603 Cuir Encens Fève Tonka 2020

603 Cuir Encens Fève Tonka by Bon Parfumeur
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7.4 / 10 21 Ratings
603 Cuir Encens Fève Tonka is a perfume by Bon Parfumeur for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is spicy-leathery. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Balm for the soul
Long it was already here, this filling from Yatagan's Christmas letter.
Only I didn't really dare to test this fragrance: leather, incense and tonka bean - the scent notes of the name alone made me put the mini atomizer back again and again.
Now why I finally did it this morning, only the gods probably know:
It was wise to follow them, because today is the day: the day to start a journey with "603 Cuir Encens Fève Tonka" into a fragrant world full of balmy shadows and beauty.

I encounter a dark, very deep fragrance, reminiscent of a walk at dusk among ancient venerable walls. Nature is very close and already in the process of reclaiming this area; bit by bit, quietly and almost inconspicuously.
A spicy yet delicately fresh opening, to which incense adds a certain mystery and makes you pause for a moment and listen to the delicate sound of the fragrance, floats in the fragrant space of cypress and sage.
The shadows of the cypresses seem to protect like strung spears; there is something slightly sacred about this combination with incense and purifying sage.
There is a subtle vibration in the air, an almost imperceptible scent magic makes it hum and sing softly. A comfort radiating serenade of nature.
Warm leather and a cleverly dosed tonka bean nuance give this fragrance moment a sweet animalic, which, however, remains pleasantly unobtrusive and fits well into the previous fragrance picture.
Woody and sensual, radiating a deep balsamic spice closes this fragrance harmoniously.
It remains mysterious and sheltering, spreading protectively on the skin for a few hours before quietly wafting away, leaving a fine scent trail of incense, imbued with plenty of spice and magical depth.

"603 Cuir Encens Fève Tonka" is a surprisingly quiet fragrance that scratches delicately at the senses, as if to wake them up and at the same time invite them to perceive what is inside us and what surrounds us.
Resins and wood, herbs and spices were combined here (probably in a witch's cauldron) by the well-known sorceress Mylène Alran to create an unexpectedly bold and intense fragrance.

How had I come to doubt Yatagan?
After all, he knows what I like and what he can put me through.
With this bottling of "603 Cuir Encens Fève Tonka", he has given me a gift that will provide me with a fragrant refuge from all the disruptive fires that are currently once again sweeping through the days.
A balsamic protective envelope of fragrance: thank you, dear friend!
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