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One often assumes America, England, Italy or France as the country of origin of cosmetics series. A label with Scandinavian roots and typical country essences is an exception. Out of many exceptions out there is the brand "Oriflame".

When Swedish brothers Robert and Jonas af Jochnick were looking for a completely new business idea in Stockholm, they decided on a cosmetics line beyond the mainstream. They brought their close friend Bengt Hellsten on board, and the trio founded their company "Oriflame" in 1967. The most important unique selling point of "Oriflame" is the selection of ingredients, which come solely from Swedish nature; this naturally reflects the brand's beauty and the effectiveness of its cosmetic products on the skin.

The first articles of "Oriflame" were skincare creams, lip, and mascara sticks. These articles were largely based on plants, flowers, and herbs from Sweden. In 1970, the first bestseller was followed by the eye cream "Tender Care". The success finally allowed the company to go public on the London Stock Exchange in 1982.

Over the years, "Oriflame" showed great commitment to Swedish nature and animal welfare, even the approximately 6,000 persons they employ. Attention to sustainability is paid to the ingredients used, animal testing is generally taboo, and in 1999, a child protection organization was founded with the Swedish Queen. In addition, "Oriflame" has operated its own research and development center since 2008 and a special skin research laboratory since 2009.

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