Atman Xaman 2018 Eau de Toilette

Atman Xaman (Eau de Toilette) by Lorenzo Villoresi
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7.9 / 10 60 Ratings
Atman Xaman (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Lorenzo Villoresi for men and was released in 2018. The scent is smoky-spicy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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SpicesSpices Mandarin orangeMandarin orange Floral notesFloral notes MatéMaté Citrus notesCitrus notes
Heart Notes Heart Notes
TobaccoTobacco CistusCistus VetiverVetiver Everlasting flowerEverlasting flower MatéMaté PatchouliPatchouli
Base Notes Base Notes
TobaccoTobacco LeatherLeather WoodsWoods AmberAmber VanillaVanilla MuskMusk Tonka beanTonka bean
7.960 Ratings
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7.755 Ratings
Value for money
7.730 Ratings
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A tobacco MUST!
Spritzed a bit from a sample & stuff is UNBELIEVABLY good. The tobacco’s front & center w/ what smells to be violet, tho not listed. I enjoyed it so immensely that I purchased a bottle. I must say that, considering all the notes in this composition, this stuff is so well blended! It smells like a reach for a rich and successful man who’s chic personal assistant picked this out knowing full well the breadth of what this scent evokes.

This scent is rich, full of tobacco—both the smoky and freshly picked type—with citrus, spices, woods, and a mate note that truly complements it’s aromatic tobacco brother by giving it a distinct tea scent. I think this is what I mistakenly smelled to be violet, the combination of the both. The vanilla, I believe, gives it a powderiness while the tonka marries the vanilla to the spices by supporting and encouraging the spice and the creamy smoothness of the vanilla. The leather lends to create a luxurious vibe that I described from the outset . The woods adds to it’s airiness while the amber gives it substance.

To me, it’s a daytime, dress up, year rounder. Suitable for the office (3 sprays on stomach, chest and neck. Paired with a t-shirt and button up). Although I probably would not reach for this on a really cold day. Chilly day, yes. I think it’s ideal for late spring, early summer and early fall. I mainly say this because of both it’s aromatic-ness and it’s soapy aspect (due perhaps to the musk and citrus notes), making this scent radiate clean-put together-man. It’s almost like an oriental fougere—almost because it doesn’t have all the requisite notes to being a true fougere.

To conclude/reiterate: A tobacco lover MUST. If you like intrepid, rich, warm-weather-beastmode (..forgot to emphasize the intensity and longevity of this...) niche, oriental smelling, fragrances, this is one to add to the mantel. A true hidden gem!

UPDATE: There’s a distinct animalic scent in here, most perceptible during the opening, that’s reminiscent of oud. Also, at the end, there’s a spicy vanilla scent. The spiciness smells like frankincense but may be attributed to the tonka bean present in the composition. And there’s also an almost imperceptible leather accounted for as well.
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