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Panda (2014) by Zoologist
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6.9 / 10 67 Ratings
Panda (2014) is a perfume by Zoologist for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is green-fresh. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Very helpful Review 7  
Drinking tea with the panda
So, today I'm describing a zoologist scent again. This time the fragrance "Panda", probably the cutest of all bear animals (... yes, koalas are also totally cute, but they belong to the marsupials, even if one should call a koala sometimes also as koala bear :D), which unfortunately still endangers, but fortunately at present no longer threatened by extinction.

With this scent one can certainly imagine that green notes are present here, bamboo for example, which is the main food of the pandas. Otherwise, how else could panda smell?
Strong and strong, perhaps? Animal? Well, I must admit that my thoughts, once again childlike, are roaming towards a kung fu-talented pandas (and for all those who have just not understood this: I have alluded to the animated film "Kung Fu Panda"! :D

By the way, this fragrance is still the discontinued version from 2014, which was circulated here as a hiking package. I don't know the newer versions of these fragrances yet.

The Scent:
The fragrance starts with lemon and weak green notes. Green tea is also weak, but still smellable. Pepper, on the other hand, is stronger and therefore has a more distinct smell.
The green notes come from bamboo (I knew it contained bamboo, I'm so good! :DD), which smells a bit like plant juices. With a fragrance called panda, it is not surprising that the fragrance contains bamboo. Soo, the tea scent gets stronger with time, which I like.
From the heart notes one mainly smells slightly stuffy, flowery notes like the mimosa, but the citric scents still radiate very well from the beginning, so that the stuffy is not that bad.
The base is weak, because one can hardly smell the indicated fragrances really well. The woods are there, but not distinguishable from each other (but they give the scent a certain warmth) and from the musk there seems to be only a breath of air, which gets only a little stronger with time and the scent is therefore not really sweet. Then there's a little vetiver. Otherwise, the fragrance generally remains acidic-citric and greenish-bitter. The floral notes lose their stuffness (yeah! :D) and get further and further into the background.

Sillage and durability:
The charisma is above average. This means that the fragrance can be smelled well at close range, but you won't draw a trail of scent with it.
The shelf life is above average, which means that the scent can be smelled on the skin for six to eight hours.

The flacon:
The bottle is rectangular, spreading upwards at the sides and tapering towards the neck. The lid is gold-plated. A dark leather band runs around it. As always, the label is the special thing about these bottles. This time you can see a panda in an elegant tuxedo smiling at the viewer of the label. All of this seems both funny and almost posh. You did a great job.

Well, the scent is fine in itself. At the beginning it is fresh, slightly floral and citric, although of course one also likes the green tea. However, the fragrance does not develop very much any more and actually remains almost as it begins throughout the whole time, only that it naturally becomes weaker like all fragrances over time, but also unfortunately a little more insignificant.

For me, the crisp fragrance is somehow missing. So this is the tangy one to be super good for a fresh summer scent. But you can still look at it, because some people might like it better, because it doesn't smell as special as some other zoologist scents. For me, however, there are much better green fragrances with or without green tea.

Soo... Panda! Kung Fu Panda!
...yes, I once mentioned that I like animated films,... you can imagine that I also like Kung Fu Panda and I also had to think about the movie with this scent... and now stop smiling just because I like animated films as an adult! :D
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Helpful Review 2  
Green Panda
In a scenario where more and more it's common to see extortionate prices in new launches that in the reality has nothing really new it's a collyrium the Zoologist brand, an independente project from Victor Wong with the skilled perfumers Paul Kiler and Chris Bartlett. Zoologist, as a good project, integrate a nice concept with very well crafted fragrances, of a good cost benefit, and that still have as a plus a nice bottle and presentation.
The three first made creations are not exactly reproductions of the animals aromas that gave name to them (thanks God for that!), i believe that this would be something very conceptual and of very little market appeal. Instead of this, i see animals that seems to represent, somehow, cultures, styles and certain humours and olfactive trends in a interpretation which is very consistent.

The idea used here to represent the Panda gravitates for me around the green theme, with aromatic nuances, as if it reproduced aspects of the animal's environment at the same time it put emphasis on the low stress lifestyle of this animal. Just a few minutes are enough for you to notice that this is a work from the master Paul, an explosing of tiny green, citrus and vegetable details, a photo of elements that blend very well and demand your attention.I don't know if it was the intention, but Paul here bring something of the green side of the flowers in its Carissa creation into a context of citrus fruits, leaves and tea aromas. As i said, Panda opens with this intensity and in this mixture i also detect something mineral too. as if in the environment of this Panda you could find hot springs too with their hot water warming the stones and making their mineral smell get mixed into the given vegetation. In a second moment, this Panda gains some soft floral shapes, a delicate smell, a serene one, from the osmanthus blended with the discreet white floral details of the lillies and the orange flower. If until this moment it might look delicate, at the base the mineral aroma enters in focus again; there is also a kind of clean musk and woody and green vetiver nuance.

I have already seen fragrances much more expensive and poorest in ther complexities and originaliteis when compared to Panda, that amuses me and satiate my senses with its complex and relaxing green aroma.Reviews and tests like this are the ones that give me a lot of pleasure to be done, they are very fun. I'm sure that if i come back more times to Panda i would be able to notice even more deatils in its complex aroma and appreciate even more its smell. My verdict, in a single word: fantastic.
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