Regina by Farmacia SS. Annunziata
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Regina is a perfume by Farmacia SS. Annunziata for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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the blossoms of romance
"To me every woman is a queen!"
Did Guido Maria Kretschmer or Harald Glööckler say that?
I'm not sure, but I don't feel like going looking now.
But no matter: it was one of the two "women's understanders" so often to be found on television.
This is opposed to "Once in a lifetime, every woman should be a queen!" Usually this serves the cliché of the "white bride".

Women can be queens every day and whenever they want and with "Regina" this goal is much closer.
This fragrance was created by romantics; even if the "blue flower of romance" is certainly not to be found in it.
Their search will probably be endless - and that's a good thing!

Also my perception tells me that the pyramid richer in scents, which ALzD uses as a basis for this scent pigeon, comes much closer to the result on my skin The one above seems a little too slimmed down to me, but this queen is certainly not on a diet.
Quite the opposite: it is round and full and generously embracing!

Already at the beginning a variety of roses appears, which seems to be unvarnished and original: nothing was trimmed on these wonderful plants on pure appearance - they may be them themselves!
And for that they thank you with great fragrance clouds, which immediately float around powerfully.
The lovely violet in velvety violet has also arrived; perhaps a little old-fashioned lilac, too? Its heavy panicles are in full bloom.
"Floral notes" can be anything and nothing here; they are old-fashioned and welcome in any case.
Graciously they bend their heads to the greeting, before they devote themselves to the heart note.
For the honey nuance now appearing, the insects have found very species-rich meadows; this honey is golden and flower-richly fragrant.
Ylang-ylang also matches this gold tone. His glow weaves a fine net over the previous fragrance. But already the majestic Iris leads her big swan fur powder puff over this opulent blossom splendour. Enough gleaming, enough blasted!
No, rice powder - always reminds me a little of theater make-up! - is additionally dusted as an interesting addition over the entire fragrance network.
This gives the previously radiant floral lustre a powdery note that may not please every nose.
Chamomile is added as a spicy antithesis and to round off an extraordinary fragrance composition.
"Regina" smiles now and waves friendly to all of us!
What an elegant lady this is, but despite all her slightly old-fashioned charm she fits very well into everyday life and also keeps a corner free for dreaming!

Dreams: As a young woman I always wanted a bolero jacket made of feathers - in white or delicate pink!
I never got it. My mother said I wasn't a second-rate operetta soubrette after all (Sometimes it could be quite "grounding"!)
Not much later I was too old for such a dream jacket.
But today with "Regina" an almost equivalent and well fitting replacement is given to me.
How fluffy and cuddly this fragrance goddess is.
Their tender featheriness, however, sometimes makes you sneeze. Or is it the rice powder?

"Gelis" sent me a romantic dream with this bottling - many thanks for that!
But now I really don't have time anymore; I have to go to the balcony urgently.
Don't I already see the thick pumpkin down there on the parking lots, which turns into a fairytale carriage?
The good fairy, a little chubby, seems to be coming!

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Top Review 7  
Since a few days I test "Regina", and I join blue mouse, the fragrance pyramid is not fully indicated. For my nose, the ALZD statements also make more sense, and I have just suggested a correction.

"I like Regina very much. The fragrance starts with light soapy freshness (rose, I think), which is followed by more floral notes and powder. Only today on the 4th test day shows with me also the honey. It had been hiding somehow until now. After two to three hours, a cream note reminding me remotely of Nivea sets in, over which continues to blow a powdery touch.

"Regina" is rather discreet, suitable for everyday use, a friendly companion in all situations and has conquered my wish list.

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Very helpful Review 4  
Vivat Regina! Oops, she died.
Even though I shouldn't put too much stock in the notes listed for a perfume, those listed for Regina are pretty vague: fruity notes, floral notes, amber notes… whatever...

Unfortunately, that’s how Regina comes out of the bottle; kind of weak, vague and nebulous. Thankfully, the rose essence doesn’t wait for its turn in the developmental queue. It makes its stand right out of the sprayer. It’s really a nice rose note too and, for a time, it saves Regina from being an insipid, ambiguous, not very fruity floral.

Speaking of notes, what really captured my attention were scents NOT listed in the pyramid. As the amber accord begins to appear Regina develops notes reminiscent of slightly bitter honey and boozy rum. When combined with the rose that has managed to hang on, they create a great match to the amber. Too bad the overall longevity of Regina isn’t better. With a life expectancy of about 2 hours there isn’t much time to enjoy this aspect of the fragrance.

I will say this for Regina, some might enjoy it as a warm weather amber. It’s light, wears close to the skin and perks up a bit in the heat. The temperature today was about 80 f and each time I thought Regina had gone flat, I was surprised when a little exertion or perspiration brought it back to life. To be honest, however, I wouldn't be swayed to buy Regina hoping its middling fragrance might be resuscitated by a summer breeze.


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