Dior Addict 2002 Eau de Parfum

Version from 2002
Dior Addict (2002) (Eau de Parfum) by Dior
Bottle Design Thierry de Baschmakoff
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Ranked 50 in Women's Perfume
8.3 / 10 526 Ratings
Dior Addict (2002) (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Dior for women and was released in 2002. The scent is oriental-sweet. Projection and longevity are above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Top Notes Top Notes
Mandarin orange leafMandarin orange leaf BlackberryBlackberry
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Queen-of-the-nightQueen-of-the-night JasmineJasmine Orange blossomOrange blossom RoseRose
Base Notes Base Notes
Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla Tonka beanTonka bean SandalwoodSandalwood


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8.9400 Ratings
8.6366 Ratings
8.0380 Ratings
Value for money
8.371 Ratings
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In the face
Everyone knows those days when you literally can't help but remember. You start thinking about something, fantasizing back, and suddenly you're spellbound and captivated because of your own vita. This way of dealing with oneself quickly becomes reflexive, when one goes so far as to ask oneself, what if? What if I had been in that situation then, with my present mind? Perhaps there would be no remarkable differences at all. However, reading, listening, and especially smelling Dior Addict, I inevitably think myself back to 2010.

I was just 20 at the time and was doing my community service in the emergency department of a hospital. That was pretty exciting. The range of cases was enormous and I saw it as suitable preparation, for a possibly upcoming medical studies. My job was mainly to receive people from the ambulance, help them onto a stretcher, and push them into the treatment area. Of course, the newly arriving patients had to be entered into the hospital system so that documentation, diagnoses, etc. could be recorded. This job is not done by community service workers, but by experienced nurses. In my case, there was a particularly capable and exceptional woman. She was perhaps the same age as my mother and extremely attentive, sensitive, witty and empathetic. We completed many services together and always got into conversation at great length.
She has a daughter who was about my age and was doing a year abroad in Ireland at the time. So she was relatively far away. Looking back, I think I may have been a kind of communicative substitute for her child, who was contactable but somehow unreachable. She told me a lot about her and I was very happy to listen. She drew a picture that let me participate very authentically in her mother-daughter relationship. She shared with me not only the beautiful sides, but also problems, concerns, worries and fears. She also told me that her daughter cries a lot and is very unhappy. The host family probably did not accept her as she expected. This was sad and I felt very sorry. The situation in Ireland became more and more drastic, so that her daughter broke off the year abroad after two months and returned to Germany.

Probably her mother told her as much about me as she told me about her. And so one warm April day, she came to pick up her mother from duty at the hospital. I was there too, knowing she was coming and looking forward, probably very excited. I hadn't seen a picture of her before, but when she faced me, I had pictured her the same way. She was wearing a beige trench coat and looked very smart, embarrassed, sweet and somehow pure and beautiful. I was immediately on another level emotionally from that point on.
I knew from her mother's stories, however, that there was someone else who probably longed for her return more urgently than I did, her boyfriend.
I do not remember exactly on which day of the week we faced each other for the first time, but on the Saturday after that I was partying with friends in a club. And on the way to the bar she ran into me. We talked for what felt like an eternity until her friends wanted to go home. We exchanged numbers and texted half the night. We arranged to meet and if not on the first date, at least on the second, I kissed her. She returned the kiss and since then it has probably been one of, if not THE most memorable in my memory bank. Afterwards she said that unfortunately it would not go and I apologized.
After a short radio silence, we wrote again. I guess she couldn't do without me any more than I could do without her. We met again and kissed. I knew she had a boyfriend and everything seemed kind of hopeless, but we were so young and everything was so bittersweet. It was a beautiful summer. She returned every kiss and shortly after regretted it anew every time. My (unspoken) wish that she break up with her former partner, however, remained unfulfilled for a long time. Too long. We met again and again, until it was no longer possible. I could not it any more, if I wanted it nevertheless all the more strongly.
I wrote her a farewell letter, which I packed in a box, together with a new bottle of that fragrance, which she wore very often since our first meeting, Dior Addict. That was my farewell gift.

