Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie 2015 Eau de Parfum

Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie (Eau de Parfum) by Guerlain
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8.2 / 10 188 Ratings
Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2015. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Angelica seedAngelica seed Citrus fruitsCitrus fruits Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Orange blossomOrange blossom RoseRose DragéeDragée
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VanillaVanilla PatchouliPatchouli White muskWhite musk FrankincenseFrankincense


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Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Le Bouquet de la Mariée (Extrait de Parfum) by Guerlain, which differs in concentration.


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Helpful Review 17  
Le plus beau parfum de ma vie!
I was lucky enough to test Guerlain fragrances in Munich today and this one was simply the most beautiful scent I've ever had under my nose, just amazing! (: I was speechless by this literally stunning beauty of this fragrance - delicate, filigree, pure, innocent, elfin - these are adjectives that come to my mind when I should capture this fragrance in its character. It is the most beautiful orange blossom I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing and overall this fragrance is fabulously coordinated, a perfect fragrance par excellence for me! This is not only what I want to smell like on the most beautiful day of my life, but preferably every day, which is why I would rename it "Le plus beau parfum de ma vie", hehe (: I already thought I found the most beautiful Guerlains with Mon Precieux Nectar or Angelique Noire (both beautiful!) but this one I will never forget, this perfection is unique for me! I feel like I'm walking on air, like I'm enchanted into another beautiful pink world where there are no worries, but I feel like everything is going to be okay with this fragrance. Cheesy, but I really feel that way! On top of that, it's one of the rare scents that stays on my skin for a long time, I think that's fabulous! (: I need to get a bottle in asap, even if the wedding isn't coming up yet! (:
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Bittersweet romance in a bottle - the end of the story of 4ajbukoshka and the Italian
Je crois plus en rien
Je sens plus le bien
J'avance mais je sais pas si je verrais demain!
"Non va come vorrei!"
- A volte vinci, a volte perdi, a volte sbagli
A volte vivi, a volte muori
A volte vivi la vita degli altri.
Piccoli drammi...
(I no longer believe in anything, I no longer feel anything good. I'm making progress, but I don't know if I'll see tomorrow!
"Nothing goes the way I want it to!"
- Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you fail, sometimes you live, sometimes you die,
sometimes you live the lives of others.
Little dramas..."
Lous and the Yakuza together with Sfera Ebbasta - Je ne sais pas. Translation by 4ajbukoshka, whose Italian is still far from perfect and who, much to her chagrin - and that of all who have to listen to her - is still incredibly and unhappily in love.)

Little dramas?
Big drama!
"Drama? That's MY cue!", Miss Incorrigible-Hopeless-Romantic-4ajbukoshka apparently thought to herself when she had agreed to the non-date with the Italian after months of radio silence.
She had bumped into him by chance for the second time in a week - on Wednesday. I wonder if he was pursuing her Probably, in his case, she would still be happy about it.
Actually, she's still mad at him, his departure, and the fact that he didn't even apologize for his behavior.
Not without reason, 4ajbukoshka's good friend had made Don Gelato into Don Giovanni and then Cacasotto, advising her never to let him breathe in her direction at all again.
Now, however, 4ajbukoshka is once again standing in front of her closet with the big question of what to actually wear. During the day she had worn a white summery dress in Marylin Monroe cut and light blue sneakers with pink laces and white platform. Since it seems somehow wrong for her to show up in a white dress for a non-date, and because it's already evening and cold, she wants to change. But none of the dresses in her closet feel right right now. Neither do any pants.
Since her nose works better than her eyes, and she also cares a lot more about how other people smell than how they look or even how they are dressed, Signorina Chaybudum Head Koshka wanders over to her little treasure chest. She doesn't have much choice.
The rude ringing from the front door snaps her out of her thoughts.
Before she can even think "oh, damn, is it that late already?!" or "since when is this guy actually on time?!", Signor Heartbreaker had appeared at the apartment door and was already knocking.
Signorina Chaybukoshka blindly grabs one of the samples and sprays off. Changed she is also not. "Bliiiin!" she curses softly to herself as she hops to the door with one shoe on, attracting the other, accompanied by a smoky scent.
"Oh dear. Of all things!" it pops into her head even before the thought of a spicy dessert. The 'affordable' version of a wedding perfume, she recognizes the scent wafting around her head on the way to the door. Rarely must 50m2 have felt so big and the walk through the apartment so long.
She opens the door and is sure: even the thousandth time she would still get a small heart attack at this sight.
There he stands, tall, his hair shaved short on the sides and curled in the middle, insanely handsome with a smile that could melt the polar ice caps away faster than you can shout "Climate protection!"
Whether he, before they go, briefly for small Italians might. Of course.
So now, instead of changing, Signorina uses the time to pack some more food for the trip and think about her choice of outfit, including perfume. "Stay positive. Take it easy! Law of attraction. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe this is a sign and this will be the best day of your life, hahaha." She, who is really more of a Murphy's law kind of girl, is trying to mentally set herself up for a successful outing.
What does she have to lose.
After Signor Verbotengutaussehend has inspected her new apartment and admired the small works of art, she grabs her (art) leather jacket and slides down the staircase railing in front of him.

