Varuek / วฤค by Prin
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8.5 / 10 32 Ratings
Varuek is a popular perfume by Prin for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is spicy-animal. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Chizza, last update on 09.03.2023.
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Prin - Varuek (วฤค)
The future… are… yeah… 2 casts of the last premiere-works from Prin Lomros…. and what and how?
The first of them - good, interesting, with a feminine tilt (the combination of notes on my skin and one friend gives me a floral reception, which may decrease a bit in favor of civet and hay), but whether innovative or sensational - in my opinion, unfortunately I'm not talking about Ganja Kasturi… unfortunately, although I had high expectations (I don't know why). I think they will appeal to some people, especially women.

I turn to the second perfume - my hero - VARUEK (WOLF in Thai). Psik and …… .WOW, yes… yes… I jumped up, I clapped my hands, but give me time, wait man with the assessment- give a few hours, repeat, do a global… .. Well, the peasant did what he thought 2-3 times and now he sits down and scribbles what he thinks and feels, and what those neurons have transported him to the central unit.
So the peasant supports WOW to its full extent and on many levels - so WOW when it comes to fragrance and WOW when it comes to transforming this perfume over time.
Now to the point.
The beginning is the smell of saw-cut and heated and baked wood. The smell of wood shavings and light burning, smoke (it's not birch tar, something else - maybe this pine tar gives that impression) - great. This is the prelude itself ... I think that in the language of Chopin's music - I would classify it as a nocturnal prelude.
We have the full song in a moment. It begins with the entry of agarwood mixed with castoreum, which comes out more and more minute by minute.
The subsequent parts of this work appear alternately and interpenetrate each other - we have wood, wood, wood (agar, teak and what Prin added there) and animals (castoreum and HAIR, or rather pleasantly fragrant FUR - I assume, looking at the name of these perfumes - has evoke associations with a wild wolf). These notes… sounds and parts of this work interpenetrate each other. Some may also smell the skin between them. Moving on in this composition - the animal notes I wrote about earlier - are more and more the dominant notes in this 'piece', but they already have a different sound. They dominate and begin to be slightly sweet, incense - this is due to olibanum and labdanum and .... an interesting core of this composition in the base (MOON in my collage) - resinous AMBER. In addition to these notes - loud sounds, there are various minor sounds of instruments - Himalayan valerian-jatamansi or bay leaf. I can feel, hear and see these instruments here.
Durability and good projection.
I believe that these are one of his better perfumes under the PRIN brand.
What to do - the peasant recommends and buys this piece.

And now the translation from the site:
'Base on nomadism in Mongolia. Wolf symbolism in Mongolian culture and photo from 'Dark Skies' by Hamid Sardar-Afkhami.

* Varuek means wolf in Thai, comes from Sanskrit
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I am (open) confessed fan of the Prin fragrances and the entire "fragrance philosophy".
And since I am, what my own fragrance tastes, meanwhile pretty sure, I have actually (once again) dared the bold step and ordered the two new Prins unscented. Of course with a bit of a guilty conscience, because of the price and in the great, great hope, I may find both at least "okay".

I wrote in my statement, it's a bit like Sandor 70's, Peau de Bête and Aran got together. The oud note in Varuek is additionally very close to that of Arsalan.
And if you look at the fragrances mentioned times, then it shows that all these are not classic "crowdpleaser". One can thereby evtl imagine what awaits one with Varuek....
Who could not do anything with Prin so far, will probably not be able to with Varuek.

Varuek (translated: wolf) knocks with oud, animalism and bite not exactly timid around.
Dark he is. Dark and serious.
Territory-marking and snarling.
And dangerous.
Or protective?
Brown and dark green.

Very clearly, there was one animal or another rolling vigorously in the moss.
Unintentionally it has thereby dug up an ancient leather shoe.
Sweaty, oppressive and sticky is the oud, and the masses of hairs of the animal fur, grasses and leaves have stuck.
All sorts of herbaceous, mossy green stuff (some succulent, some slightly mouldered) lies all over the dust-dry forest floor in some places, muddy in others.
And watching over it all is the wolf with his shaggy, hunting-soiled fur.
Kind of scary, kind of the exact opposite.
Powerful and mysterious.
The beast sweats, the damp fur glistens in the red sun and the oud stretches into thick drops in balsamic threads.

Varuek is a difficult scent, no question.
I think those who don't like Prin per se, or simply the type of scents, will turn up their noses in disgust here too.
Lovers of such fragrances, however, will most likely have their true pleasure with it.
I am pleased, given the blind purchase, that I belong to the second category.

One of the best fragrances of the entire Prin line.
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1 short view on the fragrance
DarkWinterCSDarkWinterCS 22 days ago
Big brother
Civet protects
Mossy incense
Pleasant beaver cuddles
Laurel in the fur
Hidden forest
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