Frescaessenza 2015

Frescaessenza by L'Erbolario
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Frescaessenza is a popular perfume by L'Erbolario for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is green-fresh. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Mandarin orangeMandarin orange Lime leafLime leaf PetitgrainPetitgrain Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
May rose absoluteMay rose absolute White lilacWhite lilac Iris powderIris powder
Base Notes Base Notes
CedarwoodCedarwood White muskWhite musk SandalwoodSandalwood
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6.373 Ratings
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7.718 Ratings
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Odorato solves the color mystery
Madonna Mia! How could this happen to him as an experienced investigator! At the first spray he had been so surprised, even dismayed, that his facial features derailed. Fruits! Apples and oranges! And he was expecting herbs, rosemary, basil, something! Because he had prepared the test superficially, had been unclean and rash in his thinking and reasoning. Odorato was mad at himself.

The name of the brand "Erbolario"; not a real Italian word, but an artificial word that made the listener, especially an Italian like Odorato, think of herbs: "erbe", the herbs, "erbario", the herbarium, "erborista", the herb collector. But of course he could have imagined (yes, he should have!) that a company, even if it has herbs in its name, does not only offer herbal fragrances. A student cop should have known! And then the bottle, this dark green that calibrates the thoughts, adjusts the senses, creates an attitude of expectation: something green must come. That wasn't an excuse, of course. A detective had to get to the bottom of things. He could not be misled by such airy, deceptive signs.

Well, green was the first scent impression also after the diffusely bitter-alcoholic fog of the first five seconds had settled. Green apple. With orange juice. Odorato didn't like green apples. And orange juice only for drinking.

So now all expectations had to be thrown overboard and the further course of the fragrance had to be observed incorruptibly. Odorato was used to patient observation. The first two hours everything went mixed up, no clear impression came up. The fruity remained undoubtedly in the game, full-bodied and somewhat unspecific, but became weaker over time; creamy and powdery impressions were added (creamy-powdery freshness, that's possible - don't think, keep observing); now and then Odorato even felt that something like a light minty freshness appeared. At some point ozonic, light blue, almost turquoise tingly fresh notes appeared, which Odorato suspected to be definitely not of "purely vegetable origin".

Anyway, he knew it would happen! If you read the company's website carefully, with an x-ray view and a clear mind (and not like the calcified pseudo-investigator who let himself be dazzled by the first appearance and seemed to develop into one), then there was one (quite suspicious!) who was a (very suspicious!), but not a (very suspicious) investigator) Registering excess of nature lyricism, page by page Bramar based on "in the tradition of herbal cosmetics" and "respect for nature" and "sustainable controls", but one tried to grab the beautiful, lulling phrases, nail them legally mercilessly, as the prosecutor and the investigating magistrate would do, then they ripped apart like sand from the Adriatic rim. They meant nothing in the end. Odorato was sure that these herbolarios dumped as much chemistry into their bottles as any other fragrance stall.

These thoughts had spread in Odorato's mind, but he had nevertheless managed to focus further on observing the course of the fragrance. And there, actually, after about two hours, the scent seemed to stop oscillating and had finally gained stability. Or had Odorato's mind finally become stable? Frescaessenza now suddenly presented itself with a clear, recognisable character. White musk, bright, clean freshness. So that was the core of the poodle (Odorato knew his Orlando Furioso as well as his Faust).

The annoying green apples had meanwhile narrowed to a very small (no longer unpleasant!) fresh tingling point in the background. The ozone, which was quite funny in the beginning, had unfortunately turned into a matt-softener and thus reinforced its synthetic appearance.

Odorato was all clear now! The view of the fragrance pyramid of "Frescaessenza" was only a formality. The case was already solved. For when suddenly this white, gently clean musk note had moved forward and lent the fragrance a clear contour, Odorato remembered the three-part criminalistic study of this eccentric German about the three white clean fragrances, Blanche von Byredo, Linge Blanc von Amelie et Melanie / Lothanique and Chemise Blanche von LM, which he had studied attentively at the time in the trade journal "Parfumo", and how they all functioned according to the same pattern: fresh and sparkling top note, white flowers in the heart and white musk in the base.

And that's how it was here again. The pattern was recognized! Citric above (and Odorato still wanted to swear that somewhere also green apple came from), white lilac and other bright floral drizzle in the middle and white musk (and all sorts of woods he didn't feel out as much as Signorina Pluto, but he also apparently suffered from this wood insensitivity) below
A white clean scent, a Bianchessenza, camouflaged in green! (But not with him, not with Odorato, he wasn't completely rusty after all). With fruit and ozonic around it, I had to admit. And if you looked at the dark green Flakom long enough, you wouldn't want to deny any grassy, herbaceous or otherwise dark green idea - Odorato was suddenly seized by generosity after he had solved the case
The observation was finished, but after five hours the olfactory traces were still visible. Did he like that? It wasn't bad. But a little disappointing. He would repeat the observation off-duty. Maybe he would like the scent better if he didn't watch it against the background of his erroneous expectations and anger about himself.

Mille Grazie to powder scent18!
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