It's a wonderful evening with lots of candy provisions, because Verfressovitsch4ajbukoshka has once again struck and thrown the diet overboard (and therefore candied almonds with powdered sugar in the luggage), conversations that take place as always at what feels like 100 decibels, and never-ending discussions about who is right and who is wrong and which language is the more beautiful or even the most beautiful in the world - Russian or Italian (Italian, of course, at least that's what the Italian says, the Russian-speaking part holds back because he or she doesn't know all the languages in the world and doesn't want to talk about them). she does not know all languages of the world and calls instead those languages, which are NOT).
It's almost as if the last few months never existed, all familiar like the vanilla that floats gently in space, yet terribly exciting.
Well... almost.
Because to say goodbye this time there is no kiss, only a broken heart and a 4ajbukoshka, who will spend the next few months sad-hopeless-hopeful reminiscing, pouring herself half a glass of red wine for the moment and dancing on tiptoe socks through the apartment.
Around her the sweet smell of hope and "Le plus beau jour de ma vie".
Perhaps, one day, this will indeed become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mantieni il bacio
Oltre l'errore del tempo
Fanne qualcosa di eterno
Non lasciarne cadere neanche solo un frammento
Come polvere sul pavimento
Non staccare le labbra neanche un solo secondo
E non farti distrarre dal rumore di fondo
Perché alla fine ogni volta
È l'amore che ci salva
Dalla ferita del mondo...
(Michele Bravi - Mantieni il bacio (Keep the kiss) - if someone wants to translate it himself)
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Part of the ROI Years
While i analyzed the evolution of this fragrance on my skin, trying to understand what does it told me, i started to speculate that this new ode to love and romance comming from the brand seems to fit on a strategy that has started on 2012 with the transformation of La Petite Robe Noire in a mainstream creation. Those are the years of the return on investment or the fruit investment harvest from a brand that had to find a way to keep its classics, history and tradition at the same time that it reinvented itself to keep its fragrances appealing to new publics and thus ensuring the financial continuity of their business. This strategy is already consolidated, the brand has become atractive and interesting again and now it's time to explore this and not time to inovate or look further.

In this scenario, Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie is clearly familiar, as it has been happening with other creations from Guerlain on the last years. I have seen critics about its smell beeing too much sweet, but compared with fragrances like Iris Ganache, Insolence EDP or even LPRN, i would say that this one has a moderate sweetness. My main critic to its smell is that it seems clearly of a mainstream appeal than an exclusive one, a fragrance that could easily have a wider distribution and a lower price.

I think its curious that the extrait version (Bouquet de La Marièe) and the EDP seems so different at the same they are strongly linked one another via the orange blossom. She is the main responsible here to give the radiant and bridal face to the composition. But if in Bouquet de La Marièe the almonds seemed to take the fragrance into a direction closer to the one in Mon Precieux Nectar, the musks and vanilla accord here, emulating the white chocolate idea, make this bridal creation like an intermediate between structures found in both Iris Ganache and Angelique Noire. Even tough, the sweetness here is submited into the luminous, happy, citrusy and sweet of the orange blossom, which is what reigns on my skin. It's a flower impression similar to the one found in the Elie Saab creations, but with the typical gourmand accord treatment of the house.

I see here an exquisite gourmand composition, but i don't see, in a critical way, a fragrance that seems made toward the most loyal Guerlain consumer. In those years of fruit harvest, i would say that Guerlain for me is like a relationship that has fallen into the routine, that it's not bad but that lacks a pinch of something new and exciting. I hope that we soon have a new cicle of innovation, even small ones, or commercial exploitation of the brand's past.
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Sugar Almond Bouquet
Leave it up to Guerlain to make a scent that wears close to the skin but is so addictive that you will be left wanting more and more. I'm not sure if this perfume lives up to its grand title: is this enough for a day like a wedding? The scent must always be the star but the presentation also matters: there is the delicate bottle with the vintage bulb spray. But unfortunately, those sprays are the worst because they allow a lot of air into the bottle and they drip. I lost two very expensive Guerlain bottles due to the bulb sprayer: the perfume went bad. I always use the regular spray now, but LPBJDMV does not come with a regular spray! But then again, this is only a 60 ml bottle, so it won't be around for a long time.

Now to the scent itself: it opens with a slightly licoricey almond with a lot of powdered sugar. It pretty much stays sugary and almondy throughout, but the licorice goes away. There is some musk and floral accents but they are blended together to where I cannot distinguish individual notes. This is not cloying at all but hovers just above the skin. The sillage is very intimate but the longevity can last through the night with enough sprays.

LPBJDMV smells a lot like Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum but more faint and much more refined. Loukhoum is extremely tenacious, a lot more in your face. It borders on what I would call cloying. Guerlain's version is like lace, transparent and ephemeral.
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Ah, Air
Sniffing swiftly through the relatively new offerings at a Guerlain counter, this riveted attention and I came away with a sample. I wouldn't have guessed it is a fairly new Guerlain because, unlike with L'Instant and L'Instant Magic, I can actually breathe while smelling this scent. Mind you, it does tickle my nose with something, perhaps the pink pepper, but not to the point I'm actually gasping. Rather, the beautiful heart of Almond, Rose and Orange blossom captivates throughout, Vanilla adding sweetness from the base. Were it not for the pink pepper this would go straight on my wish list, but I need to live with it awhile to see if I keep breathing the whole time it's on. Not surprised that Thierry Wasser designed it, rather than those responsible for previously mentioned ones. The name translates to "The Most Beautiful Day of My Life," i.e., a wedding or engagement or birth of a child. The fragrance may not be terribly unique or quite in the same league with Guerlain's fully breathable entrancing greats (Vol de Nuit, Jardin de Bagatelle, etc, etc,) but this is still a lovely perfume, not an olfactory mistake.

p.s. Finally had to wash it off. The breathability didn't improve. Those not sensitive to chemicals may enjoy.
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