As the name of the fragrance already notes, I was also addicted to an addiction. One that catapults me to the highest heights in a frenzy, only to have me sink into the deepest blue of the sea moments later. It's a scent that revealed to me the full scope of loving in my early twenties. Every time I smelled it, I felt safe, although I knew that this feeling would be short-lived. He exuded dignity and calm where often there was only uncertainty and naivety. I associate with this fragrance a deep intimacy and closeness. A scent that, when I arrived home alone, was still in my nose for so long. I loved it and yet it deceived me and made me deeply sad. It is a fragrance that triggers the memory of beauty and vulnerability.
That "Queen of the Night" dominates the heart chord is as consequential as it is fatefully ironic. I do not know if in a mirror cabinet not far from me, still this one bottle may stand. If so, then I know that something will always remain. And somehow that is a beautiful thought.

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The Queen of the Night
I got to know Addict from Dior here on Parfumo while browsing through the fragrances.
When he came out in 2002, I seem to have missed that somehow.
I wanted to get to know him over 10 years later and was looking for a 2002 bottle, which I found and of course got It was a 100ml residual bottle in midnight blue without golden collar. Unfortunately there is not much left inside, but from time to time I enjoy the noble drop. Unfortunately, I have to be economical with the 2002 version.

Dior`s Addict is a heavy, sweet, erotic scent that really fits the night best.
During the day, overdosage risks making you look too "dressed up". Therefore you should be very economical when using it during the day. But best at night as well..

I smell white-blooming plants like orange blossom and jasmine here, the blackberry doesn't get through to me like that. A little rose shows up, but she has a hard time standing up to the white flowers. But here one should not expect a rose scent The queen of the night blossoms with her sweet and swollen flowers. Vanilla and sandalwood give the fragrance even more warmth.
No scent for wallflowers or gray mice as they say...although still waters often have a deep foundation, so this is not quite true. Or better said, no scent, if you don't want to attract attention.

The Queen of the Night (Selenicereus grandiflorus) is a cactus species from the genus Selenicereus. Its name is derived from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. There are some species of this cactus and almost all of them flower only for one night, sometimes two nights in a row, in the year. The blossom is up to 30 cm tall, white and smells bewitchingly sweet and intense. Its flower often attracts bats for pollination, but I can imagine that moths also participate in pollination. The plant itself likes to climb, even up to 5 meters high. I know the scent, my mother has such a cactus. Unfortunately I have not been able to enjoy her scent for a long time, since I moved out of my home.

Finally, to distinguish between the individual versions:
The original version from 2002 has a solid blue bottle, only the twist-off head is golden. The inscription "Dior Addict" can be found at the top right next to the atomizer.
The 2012 version has a golden collar, top right is still Dior Addict.
This version is still quite good, but it doesn't last as long as the first one The 2014 version only has the inscription "Dior" at the very bottom, the inscription is missing at the top right. Also the head appears to me now silver instead of gold and the turning device to close it has given way to a normal lid closure to remove it.
I cannot say anything about the latest version 2014 in terms of fragrance, as I only have the first two.

Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get an older bottle again. I'd go for it

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The name says it all
Oh, shit! Not so long ago, I fell in love with Dior Addict. However, in the version of 2014.

Out of curiosity I also wanted to test the original version from 2002, I thought that the two are probably similar. And that the one I have will be enough for me. Because I like it really good.

Well... And now I'm sitting here, 2002 left, 2014 right. And yes, they are alike. But no, the one is not enough for me! :-)

The 2014 begins fresh and so vital, is extroverted and loud. He's clearly yelling, "Hey, here I am!"
The 2002 is no less confident. But he is much more subtle, warm and sensual, somehow melancholic, gentle and infinitely deep. He's like a promise, like a sweet secret...

That's why I love the 2014 no less. But this one's a real hammer, too! Yeah, they're alike. But each one of us also has something so special of his own that I would absolutely like to have this one, too, oh what, *wants*!!!

The name says it all! Then as now! :-)

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in search of the suede
In the early seventies, I encountered the fragrances of Christian Dior and fell in love with them.
The yet simple glass flacons were provided only with a banderole in the houndstooth pattern; in different colors: black and white, dark blue and white and pink and white patterned.
The caps matched in color.
"Diorissimo" was my favorite with its beautiful lily of the valley note; "Dioressence" I got as a gift from the wife of my boss at the time.
She was employed in one of the perfumeries of the former boxer Bubi Scholz at the time.
How great was that - at that time?!
As young as I was, so well I knew that I had for that time quite extraordinary fragrances.
You notice: I have them today still in very good memory.

