Cabriole 2022

Cabriole by Hermès
Bottle Design Illustration: Alice Charbin
7.9 / 10 9 Ratings
Cabriole is a new perfume by Hermès for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is fresh-floral. It is still in production. Pronunciation

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HoneysuckleHoneysuckle OsmanthusOsmanthus SandalwoodSandalwood


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Like the all beige sad children's room
For a few years I have been observing - less intentionally than incidentally and mainly in the social media, but actually quite 'in real' - a phenomenon that I call 'the Westwing apartment'. Possibly I make myself now a bit unpopular, but no matter.

The 'Westwing apartment' is essentially beige and white, occasionally broken up by a cheeky gray. It can be in the old or in the new building, and its inhabitant:inside is according to own statement totally important to express their 'Personality'. They like to choose a style that they describe with adjectives like 'skandi', 'japandi', 'boho' or - very important! - 'minimalist' to describe it. An off-white sofa, imitation Wishbone chairs, coffee table books by Tom Ford or Chanel and something DIYtes as texture paste or concrete - and the bower is ready. The online retailer Westwing sells this style from the retort, which in my humble opinion has as much personality as - well.

It is especially nice when the Westwing apartment has children's rooms. They are then just as cheerful monochrome beige as the rest of the apartment, because the Influencer mommy would not bear it any other way. There are even unicorns in beige - that's sad, isn't it? Now I don't have any of my own, but none of the kids in my circle of friends and acquaintances who got to choose the color of their own room chose beige. I would never suggest that children in these 'all beige sad children's rooms' are any less happy than those in rooms where you think you are going blind with glitter and with color. But the so-called 'personhood' in these rooms is not that of the child who lives here.

Cute accessories may nevertheless not be missing - a touch of color is allowed - and Hermès' convertible is ideal, because high-quality and discreet - and the bottle is made really lovely. The fragrance is pleasant and unobtrusive and in its essence delicate and beige as it should be. Fleeting and weightless and warm - a hint of flower and foliage, some blonde wood - and yet better on the wrist of the influencer mommy after the goodnight kiss than on any part of the child's body (in cheerful white-blue from Jacadi or Petit Bateau). Cabriole is a really nice scent - in the very best sense - as peaceful as a nap and as gentle as a kiss on the head. And also deliciously beige.

Conclusion: now I'm going to rinse my mouth with soap.
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