Alchimiste - Lilly of The Valley 2017

Alchimiste - Lilly of The Valley by Jean & Len
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Alchimiste - Lilly of The Valley is a perfume by Jean & Len for women and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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My daughter's 14, and she's leaving for the world. Sometimes her friends help her, sometimes Billie Eilish and sometimes her three guinea pigs Wuschel, Biscuit and Krümel. It's a strange age. Sometimes 1000 bright candlesticks shine into the night sky, and sometimes you can't find the light switch when fear comes at night. Actually, nothing's in the right place. Or you're between things. But you know there's something behind it.

When I bought her that scent, it was spontaneously at a drugstore. There's always a lot of sales there that you take with you. But it was different here. Cause it was supposed to be the first perfume somehow. And since then something in the air has changed when my daughter leaves the house. A gesture of departure that fits into a whole host of other gestures of world conquest. Because perfume is for adults (and only children use YouTuberin Bibi's sugary shower shampoos).

"Lily of the valley" is no big deal. We smell white bloomers, something exotic fruity and floating sweet lilies of the valley, and everything happens without much fuss. And of course it is not a great perfume craft, and the aromatic Bourgeonal aldehydes of the lily of the valley will be searched for in vain. This fragrance was created in the laboratory, which is why the fragrance pyramid is simply called "exotic notes". But who cares? Rose oils or elemi resin are for snobs. Or rather, for leeks. To honorable.

What's especially great, of course, is that the perfume is cooler than anything Daddy has on his shelf. The box has a playful design and is based on organic chic, the typo is smart and sets a bit of serif aesthetics against it, and if the text says that it's about light-hearted lightness with which you dance in the sunrise, then that's a promise you can treat yourself to.

What is standing around in Papa's closet, on the other hand, is far too much creative will. Strict flacons, serious OVP, adult stuff. And certainly not a single fragrance in his collection is vegan, and the cursed ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate and all the other additives he sprays liter by liter onto his skin.

Saving the world, that's what others have to do. Even with perfumes. So this might be a good start. But right now, it's all about smelling good. Because the world should know: here I am, and I am exactly like that, and it is no big deal. But it's insanely great
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