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Best clean, fresh summer fragrance?

Best clean, fresh summer fragrance? 1 month ago 2

I've just bought myself some Le Male Le Parfum.

I'm, also, in the need of some summer fragrance? 

Can anyone recommend a fresh, out-of-the-shower summer fragrance?


30 days ago 1

If you like Le Mâle Le ParfumLe Mâle Le Parfum you might want to check out this one:

Le Beau Paradise GardenLe Beau Paradise Garden 👍

29 days ago

If you’re looking for something unique and you literally don’t want to smell like anyone else, try the Escentric Molecules line, notably E05 and M01. They’re really unique, long lasting and good quality. However, it’s hard to get a nose on them without buying a sample/discovery set.
If you are looking for a more basic niche, try Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo or Mancera’s freshies, such as Lemon Line.

Hope this helps 🫡

28 days ago 1
24 days ago 1

Some good summer fragrances

Replica - Under The Lemon TreesReplica - Under The Lemon Trees

Bergamote 22 (Eau de Parfum)Bergamote 22 Eau de Parfum




Millésime ImpérialMillésime Impérial


Neroli Portofino (Eau de Parfum)Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum

Burlington 1819Burlington 1819

Dior Homme Cologne (2013)Dior Homme Cologne (2013)


Acqua di Giò Profondo LightsAcqua di Giò Profondo Lights


Original VetiverOriginal Vetiver

Excellent suggestions. The original Profondo is one of the few fragrances I own that I know for sure I'll finish multiple bottles of. I live in FL so there are very few days where that's not an easy call. And of course most any of Xerjoff's fresh/citrus scents are easy reaches in hot weather. I'd add Renaissance to this list as well.

23 days ago
A good one is Enigma from Roja 
22 days ago

Vetiver (Eau de Toilette)Vetiver Eau de Toilette Very fresh, very classy and authentic. It also lasts long and has good projection.

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