Fume Ma Peau

Fume Ma Peau by Strangers Parfumerie
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Fume Ma Peau is a popular perfume by Strangers Parfumerie for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is synthetic-smoky. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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FuelFuel GlueGlue Haitian vetiverHaitian vetiver LeatherLeather Persian galbanumPersian galbanum TarTar CypressCypress StyraxStyrax TobaccoTobacco Virginia cedarVirginia cedar


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Let's start the journey through the night of nights. The tank's full of endorphins. Get in my car and sit down. Let's get the asphalt boiling and fly through the darkness from club to club. Let's sip gas from champagne glasses and pour it over. Paint your nails red while driving and let them dry from exhaust fumes. Let's drive as fast as we can until the asphalt underneath us becomes porridge and we can immortalize ourselves in it as long as it is still boiling and hot. Press the accelerator pedal until the paint on the car liquefies during the journey and comes towards us, as when entering the atmosphere itself. Let's drive towards the lights of the city on the highway into nowhere. Let us search and find in clouds of gasoline and exhaust gas and kiss us with glue and glue smeared lips. Connected forever and never separated. Feel the speedometer of love and every kilometer of heartbeat. Let's shift up the gears together to the limit and the sound leaves us like the control itself. The sweet sound of the crunching leather seat will listen as you move and stretch at full speed. Adrenaline is our fuel and inferno our target. Write your name on the street with burning car tires and go up in smoke and flames together. Come on, get in!

Synthetic is beautiful when it's well done. Syntetik is often very attractive to us in our daily lives. The smell of plastic,
Glue, glue, paint, petrol, tough asphalt and hot rubber sometimes makes us lift our noses full of fascination about it. In moments like these, you often ask yourself: Why? There is a reason why these substances are addictive! Odours are completely contrary to nature, but despite all this we find them attractive. Fume Ma Peau Is a tribute to the 1967 film Week-end. The chaotic smell of the city, the bustle and the cars. Fume Ma Peau smells like a car. From the inside, from the outside and at full speed. It smells of petrol and heated paint. After waxed leather seats and woody-glued fittings. After oily tar and steaming rubber. And cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes. How and with what Prin Lomros made this fragrance plays almost no role. But one thing is for sure, he has an enormous attraction to his surroundings, as I noticed when I carried him. The perfume exudes a bizarre kind of synthetic eroticism. Similar to the artificial pheromones that a new car can emit or a very old one. A kind of kick starter from adrenaline!

Remarkable (propellant) substance!
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