Over time, my fragrant companions changed; the fragrances of Christian Dior fell into oblivion.
in 2010, I suddenly had to own "Diorissomo" quite urgently: the lily of the valley lured very strongly again now that my youth was over.
So I auctioned a half-full flacon and was horrified: what had I bought there?
About reformulations I had, until I came here, heard nothing.
So I was just disappointed and therefore left the brand Christian Dior again outside.

Through the interesting exchange of experiences here at Parfumo and the many fragrance samples, we came closer again. I dared again to test the fragrance compositions of this company.
"Cuir Cannage" I liked already very well; so I also requested a filling of "Dior Addict" - and became a seeker.

I perceive here, immediately after spraying on, a slight hint of fine suede, which I like very much. Is it the blackberry that develops with me so?
The dark fruitiness of blackberry I like very much, at least since I got to know "Blackberry & Bay" by Jo Malone.
Should this berry develop on my skin to the elegant leather note?
I will not find out and therefore devote myself again to the fragrance of "Dior Addict".
Something green mixes in this berry / leather nuance; is it the tangerine leaf?
No matter: now fully blossomed jasmine announces itself, a bit tart and here again slightly decaying scent.
A peculiarity that I encounter more often with jasmine.
Her "majesty, the rose", one of the heavy-scented variety, raises its head; but must cede the place at the top of the fragrance to the queen of the night: this brings its aromatic sweetness.
The flowers of the night all smell so sweet and intense (I'm just thinking of the porcelain flower).
Before the heaviness of this fragrance almost narcotizes me now, I still meet the delicate orange blossom.
This delicate, fine essence neutralizes the huge fragrance intensity very cleverly.
Sweet and opulent is "Dior Addict" already.
This aroma increases lavishly as the creamy, creamy white bourbon vanilla appears.
In its shadow, the sweet tonka bean aroma appears once again.
With her, I have long felt that this addition to the vanilla is too much for me: you have to like that!
For this huge fragrance explosion finally compensates me sandalwood in the finest way.
Now I can get involved in "Dior Addict" with its opulence and sensuality.

Sillage and durability are enormous; they meet all expectations that are attached to a heavy oriental.
However, I also notice that this fragrance abundance over such a long time becomes a bit annoying to me.
The need to wash off "Dior Addict" yet at some point is great; however, this is also almost hopeless! This fragrance lasts and lasts and lasts with me - felt infinitely long!
Only the light, so pleasant suede scent is unfortunately soon lost.
Maybe it exists only with me?

To engage in a fragrance and really like a fragrance, however, are two pairs of shoes!
I find "Dior Addict" really appealing, but will still set the filling for further travel.
It was nice to have made this acquaintance; however, it does not need to become more from my point of view.
It is no more than "a little flirtation"!

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What a beauty
When I first smelled Addict, I was probably around 17. At the time, I thought the scent was so great that I remembered it for years. As it is with 17 years, the price was simply unaffordable and "shopping on the Internet" was somehow not yet an option for me. Then came fragrances like Hypnotic Poison and other scents that interested me a bit more at the time and Addict kind of faded into oblivion - although I could still remember it being AWESOME. I just always thought that I "used to" just liked and somewhat romanticize on everything that "somehow smells like vanilla".

Well, I have underestimated my nose! Now, at 34 years, I have tested again Addict 2002 after such a long time and must say: I was right :D

Once again a fragrance by Thierry Wasser (slowly I feel persecuted ;)) and anything but "halt somehow something with vanilla". This is a very, very beautiful, really round and incredibly elegant fragrance - and I count vanilla greats like Shalimar (EDT, EDP, Vintage-edt, all three "Routes", Spiriteuse Double Vanille) to my collection. Admittedly: a little proud I am already on my good teenie smell ;)

But enough self-congratulation! Addict already starts beautifully, with a perfect balance of warm balsamic notes and florals. It's voluminous and heavy, but never too overpowering. I like the base so much that I can hardly keep my nose off my wrist. The tonka bean, which sometimes comes across as almost a bit too titzy and sticky for me, has been nicely dosed here and doesn't interfere at all. I am really impressed!
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Ka3nKa3n 3 years ago
I have a bottle of 2002 edition. One I won't let go but may share with others. 2002 was their best year in general. Gorgeous composition.


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