Now Women 2007

Now Women by Azzaro
Bottle Design Emmanuelle Royer
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Now Women is a perfume by Azzaro for women and was released in 2007. The scent is floral-sweet. It was last marketed by Clarins.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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AldehydesAldehydes RumRum White teaWhite tea
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BergamotBergamot JasmineJasmine TiaréTiaré
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Brazilian rosewoodBrazilian rosewood WoodsWoods


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A Summer-Appropriate Hot Mess
Originally reviewed on June 22, 2009:

I want to love this fragrance. Really, I do, and in the most desperate of ways. Now is the creation of two of my favorite noses--one of my all-time favorite noses, Annie Buzantian--and it is composed of some of my all-time favorite notes. I have no clue what went so horribly wrong but at this present time it is all I can do to bring myself to even tolerate Now.

I do adore the work of Annie Buzantian. However, I've noticed a signature pattern in Buzantian's work where she incorporates notes that teeter a fine line of poetically dissonant and uncomfortably discordant. Typically, this fine line makes her creations works of olfactory genius; take the unexpected pepper in Sensuous, the seemingly opposed praline and patchouli in Flair, or the rose bouquet secretly spiked with cognac in So In Love. Somehow Buzantian makes the unthinkable meld in the most lovely way. Sadly she did not perform her usual magic with Now.

Buzantian and Morillas mixed what should have been the most delicious and decadent tropical elixir: tiare flower, passion fruit, lime, rum. What we are left with is a concoction that cannot decide if it is a men's cologne or a fluffy "I-just-turned-twenty-one-today" tropical drink brimming with over-the-top sweetness. The split personality of this mad scientist's perfume left my nostrils confused and offended many around me. One friend asked if I had gone through his collection of colognes and sprayed myself silly. At times I had to ask myself the same question.

Compulsively I continue to reach for this fragrance but I know this is not for me.

Update: I tried to part with this one. Before I was to give it to my friend I decided to give it one last try. Though I find the top notes to be nauseating, the drydown is what made me decide to keep it around. I also found this fragrance can be steered in a more tropical (and less tropical-drinks) direction when layered with a complimentary fragrance such as VS's Forbidden Fantasy (I know, it was discontinued and may they have the decency to bring it back) or BBW's Tropical Passionfruit.

I do not hate this fragrance. I might even wear this one a few more times. However, I will not be replacing the bottle once it is done.

It's October 11, 2023 and I realize I've been scrutinizing Buzantian's work:

I didn't do this intentionally, at least not in 2023. It just happened. I left a glowing updated review for Buzantian's Pure Turquoise, but with Now Women I need to drag her name through the mud.

On paper, this should've been a hit. I was deep in a tropical-centric perfume obsession; I mentioned in previous reviews that I go through obsessive phases, like my present obsession with tuberose/gardenia perfumes as of late. There were votes indicating the strong presence of tiare, which was enough to captivate me. But what unfolded was truly horrific. This may have been the scent to shock me out of that obsession and onto a soap-driven one.

This scent triggers a kind of PTSD in me. Not because something terrible happened to me while wearing this. The scent itself and the inability to scrub it off was traumatic. I'm genuinely envious of anyone whose skin is wearing this as something remarkable.
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One of my favorite "go-to" summer scents
Azzaro Now Women is one of the few fragrances that I consistently reach for in the dead of summer, when temperatures begin to exceed 90F. That's when I think ANW is best.

Azzaro Now Women is cool, modern, breezy. I get rum & musk on top. The tea & bergamot are light and bright. I could drink it; it's that fresh & juicy on top. It's like a light rum water-based drink. It mellows into a soft floral musk on me but never seems to lose the water references once dry.

To me, ANW smells like a contemporary floral aquatic. If ANW was classified as an aquatic, it would be one of the best aquatics ever. One, ANW is fairly unique for an aquatic. Two, it's strong, even in the EDT. Three, it's long lasting, especially for an EDT.

I put off testing ANW for long time, worried that the double-whammy of aldehydes & white flowers would induce a headache. But once again, Alberto Morillas has delighted me with a winner. My only regret is not trying (and buying) this one sooner!

What a beautiful & unique fragrance that lasts & lasts (10 hours on me!). I find myself turning around, wondering who smells so good. Duh, it's me. ;)
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