Ça Sent Beau
1988 Eau de Toilette

Ça Sent Beau / Kenzo (Eau de Toilette) by Kenzo
Bottle Design Serge Mansau
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8.0 / 10 116 Ratings
Ça Sent Beau is a popular perfume by Kenzo for women and was released in 1988. The scent is floral-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is being marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Top Notes Top Notes
SpicesSpices PeachPeach Mandarin orangeMandarin orange BergamotBergamot Orange blossomOrange blossom PlumPlum
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JasmineJasmine TuberoseTuberose GardeniaGardenia GeraniumGeranium Lily of the valleyLily of the valley SandalwoodSandalwood Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang CarawayCaraway CedarwoodCedarwood CorianderCoriander Orris rootOrris root RoseRose
Base Notes Base Notes
OakmossOakmoss PatchouliPatchouli AmbergrisAmbergris MuskMusk VanillaVanilla


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9.212 Ratings
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I know this "kenzo de kenzo", (the pre-reformulation before it became "ca sent beau") by a woman I meet every 4-5 years, and she always smells so very good, whatever the season it is always the same -for my nose - wonderful smell. The woman herself is not a "sunny" person, even the opposite, but that fragrance makes a positive difference even on her. So I had already asked her long time ago what it was, and 2 years ago when I had met her again I was a bit like, it smells so good, but she wears it, so I am not gonna look for it. Until 8 months ago I found a vintage miniature of the kenzo de kenzo, I was sold it also smelled so very good on my skin, I had done my homework and found out that the new name was "ca sent beau" and that it had been changed slightly, lighter. So I have searched to find the vintage kenzo de kenzo in a 100 ml bottle and now I have it. I am a disaster in describing the notes, all I know is that I truly love it, and I am happy that I have put my prejudice ( the woman) aside and can enjoy this beautiful smell on myself now. This is (for me) worth to make a stash off this fragrance. It is not so easy to find anymore, but I love it ..again an Eighties sent...i must be a junkie when it comes to that period's sent..
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484 Reviews
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Lush in every sense.
This is technically a fruity-floral. It is a plummy orange/tangerine draped with tuberose and orange blossom. But I suppose this is a floriental. I mean it’s white flowers resting on a comfortable amber. And I reckon it’s a fougère since it seems to have a dark, nutty coumarin base. Chypre? Yeah, there’s bergamot and oakmoss.

I’m not even joking. What the hell is this? Fruit? No question. Perhaps orange, more likely tangerine. It’s definitely floral. A bit of steamy orange blossom and a bucket of green, creamy tuberose. Amber for days (literally) spiked with patchouli. And the darkness---coumarin? oakmoss? Mix it up with a good measure of musk and you wind up with a languid slurry of a perfume. In tone, Ça Sent Beau is like a grand queen about 2 martinis into holding court with a gathering audience. A little tipsy, talking fast, one opinion to the next. An increasing flourish and emphasis that don’t quite cover up the slurred speech. Mesmerizing.

And while this is a cousin to Prescriptives Calyx---tasty fruity chypre--- Ça Sent Beau replaces the straight-forward oakmoss base with a narcotic cough syrup base made of what seems like oakmoss and coumarin.

CSB’s components are not so much potent as heavy, but the balance is perfect. Rather than calibrate the heavy with lighter elements, the cough syrup base adds some shadow to the density and makes it feel sultry.

I can think of four definitively syrupy perfumes that I like. Serge Lutens’s Cedre (mothball syrup.) Lutens's Arabie (spice cabinet syrup.) Badgley Mischka’s Badgley Mischka (simple syrup.) And Ça Sent Beau. I think cough syrup is my favorite.
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