astonished that I am able to inspire dainty, blond "flower creatures" me for these - often very massive - fragrance creations and how well these fit nevertheless to me.
Of course my innate curiosity does not leave me any peace; which mother has a great fragrance daughter?

Browsing the different "Departure/To go" folders, I found "Ambra Nera".
The Sicilian manufacturer has already come up with some ideas when choosing the flacons: you look twice. "Hello, who are you?"
I only know Siracusa from a day trip from Malta. At that time, on 21 December, I came with a catamaran from Valetta to Sicily - 90 kilometres across the sea in a vehicle whose passenger cabin has an inclination of approx. 90° to the water surface: the holding bars everywhere are necessary!
A special experience of the Mediterranean crossing in the middle of winter!
That Siracusa has not only one of the usual, charming old towns and the "Archaeological Park" in which citrus fruits lie in masses to pick up and take away on the paths, but also a fine perfume magician, I did not know until today.
It was Yatagan who first drew my attention to my statement with his answer - thank you!
Because the company Lorenzo Villoresi succeeds in creating a very endearing fragrance from relatively few scents.
Please: "adorable" is not meant to be derogatory!

"Ambra Nera" surprises with a prelude of well seasoned woods, not particularly exotic, but rather of local origin. The little nose registers that pleases!
From the "spices" listed in general terms, I recognize a fine hint of nutmeg; a fragrance that I like very much - not only in the kitchen!
Also some laurel and some basil leaves were added: my senses signal this to me! Sicily - I recognize you!
So the first getting to know each other is already successful: we both like each other!
The earthy darkness of vetiver (in my imagination it is always a very dark, slightly moist dark green with a mossy surface!) meets spicy cedar - so what more do I need to be touched?
The cedar! Not only do their wood shavings help against moths - they are a blessing with my wool and cashmere collection! -: their scent immediately takes me south - in the direction of felt homeland!
Because the fact that I was thrown into the "wrong chimney" decades ago is now well known!
Patchouli, this golden shimmering, always slightly floating fragrance beauty, concludes this quite unusual heart of a fragrance: spices and woods; typical representative of a rich base note - what comes next?
So far I'm delighted by the fragrance: so simple and straightforward - without ifs and buts, of natural grace!
In "Ambra Nera" I meet a problem-free, simply beautiful fragrance creation that gives pleasure.
The basic note mentioned here awakens expectations: what will I see?
But yes: Labdanum - my so esteemed cistus rose, never disappoints me even as a resin!
A very special kind of soul flatterer: a smile returns; the sorrow that dominates the days seems to be forgotten for a moment.
What an herb - what a resin!
Galbanum is an equal partner here as well: both together result in a harmonious conclusion of this charming, albeit unusual, plexus of scents.
It has also been possible to use musk so skilfully that a melange is created that is quite successful: it does not kill - it only delights.

For me the acquaintance with "Amber Nera" is a gain.
Precisely because it is a fragrance being without the expected force and power, it is so sympathetic to me.
"Ambra Nera" protects and warms, embraces and comforts - without even making great demands.
With a durability that matches the lightness; it meets my expectations.
A good, handcrafted scent composition doesn't have to waft around me for hours: sometimes a hug that is present for a few hours and simply caresses me is enough.

I can imagine that "Ambra Nera" could be a successful introduction to this "darker side" of fragrances. Who dares it does not take a big risk.
It doesn't demand - there is!
It's not loud - no, light-footed and quiet!
It doesn't dominate - hugs instead!
Yet he was full-bodied and composed with a lot of empathy: a friend who is there when you need him!
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Top Review 23  
Effectively prevented passion
Ambra Nera takes a while to find his line. First I smell something bittersweet, then I think of sweet rice pudding with an overdose of cinnamon. But quickly follows a mixture of amber, amber, labdanum - and that settles in comfortably:

The three develop within minutes something dominant waxy - before the thing could have been seriously broken by the basically well noticeable pinch of animalism, which takes its origin first from the Labdanum and less from the Ambra. This hasty wax coating against the instinctive comes therefore very early and prevents all too exposed lecherousness just as reliably as the attempt of an ad hoc cast condom made to measure with liquid wax could certainly afford on other occasions. It's just the thought of it, isn't it? E-ben!

In addition, creamy sweetness rolls in from the ambry vanilla corner. A kind of precursor, as it turns out, because she is still there in the morning: H-cream. Normally I often smell such things in the presence of guaiac and/or sandal. There's nothing about it here, but my nose asks me to trust it
Lucky my H-cream is turning into caramel. Unfortunately, the kitten, which may now complement our zoo, is drowning in liquid caramel, so to speak - I can only guess it directly on my skin. In the afternoon, the fragrance is increasingly limited to a waxy, amorphous base, now without animals. Out back could be a barely noticeable, light artificial wood note providing support.

I had hoped for much, much more from Ambra Nera against the background of what I had described so far. In particular I find the scent of the same name from the house Farmacia SS used by the dear Palonera in her text for comparison. Annunziata far more successful.

I thank Ergoproxy for the sample.
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1 short view on the fragrance
HajuvanaHajuvana 6 years ago
Dry & dusty amber - like the smell I imagine lingering upon the opening of King Tut's tomb. Worth a try if you find most ambers too cloying.
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