Acqua di Scandola 2019

Acqua di Scandola by Parfum d'Empire
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Acqua di Scandola is a popular perfume by Parfum d'Empire for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is green-fresh. It is still in production.
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Green Aquatic
Another great fragrance from a wonderful house.

The signature of the Perfum d'empire in many it's fragrances is the realistic aromatic and green scents, that is presented here as well.

The marine accord in this fragrance is mainly extracted from the seaweeds together with the salty base accord, so it gives you a realistic aquatic scent. This is a marine but complex marine. I think the best marine fragrance is still Sel Marine by Heeley but this one also gets a high score. Brilliant work
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52 Reviews
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Peninsula Hinterland Juniper
Acqua di Scandola made me curious because of the advertised immortelle combined with a 'very special' seaweed extract - that to Parfum d'Empire, good conditions. What ultimately came my way was first a surprise, a welcome meander into Parfum d'Empire's releases. It's often moments like these that keep labels, publishers - indeed, anything that publishes regularly - going, pulsing, and interested - even if, at first glance, they might seem like slips.

In this way, Acqua di Scandola is reminiscent of another, older fragrance, Garrigue (1988) from Jean François Laporte's house Maitre Parfumeur. Laporte, who like Corticchiato could point to an academic-chemical background, and who alone launched a considerable portfolio with this brand in the late 80's, succeeded with Garrigue a perfume difficult to classify in his own program. A kind of 'herbalist version' of the aquatic fragrances of the late 80s. At the same time, Garrigue was imbued with season-long residues of all manner of shower gel odeurs from Garrigue campsites - these consistently herbalist resythetised. Juniper plays a central function in Garrigue, as it does in Acqua di Scandola. Whether it is also a slip or a swerve remains to be seen: Coriolan, Jean Paul Guerlain's wonderful but nearly 2500 years too late Mediterranean-herbaceous late work is also close, if altogether drier than on Scandola. This, already at the time of its release untimely perfume - incidentally one of the last witnesses of Guerlain's extraordinary flacon art, until it was thanks to rationing the Gar ausgemacht - also relies on a central juniper, in Mediterranean and North African, hinterland framing.

For me, Acqua di Scandola tends more towards a juniper-centric perfume than a clearly defined aquatic, and thus re-enters familiar d'Empire territory: in its herbaceousness, it appears as a deeper-blue, calmer and reduced version of Guy Laroche's Horizon (1993), which also combines all manner of scrub and greenery with distinctly more artificial high-time aquatics. The immortelles remain metre-deep underwater and only flash through sporadically late on, the algae appear unspectacular despite the use of a special extract and appear enhanced after hours but without kitsch, mossy stuff likewise comes to minimal prominence in the later development. Even if this sounds rather common, Scandola becomes a warm herbal aqua in drydown, perhaps the most beautiful phase. Volume, unlike other recent d'Empire releases, is decidedly present and clear. Solid, sophisticated content, almost classic!

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Wonderfully iridescent scent
I'm testing a whole batch of specimens right now. ALzD also sent me a tester from Acqua di Scandola. Although the scent pyramid made me suspect a rather masculine scent, I was enveloped by a fresh, citric note after the first spray. Pleased to meet you. By no means exclusively masculine.

But even before I could write this comment and say that the water has its feminine side, the fragrance changes. Still unisex, but for me now definitely more in the direction of what I would rather smell on my husband than on me. Very exciting, refreshing, definitely suitable for ladies, but only for those who prefer it fresh and tart. Aquatic.

The durability is very good. I will deliver the sample to my lord and master.
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