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Long Lasting Citrus Perfume

Long Lasting Citrus Perfume 1 month ago

Hi, everyone! I'm searching for a long lasting citrus perfume. So far, I've tried Acqua di Parma Arancia di Capri and Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc. However, they don't last more than 2 hours.

Do you have any other recommendations?

thank you!

1 month ago

Zest di SorrentoZest di Sorrento was a good performer from what I remember and is one good fragrance that does lemon without it smelling like detergent.

I advise getting a sample first.

1 month ago
1 month ago
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This is a slightly different recommendation but if you enjoy the scent profile of Soleil Blanc, maybe look at giving MiamiMiami a shot! This opens with a super bright lime and coconut and the lime stays bright into the beginning phases of the drydown, complimenting the florals nicely. The citrus notes do not last the whole life of the fragrance but I think the lime lasts longer than any other citrus I've tried.

29 days ago

@Alisc I would also recomend you Blu Mediterraneo - Arancia di CapriBlu Mediterraneo - Arancia di Capri because it has a delightful citrusy scent but is't longetivity it's week.. For citrus i would suggest you to look at Citrus RivieraCitrus Riviera or Verveine Agrumes / Citrus Verbena (Eau de Toilette)Verveine Agrumes Eau de Toilette and i get the impression that it's price is affordable if price plays a role.

The fragnance Soleil Blanc (Eau de Parfum)Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum leans towards creamy, tropic flowery category. It has more summery atmosphere. An affordable and nice fragnance proposal is Monoï Eau des Vahinés (Eau de Toilette)Monoï Eau des Vahinés Eau de Toilette it lasts at least 7 hours on skin and has strong projection.

Also Terracotta Le ParfumTerracotta Le Parfum belongs in the same category.

If you end up somewhere we would be glad to see your fragnance choice. 🙂

29 days ago
29 days ago

I could suggest BergamaskBergamask

29 days ago

Also i have seen from reviews of other members the Mugler CologneMugler Cologne but i haven't tried my self yet.

25 days ago
Ça Sent Beau / Kenzo (Eau de Toilette)Ça Sent Beau Eau de Toilette. The more citrusy notes are from mandarin and it is very strong, very long lasting and has huge sillage.
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