Drama Queen 2018

Drama Queen by Jean & Len
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Drama Queen is a perfume by Jean & Len for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Found a pearl by chance
I had this fragrance as an addition in a Jean&Len wonder bag. Honestly, I would never have taken this fragrance otherwise in the hand with this, to say the least, "getting used to" name and flacon.

But now I had it. A pure floral fragrance? Bin otherwise more so the type for sweet fragrances... but I wanted to let myself be surprised. And was not disappointed. Already after the first spray I was in love with this clean, honest composition!
The fragrance is bright, light, elegant, mature, surprisingly fresh and not too opulent, "too much", not sticky and only subtly sweet. Very feminine. For me, a first-class change for this price!

I learn from it: Do not judge a fragrance by the exterior!
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Snow White - without any drama
The package "for the diva in me", so lovingly put together by Gold, also contained a small black package: "Drama Queen"!
I was shocked: Uijuijui! Am I that bad?
My mother always said: "Child, you make too much fuss!".
But am I really a drama queen? Hm!

But a glance at the pyramid of fragrances immediately shows why this particular fragrance creation was intended for me:
Jasmin - always means loved! - and tuberose - well, a little skepticism shows here already!
Since I interpreted the name as a program, I hesitated a little; crept around this little box for some time until I finally took a heart and sprayed:
Jasmine? Yes! Br /> Tuberose? Also yes!

But not the expected heavy scent of the already slightly decaying, carrion-like and already slightly yellowish lined blossoms surrounded me; no!
Jasmine blossoms very bright and light of unexpected freshness and virginity gave this fragrance experience its rich aroma!
So enchanting and light-footed and yet so radiantly pure, Jasmine seldom comes along!
Even the tuberose, which is always a little too brisk for me, is keeping a low profile. This is how a truly magical fragrance is created!
It strides on a light, very skilfully woven underlay of bergamot and some suitably selected fruits and smiles radiantly: oh, it's just adorable!
A charming fragrant companion for a few hours was given to me here! A gift that I accept with pleasure, dear Gold!

But the name, "Drama Queen"? Well, I don't know!
This almost puristic and yet spicy fragrance creature embodies rather "Snow White" than the excited, dramatic whirlwind that this name suggests.
Just as the sight of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" first gives a hint of this seductive goddess:
She has only just emerged from the waves and still radiates a purity and innocence ...

Friends of the wearable, non-biting or pungent white-flowered fragrances should have their fun with this unagitated "fragrance princess".
She is an entertaining and endearing enrichment of my collection!

Oh, and before I forget: Merry Christmas!
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