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Bitch Please by Jean & Len
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Bitch Please is a perfume by Jean & Len for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fresh. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Please go!
As an Austrian, I would translate "Bitch, please" more as "geh bitte".

If, for example, someone wants to get on your nerves with pointless chatter - "please go, I don't care, but stop anyway" if you drop something "please go, look at the mess!" if something annoys you, but you're still above it "please go, I won't let it upset me" etc. there are many situations for "please go" - with 2 words everything clarified!

Therefore, I also find that the name already fits very well to this fresh fragrance! With 2 times on the spray head press everything is clarified! Represents the somewhat bad mood with Freshness. (Sure, you can also press more often, but I find him really very productive - has power!)

Smells with me mainly of green apples, citrus and somehow sneaks past in the background with me a little Simply of Jil Sander, which is for me a real attitude fragrance!

So, when someone or something is stressful, put on a happy face and think: "Bitch, please/go, don't be such a stress" - so the bitches(annoyers/disruptors or whatever) are the others, not the person wearing the scent - because she is FRESH! :) My opinion! I find him really great, especially at the price ^^
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